UK / Nigerian Scammers
  • I am very sorry to hear about the troubles people on this forum have had with scammers. For those of you who have been scammed please beware that after a victim has sent money they are frequently approached with what is known as a "recovery scam". The scammer will pose as a law enforcement person and offer to help get your money back. You can find out about this and every other kind of scam at:

    Although it may not be possible to recover your money, there is something can do. You can help prevent others from being scammed. This is a group that actively combats scammers. Learn more at:
  • same story...still going on. a man name gerrald reyes ring the bill? he is in nigeria too..he has been asking for a for hospital bill.. will i came to find out that if they really need help if they are a british cetezin..there is help for them... Good Luck people..don't want have anything to do with them...i am looking but not that bad... i am fine alone..someday maybe i will find the one...if not oh! well...God Bless...there is all kinds of bad people out there...
  • Here is another one from Jim Mcdonald from Askam-in-Furness - previously from Colonia NJ Self employed contractor, just had to go to Lagos Nigeria to finalize a contract for an upcoming job. Emailed me that he is unable to cash is Travellers Cheques and is desperate and doesn't know how he is going to make until next week when a friend from Australia will be assisting. Says that he has a daughter Kimberly 16 and son Quenti, 20 and sent some pictures that were very outdated. Speaking on the phone he has a very distinct accent that is not either UK or US
    Cell 44-704-574-7489
    Another one, 234-705-986-7188

    BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This story is too much like the others to be anything other than a scam.
  • To Concerned From Josey,
    No I never found out who the real Larry Haggard is I have pictures of this soldier and have contacted the armed forces to see if they would find out so he could beware...They say they have this done all the time and to just ignore it...I could not get any help there...Gladly he has left me alone...But still it is a shame some unsuspecting soldier is out there not knowing his picture is being passed around...

  • hello,
    a girl "dammela nelson"recently contacted me on a site "tagged" we got to know each other.she says shes a nurse in nigeria, lagos is of dutch heritage and is helping a dying girl "darla" which needs heart surgery shes needs funds to fly to the UK for an operation.she is asking for to send $80 to her coordinator "renita glenn" then shes going to fly to the UK with drala and after the surgery shes going to fly here to be with me.i want to know is this a scam, she seems to not have pics of her in nigeria or with this girl darla.

    i would like some help with this please.

    thank you all
  • Beware of scammer calling itself Lewis Ficher. I refer to this scammer as 'it' cause I believe it was a women not a man. Met it on called itself 'soulminded1969' in Dec 2009. Said it came from Finchley had relocated there from Sitka in Alaska 9 months previously. Mentioned the address 4 Katlian Street, Sitka, Alaska 99835. Said it had a Son called Craig aged 9 who lived with its Grandmother, Sharon, back in the States. Its Father I was told died 5 years before and its wife who it referred to as its 'ex' died in an accident ?car 2 years previously in Florida having ran off with its best friend who it called Johnson. It told me it was 40 and ran a small computer business. Said it was in Lagos on business trip and had its son with it and hoped to be back just before Christmas. To cut a long story short lots of twists and turns and requests for help with hotel bills and that was me off. The line I was spun was it had ordered computors from China but when the containers were shipped a maximum load had been delivered more than the amount ordered and the goods wouldnt be released until excess paid on the rest hence it didnt have any more money to pay hotel etc.
    email address which I have reported was
    Other names dropped during our conversations included the hotel manager, Michael Phillips and an Egyptian businessman, Mr Shally.
    I did speak to this so called Lewis several times on the phone the male voice sounded American, equally the hotel manager sounded African and the other guy maybe Egyptian. This Lewis gave me their mobile numbers... sadly all deleted now.
    In addition this Lewis claimed to have schooled in the Netherlands and emailed on one occasion in Dutch.
    Hope this info help someone out there
  • does anyone know a name kris david in sandy bedfordshire but work in kier construction ltd. he was civil engineer in nigeria
  • hello everybody,

