Can a German on a 6 mo visa travel from the US to Hawaii and Puerto Rico and back to the US?
  • A German friend who is here on a 6-mo visa wants to travel to Hawaii and Puerto Rico and then come back to the US during his 6-month stay here. Will he have any difficulty getting back into this country?
  • as long as your friend does all of his business befor the exspiration he can travel iany where in the us including alaska and hawii happy trails
  • Correct: He can travel to both Hawaii and Puerto Rico as well as US Virgin Islands. Enjoy the trips.
    While in Puerto Rico, do not forget to try the unique Underwater Helmet Dive - Sea Trek San Juan, located right in San Juan! ;-)
  • What is the maximum period of stay in Puerto Rico? My wife and I from UK are hoping to retire in Puerto Rico, buy a small place of our own and just enjoy life there? Is there any special considerations for visitors who own property to get residentship?
  • What are the requirements for those that wish to emigrate to Puerto Rico from Ireland
  • Puerto Rico is part of the US, therefore US rules apply. You could go in and out every six months on a tourist permit if you are from Europe, and if you wish to emigrate then you have to follow US immigration rules, same as if you were going to emigrate to New York City. You can find it in the web.
  • Can i travel from USA to Puerto Rico on my I 94 and not give it up?
    i am waiting on my green card and can only travel to US territories and back to USA, whilst awaiting my Green Card.
    has any done this and not had to give up their I 94?
    i am only visiting for a week.
    thank you

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