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  • Hi!
    O my God! I have to go to Africa and I am really afraid of this trip. I haven't been there never and I know that it is quite dangerous place for traveling. Is it true? Could you share your knowledge about Africa? Culture, nature, climate and so on.
  • Hi Gabrielle

    I currently live in Cape Town, South Africa and am a born and bred South African. I also work for a travel company specialising in trips throughout Southern and East Africa.
    Where will you be travelling to on your trip to Africa?
    I'd be really happy to help out and provide advice on the destination you are visiting so that you know what to expect when you get there.

    I know that news stories about certain countries highlight a lot of negative things about the destination, but in truth, there are plenty of places which are safe to travel to.

    Let me know more about your travel plans, and any questions you may have.

  • Hi there,
    You reall do not have anything to be nervous of, Africa is an amazing destination with very friendly people that are on the whole always happy to embrace travellers.
    Where are you going if I may ask?
  • Africa is pretty diverse - where are you going exactly?
  • Good day

    The best advice is to go with a tour operator and more a local operator I have traveled to Africa a lot and also stayed in Africa (Zambia) for a long time here is a couple of companies that each have a different advantage - buget family luxury
    Africa is wonderful and will alway call you back, but this is not th US or the UK but still a wonderful place to visit
  • Hi,
    Most people heard of Africa negatively but once you visit the continent you will realize that Africa can be a good place for vacations.Just select the best places.You can for instance visit Senegal country.Just have a look at this website:
    Welcome to Africa
  • Thank you very much for all answers.
    Kate - I am planning to visit Liberia. Do you know sth about this place?
  • Are you serious Gabrielle? Liberia is not a normal tourist destination as remains quite dangerous, despite big improvements under new president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Assume you are going on business, in which case you should be met and escorted safely around.
  • I am going on business and I would like to travel too after all meetings and work. But it seems that it is not good idea. :(
  • Good advice. No matter how much stick tour operators do get they do know their stuff and it is definitely worth taking their advice. The above advice seems good. We speciaise in African travel (not Liberia!) and clients really appreciate the advice that they receive as it makes a huge difference to your trip at the end of the day. My advice...find a good tour operator and stick with them!
  • Hi Gabrielle,

    I completely agree with all the sentiments above, Africa is such an amazing place full of some many diverse countries but unfortunately tends to be bundled all to one category, normally as dangerous and intimidating. Remember it is actually a huge continent and experiences will vary from country to country. I travelled solo around East Africa and felt completely safe! You did not mention which part you intend to travel to? My advice would be to do a little research by picking up a guide book for your specific destination and take it from there. It may not be as intimidating as you think. If you feel more comfortable the you could book some trips through a tour company, then you have the assurance of being with other people. I hope this helps a little and you have an amazing time in Africa, wherever it may be!
  • welll Africa is a 2nd largest continent in term of size so put whole Africa into words is quite difficult. Yes there are some security concerns in some African countries but not in whole Africa. I think you should start your trip from South Africa and Johannesburg specifically. The most popular Africa countries are Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt and each country has its own culture and traditions but somehow you would find the influence of European, Portuguese and French culture on the African culture.

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