    i'm here to talk about this infamous "dammela nelson". Not long ago this person messaged me on a social networking site(i won't name the site on grounds of my personal security) stating that she wants to develop a relationship with me that'll be steady and built on trust and honesty. Naturally i looked at her profile and found the pictures to be very pretty. i wondered why is a beautiful woman like her messaging me and proposing to me?... just like that...out of the blue.? she then messaged her e-mail id to me saying she wants to keep in touch with me. We had a few mail exchanges after that, along the way i felt something was definitely out of the place. Her writings were very inconsistent, she wrote in her own way and contsantly harped on the same thing. i decided to use a bit of strategy, i dont know, gut feelings, instincts maybe, because something was definitely not right. i've this habit of writing very long letters and i naturally did the same here, just as i expected she reciprocated with an equally long letter(basic human psyche). i then decided to follow each an every word that she wrote, after that i checked her profile on the networking site; the locations mentioned were two different places, and in her letters she said that she is on a humanitarian mission in Nigeria. Either she is incredibly dumb scammer or she is incredibly desparate,(now i'm having doubts as to what gender the person is). i then went to my university, and decided to check on the name and the e-mail address on the net, and as i expected, nothing came up, after a bit of searching i found this forum, when i saw Full_Moon's comment, i decided that i should cooperate in whatever way i can to stop this.
    i think she/he's a hoax.
    Now the reason why i did not mention the name of the sites and other specifics is that if we can check into forums like these, then they can too and constantly hone their skills in this dubious and utterly outrageous act.
  • this is to broke_sad_mom & all the ladies out there and also the guys who became victims of these unscrupulous scammers. My deepest sympathies to everybody. First of all, i come from one of these so called "third world countries", from the indian subcontinent to be specific. The important thing is scammers use the biasness to their advantage. i've been scammed previously, but in a very different process. It was all these online money making schemes that have their origins in the New World.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE ARE ALL VICTIMS HERE, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. It is highly irrelevant, whether we come from the west or from the east, in this forum we are all victims and all of us are lonely in one way or the other and are currently standing on the same platform. i don't about all you people here, but i'm going to give it a shot to take this one out, or at least try to, i dont how far i'll succeed. i've had enough of people playing hardball with me, somebody has played with my emotions and i'm going take this one down, no matter how long it takes.
  • Has anyone received messages from a James Scott Roman? His yahoo acct. is There is a pic of a gorgeous man that was posted on under the name IceCakes_man. We IM'd for several days and he told me he was living in London and was coming back to the States and wanted to meet me. He even sent me a copy of his plane reservation and hotel booking. Right after that, he told me that he was short $600 for his plane ticket and wanted to know if I could send it to him. He claims to have a PhD in Agricultural Research; that he graduated from Central FL University in 1991; that his parent were killed in a car accident in CA 14 yrs. ago; that he is Italian; and has no siblings.
    Ladies, the picture he has posted he is absolutely gorgeous, but when he writes to you, it becomes obvious that he is not a PhD educated man from the US.
    Please, if you have any information on this man, please post. Otherwise, just beware of this name and email address.
  • Beware of a Matthew Doyle from Toronto , Ontario and Canandaigua, New York. He supposedly is a 38 year old on one site and 34 year old on another site. He poses as a lonely Architect who moved to Canandaigua and is looking for love. All of a sudden he gets a project in Lagos and needs money. This con is on myspace and tagged. I believe that he is a nigerian using an innocent victim's pictures. He asked me to send him money. Then he pulled the "i'll send you a check to cash" nonsense next. and doylem19 are his contacts.
  • there are at least 2 people on match who wrote to me the identical first email. One is called "lifesgr8t4me" the other is "in2healthylife", I did mail with him and his name is Gary Miller. Just be careful if you get mails from them
  • i have been contacted by sevenstartunner yesterday...he seems to good to be true..anyone have any more info....thanks
  • To JP

    I think i have met the Same lady on line! Not the same name, but all the same details, I thought at first she was genuine too, I have a lot of photos and she even sent me a card through moonpig! Would like to share experiences with you if you get chance.

