Travel from Istanbul to the beaches
  • Can you suggest the best way to travel from Istanbul to the riviera region of turkey?
  • The best way to travel from Istanbul to the coast is by using one of the cheap airlines that operate such as Onur air or Atlas jet - Both have online booking which is very quick and easy to use- No need for a paper ticket, you will receive a PNR number to your mobile phone and booking confirmation to your e.mail.

    Its also possible to travel by bus, but if you book your flight in advance then there is not much difference in price unless you prefer to spend 12 hours on the bus getting to Bodrum as opposed to 1 hour on a plane!

    Enjoy your time in Turkey
  • I want to meet my fiance in the Caymans this summer, he is from Istanbul, Turkey, I am an USA citizen. Where does he get a visa? How long can we stay?
  • Mostly tourist visas are for 3 months and he can get it from the Embassy if it exists in Turkey.

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