Scams in Lagos Africa
  • I have read your comments and would like to say I wish I had been alerted more to the scams in Lagos, now 13000 dollars down
    I met a guy in internet he contacted me and very shortly wanted to chat out side the chat web site He called me every morning every evening and we chatted morning and nite for hours and sending me love poems He was from usa so he said ,working on a project in lagos as civil engineer, had 13 year old daughter wiht him as wife died of cancer parents killed in car crash. He lured me in for weeks Telling me he couldnt wait for the project to end to meet up with me. Finally the project ended (time to go for the kill ) and he was being paid alot of money but it was draft which he had papers to carry out of county but couldnt cash there Had no credit cards with him . Hotel needed paying and wouldnt give daughter any food then needed money to pay tickets home even sent klm ticket comfirmation(now know this was faulse if studied right ) followed by bfa to leave country and all this time was told he would go straigh to bank as soon as got home to pay me back an dhe was so greatful , had been intouch with bank and draft would be cleared in 2 days The then was called for questioning at airport when about to leave as the men he had working on project wasnt paid and had him stopped from leaving country Needed solioctor to represent him and it would be sorted and he would be on his way .Al the time promising as soon as he got home would give me back home would give me back money Was booking a surprise meal and wanted me to mee thm at airport Even sent court order and solioctor s order to me (fake) Needed bail paid to get passport back Always needed money sent by western union and sent to hotel manager Eventully told him no more money he screamed at me and put down phone When I quered his accent he said he had an italian mother that why accent was strong and bad telephone line didnt help
    Give me his mobile no bother as well as hotel managers no
    No mater what I queried he was one step ahead
    I am not a person to be taken in or part with money lightly but he spent weeks and weeks realling me in and did a very good job
    When he started looking for money he would query what I was doing and where I was going and as soon as I was with some one would call and say it was urgent go home and turn on chat so that So no one was would get a chance to influence me

    He did his home work was a professional scammer and had studied all information needed about the area he was suppose to be from and area he was suppse to be loving in
    When I quereid the school the child when to he faulted and got annoyed saying why did I want to know thw school his child went
    Please donT be roped as I was dont ignore the warning signs
    When I asked him as an international contractor how many more projects he would do this year He said 2 . Now I know he will strike again after preparing well so be careful Dont give any money if US passport holder has problem the US embassy wil help
    I checked this out to late for me Be careful
  • Just wanted to warn of another scammer out there he goes by the name of Wilson John claims to have a 7 year old daugher and a 9 year old son - same story no family everyone is deceased. Met him on line at (have already reported him to them) and immediately closed the account. Says he is an engineer working on a project and he really did his homework, fortunately I have contacts in Europe and when I mentioned this was immediately warned about him. But I have had fun the last few weeks playing with this mouse.
  • Wanted to warn you about I met a guy in internet he contacted me and very shortly wanted to chat out side the chat web site. Also deleted his profile the day after meeting me. He called me every morning every evening and we chatted morning and night for hours and sending me love poems He claimed he was from Virginia, widower with a 7 year old daughter and said they were leaving for Lagos Africa on a 2 week vacation to do charity work the day after I started chatting with him.

    He said his wife was killed in car crash. He lured me in for weeks telling me he couldn't wait to come and meet me and my son when the vacation ended, he even emailed me flight information for himself and his daughter to come to Massachusetts. A few days before they were supposed to arrive, he called me saying that his daughter was in the hospital with appendicitis and the hospital wouldn't take his credit cards and he needed cash sent to him via Western Union. I ran around like a mad woman trying to find a Western Union to send $200 to the surgeon so that poor Mary could have her surgery. He claimed that they would not do the surgery until they received the money.

    I contacted him later to see how his Mary was and he said that they made him give them his passport for collateral and he couldn't get home to the United States, his credit cards were no good because Lagos only took cash, her Health Insurance (Blue Cross) would Not Cover the Surgery and he needed me to send another $700 (RED FLAG), I told him I could not get him any more money. And... a bad telephone line didnt help. He spent weeks reeling me in and did a very good job.

    He did his home work was a professional scammer. Please don't be roped in as I was. If he sounds too good to be true, then he IS too good to be true.