  • do any one know a dante issac ,says he is is 30yr old nigerian studying in the uk , we talk for a bout 9months then he for got to pay for his room fees at the unversity in manchester , then he ask me for some money and then he disappear when he could not get any
  • I am wondering how many people out there have ended up marrying a person who scammed them. I understand this is a hard thing to talk about, but there are people out there who do marry for love and come to find out that the other half of the relationship married to take ALL your money away. I am interested to hear about your stories. I contributed to the above and am trying to determine how many "scammers" get far enough into the relationship to marry convincing the other person that they really love them. Please tell me your stories relating to this.
  • I recently heard a Nigerian woman talking on the phone to one of her "clients." She told me that she was talking to him because her boyfriend spends all day "scamming men" all over the world pretending to be a woman looking for love. He finds them on dating sites, works on them for days, weeks, sometimes months convincing them that he will marry them or live with them, then he has his girlfriend talk to them on occasion, just to keep the trust. Finally, he goes in for the financial hook, usually thousands of dollars at a time. The list of calamities vary, but it is always some sort of emergency. He asks the man to Western Union money to a woman's name, has a bank account set up by a banker friend, then has his Western Union buddy change the name on the wire and there it is: money in HIS bank account. Simple ending to the relationship: hit click on yahoo and the person cannot contact them again, poof: fianc
  • Hello to the person who asked about James Scott Roman. I've recently met him on as okayman902. Same story, he says he has a phd in agricultural research and is in London, soon to move back to the US, that he went to college in Florida and is Italian. He hasn't asked me for anything, but I googled his name and found a Twitter account and this post - but nothing else... which is strange if he's such a prominent research scientist he should be published, and if he lectures at universities I would expect to find more on the web on him. He's been very forward in chatting with me and asked for my cell # today - but I said no he can find me on the IM regularly enough for now... so it's interesting to see his name mentioned here.
  • JAMES SCOTT ROMAN again...

    He's on Match as justMankind101 from Alaska. Same pictures. A few days ago he was okayman902 from Montana, but working in London. And according to the post above, he was IceCakes_man last month and tried to scam a woman for money. I reported him on

    From: Tom Willson (
    Sent: May 8, 2010 3:20:55 AM
    To: xxxxxxx

    How are you doing hope you are good missing you gr8ly but i must tell you i do want to be with you darling and i want you to come here and in Nigeria one needs to mind his own business darling and there are people here in Nigeria there is what we call Mind your business and i think every one has their business darling and a not the first man to date a white woman and there is something they call a sugar mummy here so you can say that and i think be traditional i think has nothing to do with our love life darling..................wanting to know what happen in 2005 was the little war in my village against Exon Mobile here cos they had to give employment but i lost a friend there name ETIYA he worked in the oil rig he was killed by the police but after that we got out entitlement cos we were advising them on social responsibility darling kisses i love you so much and i want you here...

    Love you always

  • Maggie, there are no visible white women in Nigeria, if they are there, they hide. He is a Scammer. Word for word, the same as what I have received...."not the first man to date a white woman." No, not the first woman to be scammed either. It is all 419. If you want to go be a sugar mama to a nice, young Nigerian Romance Scammer, go ahead, send him your money, fly over there, this is a free world. No one minds their own business over there, everyone knows everything, he just wants you to shut up so the other scammers wont move in on you. He intends to take as much money as he can, get into your bank accounts, jack up all your credit cards, max out your equity line of credit and then when you are broke and ready to kill yourself, he will disappear. They all have numerous IP's. Sometimes they get lazy and use their own, but that is when they get cocky because they have made so many thousands of dollars that month that they think they are invincible. Nigeria is very expensive for a "third world country." Stop wondering and move on with your life or go over there and live with him until you are starving.
  • Altair: dammela nelson is a man.
  • I really am thnakful for this site, if it wasn't for this site I probably would have been scammed continously, ofcourse I found a beautiful woman in a dating website "Singleparentmeet" and this woman goes by two names Clara and Bella. They both hit me up and e-mailed me and booked mark me. I almost got tagged team, they both live locally in US, then they went to Nigeria, Lagos Ghana to take care of a sick mother and the other to do investment in Africa. To make long story short, one got robbed and the other spend all her money and need funds for a ticket back to US, also they need BTA (Basic Travel Allowance)in the amount of $1500. Thats when I started researching, and thank God that I found this forum before its too late.
    Thank You All for opening my eyes.
  • @ Got Educated: You are welcome.

    Not all these stories turn out badly. Some people are greedy or desperate, but then again, some are just in need of money for basic needs. If you get satisfaction out of the conversations and you enjoy talking to them, it is not a crime to send them a bit of money to help them with food, shelter and education, if you can afford it. To those of you who can afford it and are happy with the attention that you get from these people, then help them. Consider it to be good Karma, but call them on it so they think about what they are doing. Some of them get greedy, but then again, some of these people just ask for enough money to buy what we here in the US take for granted. There is no social service to take care of them, there is intermittent electricity, food is basic (rice, chicken and water). Tell them that you know that they are not telling you the truth, ask them to be honest and maybe you will feel good about helping them pay for food, shelter and eduction. I know one woman who is disabled and she knows she talks to a Nigerian every day, but she sends him money so that he can buy food and he gives her two hours a day of comfort, love and understanding about her health issues and surgeries. We are all people with hearts, be kind and you shall be rewarded in ways that you would never venture to imagine.
  • I was scammed from a guy called apparently Paul Jackson, or Paul Scott Jackson.,
    I sent him a phone about 350dlls.
    Address in Nagod Nigeria:

