New York attractions
  • My mom loved New York and went to the real bar that the film 'Coyote Ugly' is based on. Does anyone know of any other interesting places like this to visit? And any great yet affordable restaurant suggestions? When is a good time to be in New York, as far as weather or events go? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  • For Seinfeld fans, don't miss Tom's Restaurant on 2880 Broadway. This was the coffee shop where Jerry and the gang always hang out at. Its also the place mentioned in Suzanne Vega's song Tom's Diner.
  • Here is a great site that gives Google map locations for all the main scenes featuring new york from big movies over the years: Its really cool actually!
  • thanks! i'm sure i can google it, but does anyone know if the coffee shop in 'friends' is real?
  • The Central Perk is fictional, I'm afraid. The store is inspired by Cholmondeley's, which was a coffee shop and lounge at Brandeis University that the shows creators used to hang out in.
  • if you are active or retired military go to uso for discounted or free tickets for attractions can save a bundle
  • I would visit Carnegi Deli - it's a fantastic spot that my dad recommended and when I found it (854 Seventh Avenue, at 55th Street) it was the best place I ever ate at in 5 months in the US! the most incredible cheesecake and pastrami sandwiches - i highly recommend.

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