    It was a $200 lesson but thank God, I caught on soon after. Don't be Fooled by This Charming Scam Artist. Oh by the Way His Name is John Frank and Claims He is From Keller Virginia with a 7 Year Old Daughter named Mary. Also claims he is Catholic too, very religious.
  • Yeah I have a story also. Have been talking to a man who calls himself Michael Cole or Mike Cole. His email is He claims to be from Arizona and working off the coast of the Sao Tome Principle island cleaning up an oil spill. He contacted me thru a social network site also. He claims to welsh as well. He gave me the names of the company he worked for and I contacted them and of course they did not know him. He asked for money because he lost his wallet with cash in it and cannot use his credit cards there. He also claimed to love me and could not wait to get back home to see me. What a racket these guys have going..BEWARE...hear the word!
  • I have met a woman on a date site and she claims that she was down in Nigeria to settle her fathers offers after he past away. Any way upon talking she has me thinking that she wants to come be with me forever. And need s help to get a plane ticket 2000.00, then 500.00 for blood test done before able to leave the country. Upon being a fool she now says that she needs to show funds of 5000.00 before leaving the country (ITA) Intial Travelers Allowance so as to show that in any event she has the money to get by in case of. I have stopped anymore funds as she said that she opened up an account to put the money into until the 5000.00 is reached. I checked on the internet about this ITA and found that it is a scam.What a fool I am.
  • Your Michael Cole ( is still going strong as of May 5 , 2010. But he's now from Texas, born in Wales, works with Bp oil as an environmental engineer. Older fellow (59). Tonight he's apparently in Africa, on a contract job trying to stop an oil leak underwater but lost his wallet, credit card and has absolutely no money. His company won't send him any money and neither will his bank. He just happened to me a female who always does her homework. He's really into attacking group on-line social clubs. Has no relatives at all and is widowed. Sure wish their was a real open way to let everyone aware of this fellow. He's been around for a long time.
  • I was scammed by Michael Clement Cole. I learned my lesson. I met him on BlackPlanet and he seemed so honest and sincere. SAid that he worked on oil pipelines around the world and that he had a son named Terry who lived with his grandmother in Michigan. He just railed me right in with his words of love and kindness. There were red flags the whole time. For instance the pictures he sent of "himself" look like a professional did them. He got me for &*600.
  • I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed until I found this website this morning. I too have been taken for a ride. I met Henry Michael Kingston on on 23 January 2010. He was a 35 year old white man (well this is what I thought), both parents had died and he was an only child. He told me he lived in Upper St in West London. He was a civil engineer currently on a project in Italy. Straightaway he gave me his private email address AND spoke about god, love and how he wanted a future with me. I was taken in right from the beginning. After being in contact with him for 3-4 days I revisited website to find his profile had been removed. He seemed so honest, sincere and would talk about god and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, take care of me and love me always. He too sent loads of peoms and in total we exchanged a total of 70 something emails and god know how many text messages. I was convinced he was the one, he called me every day, emailed every day and we spoke on line constantly. My life now revolved around this man, my computer and phone calls we talked for hours and I paid the price for this too. My mobile phone bills were huge. Things seemed great, then he told me he won a contract in Nigeria for £750,000 and he would be taking a flight the next day. He arrived in Lagos on Saturday 13 February, we spoke for hours when he