    28, Oke Street Pedro
    Somolu, Gbagada Phase 1
    Lagos State, Nigeria

    Phone 234-813-8381234
  • I came upon this page here, in search of information on whether is as infested with Scammers as it appears, based the crazy emails I've received there over the past 24 hrs (my first time at Reading the posts here, I have to seriously shake my head. Some of you women writing these whiny "I was a victim, woe is me!" posts, you seriously need to shake your heads. It's naive dingdongs like yourselves that causes these OBVIOUS Scammers to proliferate, like c0ckroaches. What stable, half-intelligent woman is going to send money or other goods to these predators? Why on earth would you fall so easy for someone's immediate hard luck story such that you're wiring them money? Are you that desperate for a MAN that your common sense and 'red flag radar' goes out the window? Don't whine and cry if you, by your own free will, chose to get suckered in. It's pathetic to read some of this stuff.
    I've only been on for 24 hours and already I've received a half dozen emails from obvious come I can figure it out but you couldn't? Sad, sad, sad.
  • Beware of, they sold a few years back, (to foreigners, I have heard) and they really don't care about who joins, they just want membership money. is no better as they are owned by I got sick of the scammers, so I just deleated my account, on I reported a scammer on, they e-mailed me back and said that would "take care of it" and within a couple of weeks, he was in my inbox as a new match, so I reported him again. If you are going to join an online dating website, e-harmony is a better choice, it is a little pricier, but the people on it are genuine. I don't think scammers like going through their screening process, they just want the "quick kill", as they want to get money, ASAP. Also e-harmony puts up with zero scamming, if something isn't right, report the person and their account is gone, and they cannot rejoin.
  • You are so right! is just inundated with scammers. They will sweet talk you right into scamming money, a few dollars at first then they just keep asking for more and more. They would even love to get you to sell your car, borrow all you can against your house, open a bank account, open a home equitly line of credit to help them, it will never be enough. They will find out just what you want in life and keep promising you that. Just send money this one last time and you will have it. . . I kept reporting to also but these scammers just keep changing their profiles so fast and there seem to be so many of them. . . The bad thing is these guys say they live in your area, they are just out of the country at the moment due to their work. They all say their parents died and they are an only child so you are the only one they can depend on who can help them....Beware of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi

    After reading these comments I can't help but to share my own. Back in 2008 i first encountered the YM technology. I met this guy in YM who said he is a UK citizen working in leading financial firm. I will not mention the company anymore for security reason. We had a chat for 9 months and after that we met in one of the third world countries. That's when I knew he is a nigerian. We actually had sex and we had relationship until now. But lately i am suspecting his personality. After a week meeting, I went home. Few days later he asked me for money about 200 dollars since he had financial difficulty. Nine months after he asked for money again for his laptop, 200 dollars again. After four months he had trouble again and needs money again. This month he was asking money again because he said he spent his money for a doctor. This is a Nigerian who resides in India, we have plans to marry but Im doubting his personality now. With my further research I learned that he has four email adresses, although different names. Hope someone could advise me on this matter.

  • You're bitching about a few hundred dollars?? Come on, it is hard to earn a living in Nigeria; don't know about India since they control all the telephone and internet services for major corporations across the world. The bottom line is that you don't like the guy or you would have stayed longer than a week. If you liked him, maybe you would be happily married to him. Laptops are their link to the world and a necessary part of every day life in most countries, third world too. He is depending on you and it is obvious you don't really love him so move on and let him starve, hustle or work.

    According to my adult kids, you must assume that everyone has multiple aliases on the internet. People want their privacy and sometimes Yahoo with an alias is the only way to get the privacy we need to avoid the tracking that most internet providers implement. There is no fourth amendment privilege our RIGHT TO PRIVACY after 911. Using aliases on yahoo allows us (in America and other countries too) to use our right to the first amendment privilege which is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. There is so much discrimination against Nigeria these days. Nigerians are wonderful people compared to some ethnic groups here in the US. If you loved this guy, you would help him through his tough times...
  • To love or leave:

    So he is not a romance scammer? Ok fine, that money is nothing, for as long as he is not like that. YOu can't blame me I just want to be cautious. By the way, about that week stay, it's because my visa was about to expire so I need to go home. I applied to early but was unable to visit india immediately.

