LA school hours and more
  • Please could you supply the following information
    - Feb13-3 March Temperture in Los Angeles
    - What are the shopping hours
    - When are the school holidays
  • - The temperature gets up to 18-19 degrees C in February/March, the heat tempered by the high rainfall during this time.

    - Shopping malls with many stores under one roof are usually open from 10h00-21h00 every day of the week, including holidays. Other shops often close on Sundays and holidays, and hours are generally 10h00 to 17h00-18h00.

    - School holidays normally take place over July and August. However, in LA there are several school schedules due to overcrowding. Such overcrowded schools have a "year round" schedule, so school is never "out," just a certain amount of the pupils are out.

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