Visa to enter Nigeria
  • My friend working in Kenya with a work permit since 5 months. He is an Indian possessing valid Indian passport. He wants to leave this job and to to Nigeria. wher he has to apply for visa? In India or Kenya
  • Amathawale,

    your friend working in Kenya will possess a work permit for Kenya. He can based on the permit, apply for the Nigerian entry visa in Kenya.
  • Thanks but can he apply from India as well?
  • Im a US citizen and Im going to marry my fiance who is a Nigerian citizen what documents do I need to legally marry in Nigeria?
  • Foreign national can legally marry a Nigerian citizen provided such marriages is consummated at an approved marriage registries in any part of Nigeria.

    The procedures are simple

    Visit the marriage registry to apply and a date will be fixed for marriage process and once done, a marriage certificate is issued to the couple.

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