  • Hey Jelly,
    the only way you will know for sure is to spend more time with him, you don't have to rush into marriage, get to know the guy first, then decide if he is genuine, and if you can spend the rest of your life with him.
  • Thanks Angelique for this advice. Yes i should spend more time to know him more.
  • By the way in quest to find out what he is really doing, I tried to access his yahoo account, but of course I failed. However, I found out that one of his security questions is "Where did you spend your honeymoon?" Is it possible that this man is married and that what he is doing to me is out of his craft?

    Thanks again for any advice.
  • OMG, I am so glad that I found this discussion. A little over a week ago, I was contacted by a woman on who did all the stuff described by others on this site: Sent poems; said I was the only one for her; chatted with me on Yahoo IM. She told me that she was originally from Odessa, Ukraine & that she has lived in Texas since age 25 (46 now). She told me that she is in Nigeria shopping for antiques for her (unnamed) business. I was being kinda cautious because she seemed to be too good to be true & then the red flags started popping up. First she asked me if I would send her $700 so that she could fly to my hometown to meet me. Then yesterday, she wrote & said that she had been robbed & had no money & was stranded in Nigeria. I was on High Alert by this time & told her as much. I have no money to send her, so there was never any chance of that happening, but I am just appalled & embarrassed & disgusted that this happened to me. Ladies, this is a "woman" who is pretending to be a Lesbian. She sent 4 photos of a lovely blonde woman supposedly named Tami Kiefer, age 46, from Belton, Texas. I was trying to find more info about her on the Internet before the robbery story came up & it seems possible that she has stolen the identity of a woman in Texas with the same name, but with a slightly different birthdate. The red flags started popping up when she was evasive about answering certain questions & then also contradicting herself regarding certain answers. So I hope this helps someone else to not get taken in by this cruel schmuck. So much for for me.
  • How long have you known each other before that robbery story came up? what is the month interval when she comes up with another story? It seems the pattern with scammers is that they come up with such stories in an interval of short period of months. this probably what differs them from those who are having real relationship. Scammers are very obvious because they are profit oriented and they want the money to be sent immediately, usually involves larger amount of money in short period of time of acquaintance. The target victims are whites because they can afford to give larger sum. But I read in article that they are starting to target Asian women too. Please note, in dating site, if one meets a person who confess to have a good job and then suddenly ask money, this is a scam. Real people with good jobs wont ask any financial help to someone they know online for only few months. They would rather ask assistance to relatives and closer friends, and they have banks that could grant them loans. I hope all other readers will learn from this.
  • Hi Im glad I came across this sit is i met someone from tagged we chat daly on yahoo.The chats are good to an extent.The guy has told me hs an engineer from Ga but he is in Surulere Lagos working o a bridge.He claims to make 100,000-150,000 depending on the job.Proble I have is that he clais to not have taken is credit card with him & that he ned to pay his bill of 175.00I suggeted that he go to theebassy thee if he is a US ciizen cause they can help him.He says I should have just sent money o h could be on the next flight back to America.y hing is is I do not ave money to spare as i am a single mom working part time & im slowly working my way off state assisstance.He then tells me that hs money is tied up in the US & that he has no access to it.So am I wrong for not sending money???Even after I told him to ask the church that he visited & even told him the embassy could help him???He says ismo & siter are in the states bt he wontgive me their #'s so that I can get him help.He say he loves me & is always asking me bout my child bt stilll whn is enough gonna be enouh???
  • but* when* & enough* his email is
  • MomOf1 DON'T send him any money!! He is just playing on your feelings -- he is not who he pretends. I was contacted by someone like this & it was so much fun til I realized that it was all about stealing money from me. I suggested the US Embassy but she made up some excuse. I suggested friends & family, but she acted like she didn't have anyone. It's a scam, as sad as that it is! He will never come to the US -- just stop all contact with him to protect yourself.
  • Thanks I just had to make sure I was right in notdoing so caue yeah that just sent red flags my way
  • Hello there,

