Tunisia with a young baby????
  • My partner and I are thinking of going to Tunisia in March, can anyone offer any advice - I have a 5 month old baby and I want to be sure Tunisia will be safe for him. Has anyone travelled their with a young baby and had any problems???

    Also, where would be the safest area to stay?

    Many Thanks
  • Hi Melanie - you will all be fine in Tunisia. It is a safe and wonderful country and you will find everyone here welcoming and hospitable. Your baby will be absolutely fine - we go gaa gaa over babies/children here - they are kings and rule!! If you need any sort of medical attention for him, then I do suggest that you go to a private clinic rather than public facilities. Everywhere here is safe!! We don't have muggings, murders, drive by shootings etc. etc. You can walk safely here at 3.00 a.m. on the street if you want to. Depends on the sort of holiday you want to have as where you should stay. If you want an all in holiday by the beach then you can choose from many - Hammamet, Port el Kantaoui, Sousse, Monastir, Skanes etc etc.

    I hope you will come and enjoy yourselves
  • Hi im im due to go o Skanes in August 2010, but im due to have my baby end off May 2010, will it be ok to take a baby arnd 6-8weeks old?? I'm a bit worried about the heat for him and was thinking canceling the holiday is best.
  • Hi,

    I am planning a trip to Tunisia in the end of Febrauary 2010 with my 8th month old . Iwas wondering how the weather would be and what sort of clothes should I take along for the baby.
  • February the weather is cool and rainy though now days you can't predict the weather bu the best is to take all necessary measures mostly clothing for the baby and any vaccines even for yourself. advise is visit your personal doctor for more details on this.
  • Hi Laura, depending on where you are staying it can be mild to quite warm. You can stay at many of the touristique resorts for full board which may make it convenient for the little ones and for you! You don't need any vaccines for Tunisia and all the supermarkets/pharmacies cater for babies and small children with things such as wipes, diapers etc. I am sure it will be OK!! There are private clinics if you need any medical assistance. The doctors are good and many will speak English. Don't worry - take your vacation and enjoy it.
  • Zee - it is cold and depending on where you are going can be quite wet! I would bring layers for the baby so that you can add or remove as you travel around. But I am sure you will enjoy your time here
  • Firstly, thankyou for the use of such an informative site. Lesley, you have already put my mind at rest on a number of issues.
    My overwhelming main concern though is for the health issues for my 12year old son who, because of a heart transplant, is immune-suppressed. I've booked a holiday with 'First Choice' to Sousse over Easter for a fortnight and was rather excited as we haven't been able to travel very far because of my son's bad health. But, on excitedly telling friends where we are going they have dampened my enthusiasm with tales of sever upset stomachs and sickness. Many have vowed never to go back to Tunisia again after their experiences!!
    My son's main health problem due to his condition is regular bouts of diarrhoea which leave him weak; loosing weight and sometimes with stomach ache and painful gas. I have cautiously booked into a 3 star hotel on a half-board basis but, have I made a dangerous mistake in booking to take him there at all, with my husband and 9 year old?
  • LainIe - bless your son, what a battler he is and I think he definitely deserves a holiday in Sousse! I can understand your concern and in the same situation I think I would also be a little nervous, but I think friends can sometimes be a little destructive (if you understand my meaning). Sousse is a large city and has good medical/hospital facilities. I would advise that your doctor give you a full history of the illness, medication etc that you can bring with you. If you can get it translated into French then that would be even better. Sometimes your own doctor can give you the name or refer you to someone here, so I would ask that. The private clinics here are very good so that is where I would head if you have any problems. We use a lot of chili in our cooking here which is actually very good for warding off many diseases but I understand that your son may not be able to eat this. Let the hotel know your concerns and they will ensure that the food he is served is at your preference. We also eat a lot of grains and dried legumes such as couscous, pasta, dried beans/chick peas (humous)/lentils. All these can produce gas (my husband and I often joke that Tunisia could use this to power all our homes LOL!!! The meat here is hung outside, so please be careful with this. The fish is fantastic, fresh and wonderful usually cooked on the grill or deep fried. Salads are also a staple for us and I think you should be fine with these. I'm sorry for your friends that they got sick but can't imagine what they ate for that to happen. I have never had a bout of food poisoning since living in Tunisia and in fact am probably healthier than I've ever been. Why not try going to the local food markets and buying some salad items yourself? Then you can wash with the bottled water and have picnics. Some of the local cheese is also fantastic but I think some are made using non-pasteurised milk. Again use caution and perhaps ask for the ingredients. Soup (shorba) is also a fairly basic with our meals and as these are cooked at very high temperatures they should be fine for your son. The bread here is marvellous and most of us eat 2/3 loaves of bread a day. It is cooked fresh every day. Of course everything here is halal, meaning that it is prepared under strict health conditions and of course we don't have any pork or pork products which of course is usually notorious for tummy troubles. Most of the sauces used are made with tinned tomato paste and some harissa but if you asked in advance I am sure the hotel/restaurant would oblige by cutting out the chilli. We use lots of olive oil and for a real treat try our honey. In fact a breakfast staple is a big dollop of honey with olive oil. We take pieces of bread and dip into the hone and oil. So good for you and really sets you up for the day.

