I am a Colombian with a UK' marriage visa, Do I need a Visa to go to TURKEY?
  • Can anyone please tell me if a Colombian residing in the UK with a Marriage Visa does need to get Visa to go to turkey on Holidays? and a Colombian residing in the UK with a student Visa, does he need a visa to go to Tukey too?
    Thank you,
  • Hi,
    You do not need a visa..Just have a valid passport at least for 6 months and then you are welcome to Turkey.
  • I am a Brazilian national with a settlement visa in the UK; do I require a visa to visit Lanzarote?
  • Calledman Thank you,
    Now I am confused, I phoned the Turkish Counsill and they said If I hold a Colombian Passport (it does not matter my UK's status) I need to make an "Online Appointement" and go and apply for a VISA!.. So, again, can anyone please explian this?
  • Ricardo - fact: you do need a visa. The only relevant fact is your passport status, not whether you have UK visa or not.

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