    I am wondering if anyone has heard of a guy named Michael Kent. He contacted a week ago on Yahoo Messenger and sent me a photo of a very good looking man. He told me that he was divorced and has a 14 year old daughter. He said that he lives in Newport Tennesse, first said working as a Civil Technologies then said working as a contractor. He said that he married a lady In Tennesse his ex wife was originally from Nigeria. He also said that the reason why he divorced her was that she cheated on him with his bestfriend, and she took the child back to Nigeria. Sadly enough the ex wife died of cancer a month ago and he is trying to get the child back in the States. He said that he is not sure how to go abouts in getting her back since all her travel documents have been destroyed by his ex. Too many conflicting stories on this one. Now yesterday he said that, he is coming to see me in two weeks. I was taken aback by this as was encouraging him to come and visit me but he said once the papers for his daughter Kimberly are all cleared up. I was ok by that, then all of a sudden two days ago, he is coming to stay with me for good.

    He sent me an email everyday professing his undying love for me...I have to admit it was so nice to read those emails but I know it was too good to be true. Yesterday, he said it is his daughters birthday coming up on July 2, and when he spoke with her he told her all about me and she was excited to meet me and wants to call me mom. I said all s good, then the big shocked came to me. He wanted me to send her a gift for her bday. I said how can I do that since you were telling me it is so hard for them to recieve anything you are sending her, and that they're always complaining that they are not getting it. He said that I can send the money to her guardian Mr. George....ah oh yah earlier on the conversation he got upset that i didnt trust Mr. George, he said that he took care of his daughter for many years..kind'a funny when he said that he is tired of dealing with black people with black attitude..I think he was just trying to get my trust...anyways we had a long arguement about it becuase I refuse to send money to someone I don't know...he said I would not spare 200 pounds for our daughter...I told him that i will buy her a gift but would give it to her when she gets here...he is insisting that I send her I kind'a let it go for a bit just to see what he would say coz I was doing my research on him too...but unfortunately I could not find anything on him...I sent him an email asking her guardian information making him believe taht I will send the is the info..

    Recievers Name: Idahosa George
    City: Ogbomoso
    State: Oyo
    Zip Code: 23402
    Text Question: Best Colour
    Answer: Pink

    and he wants me to provide him personal information about myself too...and I refuse...I only requested this information to get the name of the person, but I could not find anything on Michael Kent or this Mr. George...he knows I am suspecting him but doesnt know yet that I know he is scamming me...I am not sure how to proceed with this...he sent me 3 photos of this nice white man and all the same photos and 2 photos of his daughter Kimberly...Michael said that his father was from Trinidad and Tobaggo and mother was an american and only child. I told him I want to see Trinidad since I have a cousin there right now....and he didn't say much...

    Any info about this man would be greatly appreciated....I have the photos too and all the email he sent and i saved all Im conversation we had....thanks
  • (leybchristheart), and both posted scam profiles on I have reported them both to as scammers. what else can i do? (both were 'widowers with children', working out of the country, in ..u guessed it...Nigeria)
    48 - Andale, KS, US ???
    Seeking: women 39 - 65

    George Pilato: this is my address fasanenweg 17 d 64832 babenhausen hessen germany

    George Pilato
    Country: Nigeria
    House address: 37, oluwakemi street ojodu berger lagos nigeria
    Phone Number: +2348050769534

    George Pilato: Hello sweetie
    me: do not call from unlisted number . i will not answer it.
    George Pilato: IT OKAY
    me: i trusted u george. with lots of things. now promise to delete all my pictures, and do not use them for any wrong purpose.
    George Pilato: THANKS
    me: george, u made me very happy. now i am scared.
    George Pilato: IT OKAY

    (I sent him a small package of items for his "daughter's" birthday...) I know, I was stupid; if that's all i lost, it's gonna be a good day. When he asked for money, before the package even got there, the red flag went up... the end...

    50 - Creston, MT, US ???
    Seeking: women 40 - 60

    2nd email started with: Sweetie, I miss you... That ended that.
  • I just had another conversation with MR. MICHAEL KENT today..wondering why I did not reply to his emails last night proclaiming his love for me....