arrived and managed to buy a new mobile phone, it was as though we couldn't live without each other. He told me he would be going to church on the Sunday 14 February. Anyway we spoke that day, and later on that evening I received a long text saying you never guess what has happened, he was robbed at gunpoint, his driver was beaten so badly, he was slapped around a bit, but the robberies took, all his money, laptop, clothes etc. except for his passport and mobile phone. He even cried on the phone to me, I was in absolute shock. I had warned him to be careful before he left to go to Nigeria, I was worried for his safety being a white man out. The next day he asked me to send money via western union, silly me I did as he asked. Anyway, this story goes on forever. He told me he needed to raise the money stolen from the robbery to start the project, this went on for 2 months. He even said the bank in the uk extended his overdraft as he was a good customer, and he had asked friends in the UK also to lend further funds. It did not stop there because he was still short and if he did not come up with the funds, he would lose this contract. I had someone from his office in Nigeria pretending to me him to get money out of me, there was always an excuse/reason why these things kept on happening. Yes, I had my suspicions and even questioned him, but he would get angry and turn it around on me. I had someone else from Nigeria tell me he was in hospital, the next day when I spoke with him, he told me he told his driver not to worry me, this is why I wasn't informed. A few days later one of his texts was giving me news of his huge hospital bill he had to pay, but could not afford. Oh it gets better, a week ago, he told me his rights had been revoked for the project as he still did not have the rest of the funds. He said he is in deep shit as he told me he owed debts of £100,000. But would make sure when he returns to the UK he would repay everyone. He now wanted to come home to me as so many things had gone wrong for him in Nigeria. He was always coming back to UK, but then something would happen. I told he I no longer wanted anything to do with him and it was over for good finally. Two days later another phone call from Nigeria, someone pretending to be a doctor, who informed me Mr Kingston has been involved in a car accident on the way to the airport, his driver had died as a result of this, Mr Kingston was now in a coma. He got my number as Mr Kingston had only one contact in his phone that said "My wife". Sorry I forgot to mention he did ask me to marry him we spoke about so many things and both opened up to each other. He also told me as he was divorced 2 years ago, that he came home and found his wife in their bed with another man and that she only married him for money not love. These nigerian scam artists are good. I also forgot to mention Mr Kington told me he was born in the caribbean, his father was from USA and mother carribbean. He had a very strange accent for a white man. The more time he spent in Nigeria he began sounding more like a nigeria and english in his text messages changed too. I spent my weekend devasted thinking he was in a coma, this dr kept on calling although I told him, I've never actually met Henry only spent nearly 4 months talking to him. I went to the police st concerned that someone in the UK must know him, the police did not believe this dr story, but ran some checks and could not find no information at all on Mr Kingston, that lived in Upper St, West London. I got home still not facing up to the truth, even though my sister and friends had told me this story is not true. I contacted the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, as soon as I told the woman what happened and that I've never met Mr Kingston, she replied "please don't take this the wrong way, but don't entertain this supposedly Dr anymore" if he calls just tell him to contact Embassy in Nigeria. She told me a Dr would not have contacted me, if a British Citizen had been injured in a car accident abroad. I've changed my tel no. since and have accepted I had been taken for ride over the last 4 months.

