Bolivares to US dollars
  • I just got back from Venezuela. I live in the US. I came back with quite a few bolivares that I"d like to exchange back to dollars but I'm having a hard time finding a place that would do this exchange. Does anyone have a suggestion of a place that is willing to exchnage this money to dollars?

  • Call the Bolivian embassy in DC (202) 483-4410. Otherwise find a city with a Bolivian expat community and make the change there. Seriously though, is it worth it? How much did you bring back. If its less than $50 just keep it as a souvenir or use it next time you're in the area.
  • thanks for the comment. I meant more like Bolivares (currency used in Venezuela). I brought back more than $400 but I will eitherway follow up the same steps as you mentioned above. thanks. Although not sure anymore if there's an embassy here since the politics between the 2 countries arent in their best interests these days
  • I'm a CPA in Los Angeles, and travel to Venezuela, and will buy your Bolivares. My email address is
  • What kind of currency is best to use in Venezuela Margarita Island... do they accept US dollars locally?
  • I live in Venezuela and its illegal to change Bolivares to Dollars (or any other currency) because of the currency controls here in the country imposed by Hugo Chavez. If you changed your money to Bsf here in Venezuela the only way to get rid of them is to sell them on the black market at a very different rate than what you bought them for. Otherwise, consider it a learning experience. Dollars, Euros and all hard currencies are like gold dust in this country.....hard to find and expensive when you do find them.
  • Hi my names many I have almost 62,000 bolivares and not sure where I could exchanged them to us dollars any suggestions here's my email
  • Manni, how many Bolivare fuertes do you have? Do you have Bolivares that they used in the past, where the numbers were in the thousands? (for example 2000 bs) or do you have the new currency, which they use BsF.(so 2000 bs would be 2 bsf? )
  • I know that this has nothing to do with exchange of money but just I am very curious why guests from Venezuela when they are traveling our of they country, having some problems with their credit cards.. example i am working on cruise ship and our system onboard is not able to charge their credit card before end of the year... guests are asking to be charged before end of the year as they may have some problems ... can anybody give me answer what is their system and why this needs to be charged before end of your 2010. Thank you :)
  • Hola Amigos yo tambien viaje a venezuela y me sobraron 21,000 bolivares yo crei que kualquier banko internacional aqui en Sandiego me los hiban a cambiar y nada todabia no incuentro ninguno,me dijeron que en City Banck los cambian, en caso que me los cambien les boy hacer saber para los que tienen el mismo problema que yo lo solucionen,asta pronto ysi alguien sabe de algun lugar, por favor no dejen de hacermelo saber al
  • Guest from Cruise ship, we have a control currency in Venezuela. The goberment give to us $3000 per year for use only by credict card pre authorized and that money expire in one year, the last day for use it is December 31 of each year, for that your guest ask for charge the credic card before end of the year. I hope that you understand and excuse my english.
  • I am a Pilot and just resigned from international travel. I have about $375 worth of Bolivares left over. I would like to dump them. Will to give it for just have of what they are worth. If interested please email me @ Thanks
  • i live in canada and would like to convert some venezuela dollars back to US or canadain dollars .$50,000.
    my email
  • Hello, I just came back from Venezuela and I brought back $2680 bolivares that I couldnt exchange there and wish to sell. If anybody is interested, please email me at Thanks.
  • I have 9900 bolivares that I'd like to sell for dollars. Please let me know if you're interested.
  • I can be reached at
  • hi guys and girls, i have the same problem. Im an Australian living in Toowoomba QLD and i went to Venezuela on the 13/2/2014 Australian date and came back on 15/3/2014 Australian date and i have bolivares, 42,000.00 bolivares and nowhere in Australia will convert them, ive called everywhere i can including the Venezuelan ambassy and American embassy in Australia and the cant convert them. if anyone can help me, let me know where i can convert them or want to buy them from me, my email is and would be really greatfull if anyone out there can help me. i wouldnt be bothered if it was only a few hundred AUD but its 7k AUD give or take so please can anyone help me.
  • Hello.....I have 720 ven dollars I would like to get off my dresser. Anyone interested. ..please contact me at and yes its the new stuff
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