    He is also very insisting that I send a birthday money for his daughter Kim in Nigeria...I got so frustrated...when he kept going on and on about it but since I told him about that I will buy her a gift here and gift it to her when she gets here and will call her to great her happy birthday but I guess that is not enough...I just could not find anything on Michael Kent..he seems legitimate but I am having a hard time believing it...too many inconsistencies....I am not sure what to do here anymore coz I even got to the point where I told him I don't feel comfortable sending money to Nigeria...ggrrhhh...I went to every website I can find but no luch in finding Michael Kent..even his email seems clean....He has an account on facebook and a different photo there too that he hasn't sent me but it is the same man....grrrhhh wish I could find something..this is frustrating....
  • I think gift is enough if he really loves you and he will appreciate it much. He won't ask for more considering that he knows you are a woman. And if this is a decent man, as what he confesses, he won't even ask you to send her daughter a gift. He will wait for you to voluntarily do it, because they like to be surprised on your sweetness. If ever a man will ask you to give her daughter a gift, he would suggest it but not force you to do it.
  • Hi Jelly,

    I know for a fact this is a scam...we had yet another conversation last night when I refuse to give in to his demands of sending $400 to his daughter as a gift he started swearing and told me what I took him for?...I even volunteered to buy her a Tiffany necklace or bracelet...he called me stingy..hahaha thought that was really funny...I have recieved another 2 sets of emails from him at exactly 1:45 am, one is insisting I send the money with a very broken grammar and horoble spellings and the other with a completely perfect grammar...he found me on facebook and I will be reporting him...I just could not find anything on MICHAEL KENT (MICHAEL_KENT65@YAHOO.COM) sad....he is trying to use God and Love to get me to send the money....thought that was funny if he thinks he is going to get a penny out of me...all red flags came up when he started talking about getting his daughter back and the papers have to be done over there...I cannot believe how some people could be cruel, you befriended them and thy're trying to scam you....
  • I am just about to report the profile he had on facebook but it was gone....
  • I am soo thankful for this Discussion board!

    i believe i've had the same type of encounter and his profile was listed on website he's also listed on Facebook
    professed to be from Italy, Rhome , a widower w/ 5 yr old... calls himself Marcus Moretti Wheat ... says he is a road and bridge engineer ... when first meet his profile said he lived in Lousiville, KY and he told me he had been there only a few months.. had won a contract and was going to W Africa within 48 hours and he would contact me there .. he was afraid i didn't believe him so he emailed me a scanned copy of a birth certificate and a "supposed" contract that he had won. ... we talked for several days via yahoo IM. claims he has put his home (that is in Italy) up for a 2million collateral to complete this contract in W Africa.
    Funny thing is...HE sent me a "URGENT" instant message, Followed up by an email saying he was ashamed he has to ask a lady for help but needs money to keep the internet on so we can talk! ... says there's only 5 hrs and some odd minutes left "BIG RED FLAG" told him i did not have any money and that he needs to give me an address where I could write to him. He took his time and then finally gave me the following name & address:
    name - AMUSA KEHINDE
    address - 5 KS PLACE
    city - OGBOMOSO
    state - OYO STATE
    zipcode - 23402
    country - NIGERIA

    Be safe out there!!
  • loveingheart6693
    ( but as I just checked, he had already deleted the profile :)
    45 - Austin, TX, US
    Seeking: women 40 - 59

    going as Mark Moore right now :)
  • I had one try to scam me a few years back. He claimed to be a European working in Nigeria. To account for his poor grammar and spelling, he claimed to have been raised in Spain. After a few emails brimming with "I'm insanely in love with you, my sweetest soul mate, I'm going to fly to the US for the holidays and marry you!" lines (these guys are about as subtle as sledgehammers), and his utter failure to comprehend even one word of my basic spanish, I decided to type "scammer Nigeria romance" into a search engine. Presto, 419!

    I was pissed, and he never even got to ask me for money before I was onto his scam. That said, I don't want anyone tortured by Nigeria's disgusting government over it. Nor do I think anyone should send these con artists their money. If you want to help Nigerians, send money to reputable watchdog and human rights groups (make sure they aren't affiliated with the US government).

    The people of Nigeria have been scammed for decades and are still being scammed by US and international oil companies, with the help of Nigeria's horrible, brutal government. The oil companies come in, make massive profits, hire very few local workers, pollute the air and water, give nothing to the communities who live on top of that petroleum, and then move on when they've sucked the area dry.

    Scamming lonely people for tens of thousands of dollars is horrible, but it pales in comparison to scamming (and often torturing, terrorizing, and murdering) people out of millions of dollars in oil wealth that could have gone to building schools, roads, and hospitals.

    Oh, and maybe all that nasty malware and spyware that infested my computer during my brief and one sided love affair was mere coincidence, but just in case, be sure to run some virus scans and change your email address after any encounter with one of these scammers.

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