    I feel sorry for this Englishman whose photo these Nigerians have used. These people will get what is coming to them one day. I don't know how anyone can be so bad and wicked.

    A note for you all, at least now the nightmare is over for us. I've learnt not to go looking for love anymore and will never hand over money to anyone over the internet again.

    Take care x
  • Ok I AM ON
  • Ok, I just met "Frenchman" on who deleted his profile within 2 days of "meeting" me. He is a jeweler, gemologist who came to the US after both parents died and then his aunt and uncle died in a car accident - he is all alone in the world except for his son and ex wife in Texas. He quickly wne to Africa yesterday with only hours notice to purchase gems and called me this morning to say he dropped him laptop and had no credit cards because he puts holds on them when he travells internationally, etc. Wants me to buy and ship him a laptop and he will sned me mony right away when he gets basck to the states. He thinks he got a live one here but I have been through WAY too much in my life to fall for something like this ESPECIALLY after reading all the above- thank you for sharing!!! I am not heurt either because I have been taking our conversations with a grain of salt, actually chuckling after hanging up because he is so over the top with his romantic talk when he hasn't even met me! I am giving up on these stupid dating websites and if ai have to be alone forever, so be it because I do NOT have time for his crap!! Oh- This guy's name is David Wayne, 52 years old but sounds 25 on the phone!
  • MICHAEL COLE AND SMITH BURGER ARE THE SAME PERSON!!!! I had been talking to a guy who I met through YAHOO PERSONALS and who called himself "SMITH BURGER" email address for several weeks.HE IS THE SAME MAN AS MICHAEL COLE!!! HE JUST CHANGED HIS NAME and a FEW MINOR DETAILS!!! He claimed to be an engineer who traveled all over the world. He had posted pics of a nice looking man. He said he was originally for Scotland but his online profile said he lived in Chandler Arizona. He claimed her was a "MAN OF GOD" a "WIDOWER". He went on and on. He did write lovely emails and he always new what to say. Couple weeks after meeting he said he had to go to Lagos Nigeria for work. I had given him my phone number and he had called me a few times while he "WAS AWAY'. He then gave me his "NUMBER" to call him and that number is 011248055172419..I called a few times. After he was gone 3 weeks and on the day he was to FLY BACK TO ARIZONA I got a call in the middle of the night from a DR who said he had been hurt and he needed $800.00 for surgery. In a 3hr period they called be 15 times. The number for the DR is 2348054283688...Of course I never sent the money. As I think back over the course of the last several weeks, all the "RED LIGHTS", and the THINGS THAT DONT ADD UP where all there and I didnt recognize them. I could go on and on over what they were but it would make this post very long. I am a 40 year old, attractive, divorced, registered nurse and my IQ is above average and I FELL FOR THIS!! THESE MEN are VERY GOOD at what they do, and it is unfortunate that as women we IGNORE THE RED FLAGS, NEVER QUESTION and HANG ON THEIR EVERY WORD!!! He TRIED TO GET ME and thankfully I didnt send any money!! We SHOULD NOT feel STUPID or ASHAMED for falling for these people. THEY ARE PROS and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY!! I did notify yahoo personals and hopefully they will pull his profile of SMITH BURGER off. I am also going to notify hotmail and ask them to do the same thing. I am also going to go onto MATCH. COM to see if he is there and if so, notify them as well. I wish we could all stand together and somehow be able to post comments for everyone to see on these dating websites, to warn them. I have found several positives from my experience. To me the biggest one is that hopefully all the time he was trying to CON ME, he wasnt able to con someone else. Also, I am only out the cost of 3-5 phone calls to Africa which will probablyt be about $50. I can live with that. If that is all I had to spend to LEARN A LESSON and to have my EYES WIDE OPEN it was worth it!!! I will be much more cautious of anyone I met online. I have met a few men from online dating and they were who they said they were, and these DAMN SCAMMERS and also hurting them!! THESE SCAMMERS will have to answer for there actions and behaviors one day. That gives me comfort.
  • MICHAEL MIKEAL is a scammer out of Lagos. Claims to live in Orange Park, FL and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Waiting on his computer shipment to sell in open market, then when he "Hooks YOU" he will say that the shipment is being held because he needs more money to get it out. He asked for $2,700.00 to pay for his hotel bills and the cargo. He wanted to "Marry me, etc..." He claims to have a child, JUSTIN. Michael is the smoothest, I have come across yet..... He is very convincing and articulate. He will call you, text you and email. His email is: and his ID: Caregiver. He professes his faith in God and articulates it very well...........DO NOT BE MISS LED, as the ENEMY will come in Sheep clothing. He even quotes scripture.
  • I too have encountered a scammer called: LEWIS FICHER. Met him on in June 2010. Said he came from Netherlands and currently lives in Selma, Alabama. He had relocated there from Sitka in Alaska 9 months previously. Mentioned the address 4 Katlian Street, Sitka, Alaska 99835. Said he had a Son named Craig aged 9 who lived with its Mother, back in Alaska. His wife who it referred to as 'ex' died in an accident car 2 years previously in Florida having ran off with its best friend who it called Johnson. He told me he was 42 and ran a small computer business in Selma. Said he was in the UK on business trip and was waiting on a shipment at the port. To cut a long story short lots of twists and turns and requests for help with hotel bills and that was me off. The line I was spun was it had ordered computors from China but when the containers were shipped a maximum load had been delivered more than the amount ordered and the goods wouldnt be released until excess paid on the rest hence it didnt have any more money to pay hotel etc.

    email address which I have reported was: His ID: joycelf78

    Other names dropped during our conversations included the hotel manager, Michael Phillips and an Egyptian businessman, Mr Shally.
    I did speak to this so called Lewis several times on the phone the male voice sounded American, equally the hotel manager sounded African and the other guy maybe Egyptian. This Lewis gave me their mobile numbers... sadly all deleted now.
    In addition this Lewis claimed to have schooled in the Netherlands and emailed on one occasion in Dutch. When confronted, he claimed a women was black mailing him......... NOTHING TRUE about this one.
    Hope this info help someone out there!