    I don't think you are making a mistake, I think you are a caring mother who worries for her son. But I think you should come. Just think how great a family holiday will be for all of you (even though you will be constantly worrying). There is so much for you all to see and do and I think your son will have a wonderful time. I do hope you decide to come and I hope that you will enjoy your holiday - I am sure it will be wonderful.
  • hi everyone i am going to tunisia skanes for a 2 week holiday in may 2010 i have twins girls aged 5 months when we will go and i am just wondering would i be better off filling my suitcase up with baby milk for 2 weeks from my country or am i ok to buy baby milk from tunisia? I am going to be taking at least 4 tubs of baby milk from my own country with me anyway but with me having twins they go through at least 8 tubs in 2 weeks so really i could do with buying some milk out there when i have run out of my own. please could you tell which is the safest or most recommended brand to buy out in tunisia and where would the best place to buy if from? please help me i am pulling my hair out worrying what i am going to do about baby milk. i do have a 18 month old girl too but she eats what i eat normally so should be ok with her it just the twins and the amount of stuff i am going to need for them if i cant get it in tunisia
  • Jen - don't get stressed!! We have babies here also LOL!! Don't fill your suitcase with milk, ours is good and cheaper. You can buy it from supermarkets and even pharmacies and also many of the outdoor markets sell this also. Is it powdered formula stuff - this is readily available. You can also buy fresh milk from the dairies so you shouldn't be worried.

    Enjoy your time, relax and take it easy!! Your babies will be absolutely fine
  • Tunisia is a well developed country and all the babies food stuff can be bought at easy. May be youjust need to carry Milk for at list two days but dont carry to much load yet you can easily shop for the babies in Tunisia.
  • Thankyou so much for your help thats made me feel much better its the powdered infant formula baby milk i am wanting. What would you recommend to use? i use cow and gate over here in the uk but i phoned cow and gate and they say they dont sell their brand in tunisia. So what would you say would be the best brand to buy or which is the most advtised brand in your country? (i can then write the name down and go and search for it when i come on my jolly holidays to your country. Your help is much appriciated cant thankyou enough it was really stressing me out with what i was going to do with the twins and needing infant formula for them both as i go through about 8 tubs a week already.
  • Jen - I have no idea of the brand names that is sold. I am travelling right now but will be back in Tunisia on Thursday of next week, so I'll take a look for you and let you know. Most of the imported brands we have our either from France or Italy so the powdered formula I am sure will be as good as that which you buy now.
  • Thank you very much for your detailed answer to my query Lesley. Apologies for taking so long to reply. I passed on your information to my son's hospital and they telephoned to assure me that your information was sensible and that we should take these precautions and have a good holiday.
  • Laine - I am so happy that you feel comfortable now to come here. I know that you are going to have a wonderful holiday!

    Welcome and enjoy
  • Hi I'm traveling to PEK in May and have just returned from France with my 4 month old. He uses SMA here and I moved to Aptamil or Mulpa (as it's known in France) the week before we travelled and it worked like a dream. If there are french products in Tunisia Mulpa work for us... I'd use it again.
  • Is it cold in the evenings at the moment. I am thinking of taking a holiday in the next two weeks. I have never been to tunisia. Is it true that
    food poisening is a problem.
  • Hi, I am planning my first visit to Tunisia with my husband and 14 month old in May 10 - I cannot seem to get a straight answer re: immunisations! Can anyone tell me whether any are mandatory - particularly the baby?

    Thanks in advance,
  • It depends where you are going Guest, but yes the evenings can still be quite cool. I have seen some posts here about food poisoning but it is not normal every day thing. Perhaps because tourists coming here are not used to our chilli based foods and it upsets their tummies! But come and enjoy yourself - it is wonderful here and you will have a good time
  • cussbo - here is your straight answer - there are no mandatory immunisations for Tunisia!! Even for your baby!! But you should always make sure that the baby's vaccinations are up to date wherever you travel
  • Hello, I am thinking about travelling to Tunisia with my 6 and a half month old son this month (June 2010) although I am a bit nervous as he has just started eating solids. I am worried about the quality of the water used to wash any fruit and veg that would be served in the hotels and restaurants and of course, as it is hot, I am worried about providing him with safe drinking water. He has never yet been sick and I would hate to be responsible for him getting sick by taking him to Tunisia.
  • MAC - I am quite sure that it will be fine, but you should take the necessary precautions. If he is just starting to eat solds then bring some of those jars with you to be on the safe side. You can also get them here in our supermarkets. All the food you eat should be cooked well as this kills bacteria etc. We use bottled water here to drink so that is quite normal, you can buy it in the supermarkets and it is cheap. this way if your baby needs to drink he will be fine. You can also buy your own fruits from any of the markets and wash it with bottled water yourself and then you can also peel it.

