switzerland visa query
  • Hello I have a Indian passport and student visa of UK. I want to go to switzerland and I want to know do i need to take visa of Switerzerland?
  • If I were you I'd contact the Swiss Embassy in London, passport holders from India require a Visa to enter Switzerland as it is a member of the Schengen Agreement. I think your UK Student Visa will be fine to get you into the country but I'd still advise you to check with the Swiss Embassy here before you go. I've spoken with them before, they've very nice people! Good luck and enjoy your trip, it's a nice country!
  • I have a nigerian passport and a 2 years residential permit in south africa and am currently in south africa,and am currently studying a six months course in unisa,so i wish to vist swizerland,will i be issued a visa in my nigeria passport here in south africa?
  • hi everyone.this is me salman. i have pakistani passport, i want to be swiss national i mean i want swiss passport so what is the procedure?

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