Slovenia- Travel in October-November.
  • I plan to travel to Slovania end October to 1st week of November.
    Is it a good time to travel.
    Will it be too cold? I am from India!!!
  • It is a beautiful country, make sure you head to lake blood and Bohinj area ~ Beautiful scenery.

    It will be getting cold, especially in the mountain areas, take long sleeves but you should not need gloves or scarf. Maybe a rain jacket though as probably will rain.
  • Hi,

    Slovenia has varied climatic conditions. These extreme temperature variations are typical of the entire country. In the winters, Slovenia is always very cold. In the opposite, it is hot and sunny in the summers. If you plan to travel to Slovenia in the end October, then the weather will be getting cold.

    Slovenia is really a beautiful country in Southern Europe. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a small town, is friendly and ultra-modern. I have to say that Ljubljana has a great infrastructure. There are many hotels and many great restaurants at here.
  • Thanks to share your nice informative information in this forum site about the Slovenia you need some warm cloths and some jacket because in the night so cold all over in Slovenia and also rain season will be started so prepare your self for it and enjoy your journey.

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