How much to take?
  • Hi,

    I am travelling to Malaysia this month (i will land in malaysia on the 22nd) and I need advice on how much i should take. The hotel is paid and I will be on BB basis, so breakfast is taken care of. I will be in Malaysia for 1 week. Please advice on how much i should take, that is, for food and shopping? I am not not looking to spend in big restaurants and fancy shopping malls. Id love to go for the local cuisine as well as bargain shopping like chinatown and what not.

    Also, please let me know how I should take the money? Should i split the money, half in ringgits and half in dollars? I dont want to take my credit card.

    HELP ME :(
  • @ James, thanks :) Too late though, no one replied! I took mostly in ringgits. 50 riggit notes should do it.
  • Oh and Malaysia was to die for. LOved it there!
  • Where did you went? Particulary?

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