Top things to do in Tuscany
  • Hi - I am going to Tuscany in August - what are the top things to do in Tuscany and places to visit/ sights to see? I am not that keen seeing the inside of museums or churches, but would like to know about nearby beaches, any unmissable sights, or places to simply soak up the atmosphere over some good italian food. We are staying in a house just south of Orvieto and are renting a car so can get about easily - do I need to be worried about Italian driving??!
  • Dear Mathieu, August will certainly be very busy. Most of Italy's beaches in that area are pay beaches however there are some open beaches for the public as well which are indicated as you drive along the coastline. Driving is not so difficult however if you are not used to it, make sure that you drive in a very predictable fashion and use your indicators. The most popular beaches are in Forte dei Marmi. For good food also try the Chinque Terre strip. You can drive to Portovenere and take the water ferry or you could stop earlier at La Spezia and take the train. For other good places to visit Sienna and San Gimignano (both around 45kms from Florence) are good to visit. Also Lucca the walled city is interesting and not far from Pisa which also has some great restaurants.
  • Hi Brian. That's great, thanks. Can't wait to go. Just doing some research on more things to do in Tuscany - looks like we may be there over the horse race in Siena - "A tradition since the fourteenth century - 10 bare back riders clash in a frenzied 90-second dash around the huge Piazza del Campo". Seems definately worth a visit - have you been?
  • Hi Mathieu, yes the Palio is rather special. However I have not been as I do not like the really heavy crowds..... The center of the Piazza really gets choked. You may want to consider googling some hospitality options to get you some adjoining restaurant with a view to avoid the squease. Will cost U a premium tho. ( Otherwise if U do not mind the squease its certainly worth the experience. Sienna is quite a big city so it can absorb a lot of visitors.

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