  • Scammer: BRYAN LANNER SMITH - Email:

    ID: nice0147
    40 years old
    Beach City, TX

    Also stated Houston Texas and the DC area a lot.

    "I'm a widow with no kids. I'm looking for a fresh start in the relationship department.
    I'm very independent and strong willed but I love to be pampered and cared for. Occasionally I want to feel that the decision isn't mine but it is in the hand of someone who has my best interest at heart.I enjoy books, soccer, basketball, plays, comedy and sometimes just chilling at home.

    A true partner is one that knows when to pick up where you left off, when to lead and when u contribute to matters and when to follow, when to hold you close and when to let you go. A TRUE partner thinks speaks the truth even when it hurts because she knows it is appreciated. A true PARTNER looks in your eyes and sees your dream and her dreams as i see my dreams in yours.

    I'm looking for someone that appreciates true love and devotion and who will return the same. she will work and play hard. His sense of humor will keep me smiling. I am looking for the extra beat in my lost stone and i feel that lost stone has been found and that lost stone is you.. so this are the tins i fined in you... on the second hand i fined your profile really captivating and attractive..... this is my email lanner_smith(at) yahoo you can write me at your own best time there ok be glad to reply your mails"

    He claims to work on Bridges. Just received a contract in Nigeria. Got to Nigeria and luggage didn't arrive. Need money to eat and live until luggage arrives with his check in 7 days.....
  • godsgirl is a scammer and asked me for money and i refused and she threaten to destroy my reputation and fix me up as a bad person if i dont give her money and i told her to go ahead never know this scammer would do such.
  • Funny, I have copies of all conversations and profiles......

    LANNER is the lier.

    Godsgirl continues to expose the TRUTH. Here's the TRUTH:

    Bryan Lanner Smith :
    well how flight had some techincal diffculties in london at heathrow airport we got attched into another plane just to get us to nigeria but we where not allowed to leave with out bags cos there was no space for it to get into so we where told that how bags would be sent to us in 7days time you could imagin

    no, so you have no clothes?

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    and my paper works for the contract and the document which i would even use to clear the carterpillars here are all in the bag and my check which i am meant to cash out today are also in the bag..and i did not come along with my credit card becose of what you told me

    maybe your mom can help

    Bryan Lanner Smith :
    my mom i have not even been able to call her cos i don't have any money to call her to even let her know i have arrived and the last money i had i use it to get shelther but it would not be enought for me for the rest of 7 days and the hotel management are not letting me stay for that 7days without paying for it i am so depressed and sad i just don't understand
    my plans was to cash out the check today been monday and start working but now i am tired up with nothing not even food when it happened i had to keep to my self and faith

    sorry to here this

    Bryan Lanner Smith :
    i knew if i have told you,you would think something wrong about me so i decieded to keep short and suffer it alone so that you would not think i am like other men that tried asking you for money

    Well... it sounds like the same story....................

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    well this is no story cos now i am in pain and i dont even know how to meet up with the remaining days cos i don't have a place to stay from tomorrow and beside i am in a very bad enviroment the hotel here does not even have a good security how has your day been

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    what would have happened if we used that same plane and we all died
    i never new that it would take so much days for my bag to get in

    I would complain to the airline until it is fixed

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    and i was thinking as we where been attached to the other plane our bogs would come with us you would what i dont understand?

    I would complain to the airline until you receive your bags

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    we never new untill we got into another do u think am that stupid

    Godsgirl: no

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    we all got angry when it was announced by then we where on air
    to late to land and wait for bag cos they new what they did

    still, the airline has an obligation to get them to you

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    yes they told us it would get to us in 7days time that friday they have our number so they would give us all a call to come get our bags but i am hungry
    no food no cloth most important i will be sent out of here tomorrow cos i dont have the funds to pay for the remaining days
    you there?

    I need to go............

