Safari In June 2010
  • Hi there
    I'm planing A safari in July 2010 for 7 days , we are 2 of us want to visit Tarangire , Manyara , Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater
    The best rate that I have managed to get is with a company by the name Tanzania Private Select Safaris its working out at US $ 150.00 per person per day
    Have got good recommendations from them after climbing Kili with them
    Any one can join in
    My contact is
  • What type of safari is this? Mobile camping or basic lodge safari?
  • It Standard Camping Safari
  • Hi Fizzy!
    for $ 150 per eprson its ok but maybe if you are more than 4 pax and also its depends with season and car. its inpossble $ 150 per 2 or 3 pax never, am sure the car will be not good also handle will be bad bad, pls when you will go for that price for usd 150 inform me after back how was ur safari ok? or

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