Getting to Chaing Mai
  • I'm going to Thailand in December and want to spend a few days up in Chaing Mai. Can anyone advise on the best way to get there? How long does it take to get a train/bus. Or are flights to Chaing Mai quite cheap?
  • I'd fly if you're short of time. AirAsia have regular flights to Chaing Mai from Bangkok and they are very cheap if you book in advance. And I would book well in advance if you are going towards the end of December. Otherwise there are regular air conditioned buses which take nine or ten hours to Chaing Mai, although some are not as regular or as airconditioned as you'd like! I dont know about trains... I hope this helps.
  • I agree with Jake, rather fly as there are lots of things to see and do in Chiang Mai so why waste time on a bus or train.
    Enjoy it all, we certainly did.
  • Take the night time sleeper train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai. It's really comfortable and safe and a whole lot of fun. Plus its great value for money compared with flying! Best of all, you arrive early in the morning fresh after a good nights sleep.
  • I've used all of the above many times and with my own upcoming trip to Chiang Mai from Bangkok will be via Asia Air. It is very fast and inexpensive if, as noted above, booked in advance. Both the overnight coach and train offer a very inexpensive trip and experience you won't find otherwise---do bring something to layer or coverup as they both get very cold once you settle in to sleep. The coach will make a stop or two which you don't have to get out but if you have gone this far, you should and get something to eat and mix a bit. Enjoy the adventure.
  • Sleeper train Bangkok to Chiang Mai best way to travel

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