    Bryan Lanner Smith:
    cos of what am saying right
    now i understand

    Yes, this is a scam Bryan
  • BRYAN VICTOR is a scammer. Email: Phone number: 447011133475

    He claims to buy and sell art material. He landed a "Contract from the Scotland Government." It is worth 11 million dollars. He wasn't to buy an Estate home in LA. California after the contract. He then states that he lost the contract due to a fire and that 3 guys made him "clean out" his bank account. He wants to come to the States to start his life over, etc...

    Don't waste your time.....
  • To Guest comment from June 29th, 2010 if anyone had contact from a Gerald Rienser supposedly from England with a 17 year old daughter but in USA now. Yes, I was contacted by him from Match and saga goes after about a week and half or so of daily contact, chat, messages, etc. he finally broke down and gave a sob story that while in Nigeria buying antiques, that he was robbed of all his cash, had no credit cards, no bank card, etc. was beaten up and needed transport money and passport reissue money and all that. By the way it was around June 29th, 2010 that he gave me the story about being beaten up, robbed and needing cash. I didn't fall for it and didn't get used financially. So beware and be smart as he seemed too good to be true as they say and was really a smooth operator as he once called himself. I do not know how someone can outwardly lie like that but guess they have no conscious. His email address at that time that he was using was: I am sure that he is probably not using that anymore so as to cover his tracks.
  • Re Gerald Reinser: He's still at it, using the same m.o. on with the same yahoo email address. No hard done here, either, except to my ego, but he's very good at the scam.
  • I just posted about Gerald Rienser. This is to correct the spelling, so my post appears on browser searches.
    The above tried to scam me, but thank god for friends who thought he was up to no good, they were right after reading the post on this webpage, I confronted the above, he admitted that he was a professional scammer, I asked him what did he do with all the monies he had been getting he told me it was to pay for his education apparently he is going to Manchester University on 15th September 2010 to do an engineering course, he said to me I could contact the Uni to revoke his application so long as I agree to marry him as he couldn't live without me, I told him to go to hell and that I would never associate myself with such a person, he is still trying to ring me the number he is calling from is 002348957064916 this stupid man is still trying he also told me that he live in edo state in nigeria he did send me a true picture but I just bin it, to all this man is still at large but I didn't fall for it as my friends were so concerned all I can say now is thank god for all my friends and if anybody requests money DON'T GIVE ANY IT'S A CON.
  • Oh, yes, GERALD RIENSER is still at it. Yes, met him on and he told me he was from Manchester, England and his 17 yr. old daughter LINDA was traveling with him in Lagos where he went to get antiques to send to his new shop in Hartford, Connecticut. I even spoke to Linda on the phone. And after two weeks of chatting daily, he was shy in saying that he was robbed on his way to the shipping agent with the money that was to be for the shipping of his antiques to the States, and the money for the air fare out of Nigeria. Of course, the robbers also took his passport, and he could only get replacement from the British High Commissioner in Abuja, Nigeria, and he didn't have money for train fare to get there. I sent him that. Then he needed to money to pay the shipping agent ($12K), and money to pay the hotel and purchase the tickets out of Nigeria to the U.S. ($8K), then, on the way to the airport the taxi they were in was in an accident and the driver was killed, and Gerald had a broken leg and Linda had a broken arm and was in a coma for 4 days, and was in the hospital for a month, but they couldn't leave Lagos until the bill was paid, which was $5K. I told him since he was a business man, and since the hotel knew that he had no money, that they would have to lower the bill. Got it down to $3K. Still needed money for the tickets again. (another $2700). Night they were to leave for the States they were held up on the street, with armed gunmen taking Linda and throwing her into a car. Ransom at $50K. Later lowered to $30K, then to $25K. Apparently, 10 people were kidnapped that week, and their friends and family or companies paid to get them released, and they paid for Linda's release also. Then they supposedly left Nigeria on August 20 for the U.S. Guess what, no KLM flights into JFK connecting to Connecticut the following night. Oh, I was an easy mark, the love letters were a delightful distraction, and being lonely, I was a prime target. GERALD RIENSER also took his profile off of as soon as he contacted me. And stupid me, I went into my 401K funds to help GERALD RIENSER and his daughter LINDA.
  • Hello eveyone,