    Of course, I can't give you any guarantees, but I hope that you and your baby will come and enjoy the sun here in Tunisia.
  • Hi,We are looking at booking holiday to Tunisia this september.We will be travelling with our 8 month old son and have a few queries that i hope you can help with? We have just discovered that our baby is allergic to milk and although i breast feed which wont be a problem we are concerned about the solids we feed him.I have noticed from previous posts that you sell baby food there but alot of baby food jars contain milk so am worried that when we get out there we wont know if they contain milk as labels wont be in English.
    I hope you can help.
    Many Thanks
  • Hayley, welcome to Tunisia. I'm not sure if the baby food jars contain milk. the labels may be in French and 'lait' is milk so you should be able to figure it out. If you feel inclined then bring a few jars with you. But if you are staying in hotels, then why not ask them if they can puree some vegetables for you without anything added. When we make vegetables here we usually boil them with some salt, drain and then add some olive oil. I am so sure that the hotel will be obliging. I'll take a look in the supermarket for you and see what the jars contain.

    And don't let this stop you coming to Tunisia - as I have said before, babies and kids rule here and whatever you want for your son it will be provided.
  • Thank you Lesley for your help.We have now booked our holiday and leave for Tunisia next saturday we are going to Hammamet.I will try and contact the hotel or ask them when we get there to see what they can do.I also will bring some jars with me but hope that the shops near by will sell baby food and nappies as do not want to take a whole suitcase full of food and nappies.
  • Hi i have booked to come to tunisa the 3rd of july with all my family and a few friends i have 3 children already and have just found out that we are having another!! as long as i deliver on my due date the baby will be 8-10 wks old do think this will be ok???
  • Mabrouk Clare,

    I don't think you need to worry unless you give birth much later than you think! But it is very hot here in July so you need to ensure that your new baby is well hydrated and kept out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

    Of course you should listen to what your doctor advises but as for health services here, they are very very good and you need not worry about that.

    I hope that you come and I wish you a healthy and happy confinement
  • thanks for your help
  • hi

    me and my wife leave for port el kantaoui with our 20 month old next week, just have a few questions that's making me get nervous!

    Will the temp be ok for the baby ? we are from scotland so not used to warm weather lol although the tour operator said is is starting to get a little cooler at this time.

    Bit concerned about the water, is it better do used bottled water for everything ? ie brushing teeth, washing baby bottles etc etc

    I hear your just as well to get a taxi from the airport (Monastir) than on a bus, i hear its only about 15-20 dinar, is this good advice? as we will be getting into the airport at about 1 in the morning.

    thats all i can think of just now :)

    many thanks
  • Hi Dave,

    Don't be nervous, you are going to love it here!! It's not hot anymore, the temperatures are starting to cool off, the days are around low to mid 20c but the nights are quite cool now. I am sure you will all be very comfortable!

    Our water is actually safe to drink but having said that we all use bottled water here 'cos it doesn't taste so nice from the tap. You should wash the baby bottles with bottled water but you can very definitely brush your teeth with the tap water.

    With a very young baby I would advise you to take a taxi, it's not so far and it will be much more comfortable for you all. Yes, it's cheap but there is a surcharge after midnight and they also charge for the suitcases, but it's still an easy and nice way to get to the hotel after that late flight.

    any more questions then just ask away...........I hope you will enjoy your time with us.
  • Hi - I am looking for some help regarding my forthcoming holiday to Tunisia and I am hoping that someone can help me. I have been searching the internet, asking travel companies and I not sure what to do.
    We are going on our first family holiday on Sunday to Yasmine Hammamet in Tunisia staying at the Club Magic Life African Imperial. Taking my 22 month old daughter, who drinks whole milk(pasteurised) morning and evening, along with milk in her cereal. I am trying to find out if Tunisia firstly has full fat milk and secondly if it is pasteurised and suitable for her to drink. I am thinking about taking a tin of powdered milk as backup, but that wont be suitable to use on her morning breakfast cereal
  • TSL - yes, the milk here is pasteurised, however, in the hotel I can't confirm. If you want to be safe then just go to the supermarket and buy the cartons or bottles of milk. The only milk that would not be suitable for your baby is l'ben which is kind of like sour milk but which is very, very good for you - but maybe not for baby.

