Istanbul beaches near city?
  • Could someone let me know if there are nice beaches close to the centre of Istanbul - and how far away they are.
  • Hi all, does anybody know what is the name of the island, favourite one which can be reached from istanbul and how to get there from istanbul.

    Thanks in advance:)
  • The name of the island must be Buyukada;the Big island in English. You can either join a day tour or take the ferry from Kabatas and go there.The ferry ride takes about 1 and half hours.I would recommend going there after May since it is too windy and cold in the island.
  • Hi Calledman,

    Thanks for information. Your advice will be very helpfull for me during my journay. Maybe i will bother you with some more questions:)
  • Never mind. You can also check Kilyos ,Agva and Sile for beaches ..Kilyos is not far from city center but the other two might take a few hours to reach.
  • :) thanks. i have not heard about these ones you mentioned, i will look at them. Very intresting.

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