Is Malta a Schengen country?
  • Malta is a Country which is covered by the Schengen agreement
  • Malta is NOT a member country in the schengen visa agreement
  • Malta is a member of the schengen visa agreement
  • Malta IS part of the Schengen agreement, as of 21st December 2007.

    Mac: the link you provided us confirms this!
  • I really want to know for a fact if malta applies to the shengen agreement, because I really want to get married there this year and my boyfriend can not enter the shengen area until 2011. Can anybody give me a reliable answere, I really apreciate it. Elisabet
  • Can you please tell me if there is any food restrictions I want to take some things out for my friends in Malta
  • For the final time: MALTA IS A SCHENGEN COUNTRY. A Schengen visa gets you to Malta. That's it. No more opinions please - only facts!!
  • Yes there is food restrictions expecialy meats.
    It will be better not the take the chance.
  • Yes,it is..
  • Hi could anyone tell me can i go to malta with my id card(not passport) since im eu citizen ?
  • if malta part of the shengen country then all world shengen country
  • Malta is part of the Shengen area. So if you are a EU citizen, just your ID is enough to enter the country if you are flying from a Schengen country. If you are flying from outside the Schengen zone, then no matter your citizenship, you will need your passport and even a visa depending your citizenship.

  • If Malta is a Schengen country from 2004, why Poste Italiane (Milano-Italy) are blocking packets and parcel at Customs coming from this Isle ? Many thanks to all for your answer.
  • Hi i'm chinese and i have a regular residence permit in Italy...I'd like to go to malta this summer for 8 weeks, do i need a visa?

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