    I'm sure it will be fine and if in doubt just ask the hotel where the milk comes from. they will understand be able to set your mind at rest.

    Enjoy your vacation
  • hi we r off to skannes on the 3rd april an we r taking two gandchildren with us we dont know what type of clothes to bring with us or what the weather will be like can anyone help
  • Trish - welcome to Tunisia. The days will be nice, mild to warm but not hot. It is spring for us in April. The nights can still be quite cool so I suggest that you bring some layers which is a good way to dress here
  • Hi,my husband and I will be traveling in may with our 9 month old I would like to know how is the weather in may ,we went 2 years ago in July and it was so hot,we are going to visit my husband family.Tunisia is beautiful I recommend people to visit. Thank you carmen
  • Salem Habibi,

    Welcome back to Tunisie! The weather in May is warm but not yet hot like high summer. The days are usually warm and sunny and the nights can still be cool so I think you and your baby will all feel very comfortable. And you are right - Tunisia is beautiful and thank you for the compliment
  • salem lesley

    I have been reading your advice to others n it has put my mind to rest, so thank you from all us new mothers. I do have a question what is the baby food called in Tunisia and what will the weather be like in late April, morning and evening..
    thankyou for your time
  • Salem R malik - welcome to Tunis. Now to be honest with you I don't know the brads of baby food here. Most of it is French I think but depending on how old your baby is the hotel will be more than happy to assist by making you some vegetables, pureed fruits that sort of thing. The large supermarkets in the tourist areas do cater for babies and there you will find quite an array of baby things. The weather is just starting to become a little warmer although it can be quite changeable. The mornings and evenings are quite cool still so I suggest you bring some warmer things and dress in layers which is so convenient.

    I hope you will enjoy your vacation with us
  • Hi there, I'm doing a project with a grade three class and we are comparing baby teeth traditions of people in the Ukraine, Peru, India and Tunisia. I haven't been able to find anything online about any customs in Tunisia. Do you know any?

  • Kim - I'm not sure what you mean? Is it when the baby gets teeth or loses them? If you can be a little clearer then I can surely answer your questions.
  • Hello. Can anyone suggest any baby stores in Djerba please? I am going to be moving to Djerba in October, with my Tunisian husband and I have just found out that I am pregnant. I have been trying to find some baby stores online for Djerba, but can not seem to find any. What is the best idea? Buy here and ship across or are baby items in Djerba cheaper? Thank you.
  • Jessie, mabrouk for you and your husband. You won't really find anything on-line but the best place for baby clothes is probably in the souks. They are cheap and very very cute. There is a great Souk in Zarzis and also on Djerba. The other I would suggest is in Tunis where they do have baby stores with lots of French stuff but quite expensive, however, everything is much cheaper here than overseas. You don't say where you are living now? If in the UK or USA then I suggest you get everything here.
  • I just want to thank Lesley so much fr all the responses on the great posts for the valuable input- any concerns I had for travelling with a young baby and child are gone! I am so relieved I can now relax and look fwd to our hol to Sousse this August :) it's been 20 yrs since I last visited this beautiful place, and 10 yrs since we even had a holiday, so we are very excited!! :) I am thinking I do not have to fill a large case with food, nappies, milk and water now, just lightweight clothes and happiness!
  • Hi, we are travelling to Yasmine Hammemet mid December for the first time. I would like to know what is the weather like and will i need really warm clothes for the children Also my 2 year old drinks fresh pasturised milk, morning, evening and in cereal. Not sure whjat milk they do their and if it is going to be suitable.staying at the Club hotel Riu Marco polo. Thanku
  • Hello, we are taking our 12 month old to Tunisia for the first time on 28th july. I have read through a lot of reviews and there is hardly any mention of upset stomachs. It is only a 3 hour flight and the temps are mid to late 20's which I think will be perfect as the heat will knock her out at night without being too hot for her to play during the day.
    Taking everything in to account we decided to go with it but as we haven't been yet I can't guarantee that everything will be ok for you. dont forget to pack lots of babywear. Also, we've booked the phenicia as I thought it seemed very child/family friendly x

    Jennifer Morrow
  • I know Tunisian is one of the best place in the world but its not good for you that with this condition you take flight i suggest to you miss the flight and concentrate on your baby...
  • Tunisia is a safe and happy country. Tunisians love children and we will go out of our way to help you. Our fruits and vegetables are very fresh and not kept in supermarkets with chemicals for long periods of time. You can have lots of local foods and many products here come from Europe. Dont worry it is safe and the best place for your vacation

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