Anyone got any advice on getting married in St Lucia?
  • Myself and my partner are thinking about getting married in St Lucia and would like some advice about how to go about it ie, what side of the island is best? what time of year is better to do it? what hotels are nicest and reasonably priced for our honeymoon? what are the legalities?
    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Hi Andie

    A wedding in St Lucia is a great idea! There are so many wonderful tropical venues to enjoy your day.

    You'll need to be in St Lucia for at least 2 days prior to wedding and it's recommended that the Attorney General receive your application about four working days prior to your wedding date. St. Lucia has a waiting period of two business days for civil marriages and at least 15 days for religious marriages. If you want to be married in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in St. Lucia, you need to have your local parish priest contact the Cathedral to make sure you meet their requirements. The tel no is: +17584522271

    From the legal point of view, if you've been married before, St. Lucia requires that you provide your passport and birth certificate, show a Proof of Absolute if you are divorced or if you are a widow/widower, then you will have to provide a copy of your former spouse's death certificate. There are also a number of fees you'll have to pay, such as Notarial Fees & Marriage License, Registrar fees and a fee for your marriage certificate.

    St Lucia is great for tropical island weddings and popular locations include the beach, looking out over the sea on a cliff top, in a private garden or villa, or even on a yacht! Unfortunately, weddings can't take place in St Lucia on holidays or weekends and must be performed between sunrise and sunset.

    Below are a couple of companies who will help you plan your wedding from your mode of transport to your bridal bouquet and photographer. They will also give you more ideas about where to get married:

    I hope you find what you're looking for and all the best for your wedding day!
  • There are actually no residency requirements anymore and you can be here for 5 minutes and apply for a licence now. The notarial fees are approx. US$120, the government fee is US$130 and the marriage officer's fee is US$35. The cost of the actual marriage certificate is US$3 (three). The main thing is that any court documents such as a divorce decree, if not an original, must be certified to be a true copy and have a raised seal to be acceptable to the Attorney General''s chambers here which will be granting the licence.
  • In response to Free Legal Advise, I just booked a wedding at Sandals and was told that I need to be a residence for 72 hours, this was yesterday, when did it all change?
  • We booked our wedding last July and were told there was no residency requirements but you do have to pay extra if wanting to get married earlier than 3 days. I think you should query with sandals as they have obviously give you false info. We have booked through awesome caribbean weddings (fantasic service)!!
  • We have booked a wedding at sandals in april 2009, we were told we dont need a birth certificate as well as passport both of us have been married before we do know that we need the legal divorce paperwork, can any one confirm whether we need a birth certificate too, my husband to be has lost his!! sandals said we dont need it?
  • A relative is getting married at Sandals on Lucia - we are not staying at Sandals. What is the fee to enter the property to attend the wedding?
  • Im getting married in Almond Morgan Bay St Lucia in September 09. We have booked through Virgin Holidays. The legal requirements are passport,birth certificates and decree absolutes. We have been informed from virgin holidays that they require our legal documents 10 wks prior to departure. We have now found out my partner decree absolute will be a delay the courts wont state how long due to major backlogs, but have been informed we will have it before departure. My questions is as we have to produce the original documents in person to the registrar once we get there is it acceptable or do we have to cancel our wedding for a later date as we wont have his decree absolute so far in advance... At a loss what to do...
  • Hi Andie! Congratulations to you both. I suggest you make that day very special for your partner by taking her to a tour around the island right after the wedding. Specifically take her to Balenbouche Estate which you'll find tranquil and worth spending alone time with each other.

    This 18th century Sugar Plantation boasts historic ruins within a vast tropical garden. Trek along a guided trail to the 18th century old sugar mill and learn how sugar cane was processed, and how the indigenous "Arawaks" and "Caribs" lived. See the well-preserved artifacts and learn snippets of St. Lucia history.
  • We are "legally" get married at the court house in our county and having our ceremony in St. Lucia so we dont have to worry about the legal aspects of it all....its worth thinking about it.
  • This is all fantastic information. I would very much recommend visiting St Lucia. It is a beautiful place and an idellic location for a wedding. Unfortunately I do not know about the legal system in relation to marriages over there but as a honeymoon destination it comes highly recommended. My best friend went to St Lucia for her honeymoon and the pictures are to die for. The white sands, blue skies and crystal clear sea - I was incredibly jealous! Good luck with everything!
  • I would definitely consider spending time on the side of the island that isn't as busy. It isn't as great for snorkeling because the waves are so strong, but if you are just there for the sun, the opposite side of the island isn't as populated. Plus, take time to visit some of the rain forests or other natural habitats while you are there. There are a number of things to do. Here is a link to lean <a href="">How to Travel to St Lucia on a Budget</a>. Good luck to you, and have fun!
  • got married in st Lucia in 2003 and it was the best day of my life, wedding planner was great and the food, restaurant was good and it was well organise so i would recommend st Lucia to any one. any way I got married at marigot bay and reception was at J J'S paradise.
  • I live in St. Lucia and there are lots of beautiful places to hold a wedding. You need to be in St. Lucia for at least 2 days prior to the wedding. I can recommend an amazing photographer - Mr Mikael Lamber and a wonderful wedding planner Mrs Kayt Cooper of Awesome Caribbean Weddings
  • Actually I got married there on May 6th of this year and you have to be there 3 business days, we arrived on Sunday and could not get married until Thursday. If you utulize a sandals you pay no fees they handle everything including the lawyer.
  • If married in St Lucia do you have to go back there to get divorced ?
  • Hi,

    My partner and i are getting married in St Lucia in May, does anyone know if they require your full birth certificate or is the short version ok?
  • can any one tell do we have to put the wedding bands up in england before we can get married in st lucia as my husband to be has been married before
  • My wife and I just got married in St. Lucia at Sandals Regency La Toc. You do ABSOLUTELY have to be in Country 3 days (72 hours) before you can be married in order to meet residency requirements. Sandals handled all of the paperwork and the only requirements are either a birth certificate or your passport to show proof of who you are. If you are previously divorced, then they do require an official court divorce decree. Myself and my now wife are both divorcees. I think it ridiculous that another Country requires the divorce decree, especially when both of us have been divorced for well over a decade. We basically lied and said that neither of us have been married. It's impossible for them to know you have been previously married unless you tell them. While some of you may not agree, we really felt like this was for the best as we would have had an extreemly difficult time getting divorce decrees etc.
  • Hi,

    It's a great idea to getting married in st.lucia.I prefer one of the best resort which is located in st.lucia itself.That is Smugglers Cove Resort & Spa St. Lucia.All facilities are there in a standard level,With 357 rooms, all located in single-story buildings surrounded by forty-five acres of lush tropical gardens featuring exotic trees, panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea, and stunning hillside views, Smugglers Cove Resort & Spa offers a choice of five types of attractive rooms and spacious suites.Also standard rooms are there with King-size bed, bathroom, terrace, air-conditioning, TV, telephone, tea & coffee making facilities, iron & ironing board and hairdryer and garden views. Try that...I wish you a great married life together.:)
  • Did any of you have to file for a marriage license in the US when you returned?
  • STAY OUT OF ST. LUCIA, We don't want you. Go back tro your country! You people do not want us to immigrate to your country. Do not come to ours! STAY OUT!
  • Lmao comment above is very funny lol lol
  • Can anyone tell please where to get the Certificate of No Impediment of Marriage and where to get the Apostille in St. Lucia?

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