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  • How to get from Dubrovnik to plitvice lakes without hire car?
  • It is worth hiring a driver! You can negociate prices. You also get on-going touring information which makes the journey authentic. I would do it. The bus transportation eats up your travel clock, and no stories or information along the way. No customized stops at will, either.
  • By bus, but in that case you will need more then 1 day (at least 2). Dubrovnik is not close to Plitvice.
  • I caught a public bus from plitvice last year. They are comfortable and I think there were a few that went each day in either direction to Zagreb and Rijeka or Split, From there it realy shouldn't be a problem getting on to Dubrovnik or vice versa- only be early they don't go all day - from what I remember. That having been said the area is stunning (World heritage listed for a good reason) and I intend to hire a car next time I am there and explore myself.

    Have fun!
  • Croatia airlines, the flight is only 60€, take a look at their page.

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