    This is my warning to everyone, if a man or woman that you have met on-line is currently working in Africa or another country and starts tells you they are falling in-love with you and it has only been 5 days.. Delete there IM, e-mail and anything else you might have..(and do it before you change your mind) This person is a scammer.. wtihin that week they will be asking for money, do to a car accident they had or a illness and will need help paying the medical bills at the hospital and will even have a fake doctor contact you..
    Want to know for sure if they are a scammer, ask them to webcam with you, even if you don't have one there webcam will still show up, if they will not get behind that webcam, they are not real.. Please do not ever send money to anyone that will not show there face and I mean more that a picture..
    The US Embassy will help anyone out in any country, if that person is a US citizen. That line that there Visa OR Mastercard can not be accepted is just that a line, and bank will accept it and will allow them to withdrawl from it.
    Scammer you should be warned of Jeb Shawn Newkirk, great at what he does and has tried everything..
    Scammers use every dating site out there,, chemistry, singlenet, BBpeople, even do it on Facebook..
    Please never send money, if they are a US citizen they can get help.. I hope this helps anyone who is on the edge of wondering if they are dealing with a scammer..
  • Lewis Ficher is out again! Just got a few e-mails started yesterday. Hate a gut feeling and typed in his name and this is where I ended. Still using the same e-mail address: and sending pics of himself and a little boy named Craig. He says his in Africa waiting for some container. I'm so thankful I did some homework!
  • Has anyone been contacted by Kelvin Donald or Lance Lewis?
  • Guys, to be honest i can't believe u all fall for this ****! No matter how desperate u r, if u have never even met a person, how can u just give him so much money????!!!!! sorry for u :(
  • Gerald Rienser is alive and well.. He is now using the name Gerald Rolga. The email address he is using is Same M.O. Just moved to the States from Manchester, this time to Atlanta. Has a 17 year old daughter Linda,he is buying antiques in Nigeria.. I got suspicious when I couldn't find his last name listed online anywhere.. Plus the language of his emails was very awkward. I got wise to him before he asked for money.. He says he was on a free 3 day trial.. Immediately wanted to use his Yahoo account..Be aware..very smooth and uses your profile to build his so he seems so perfect...
  • Bryan Lanner Smith also uses the email address or He is a scammer and women should stay away from him!!!! He has ruined my life!!! I thought i was doing something good by helping him...very hard lesson to learn. Google his email address and more info will pop up on other websites. Ladies please be stay away from him....he is up to no good!!!!!
  • Hi there, I just got some emails this morning claiming to be from a friend of mine. It was actually from her email account and had her personalized greeting. This time the story was "I'm on vacation in London, and was robbed last night at gunpoint. I only have my passport and cannot miss my flight today, but the hotel will not let me leave without paying. Please send me $2,000 via Western Union, made payable to "friend's name"". This is the summary of the message from my "friend", sent over several emails. Being from London originally I was imeediately concerned for her, especially as the bottom of the email had her specially personalized greeting. Anyways when I was emailed and told to call the hotel manager, a Mr. Mike Coles, the whole thing started to smack of scam. So I contacted my Dad to see what he thought and he told me to google the name Mr. Mike Coles. I did and was amazed at just how easily details of his scams were uncovered right there in front of me! I called Mr. Coles, just for the heck of it, and when he continued on about the money, I told him that the police had been alerted and that they were on their way to arrest him for this scam.

    My real "friend" has been alerted to this and she emailed all her contacts to let them know that she is not in London on vacation and that she is okay. If I had not caught on to the scam sooner, one of my questions would have been to tell me who does she work for and what is the name of her boss.

    It also helped that I tried calling my friend at home and she answered (confirming that she was really in Florida, not London!).

    I wish there was some way to be able to arrest these people.
  • I too have a similiar story unfortunately...My guy goes by the name of Michael Wilson and I met him on His email address is mchwilson8754@ He claimed to be originally from Italy but has lived in US for 25 yrs. Said he was in Africa for work building two 5 star hotels. He said he was a widow (wife died in car accident 5 years ago) and had one son James that stays with his cousin in California. His pictures on match were of a very attractive man. There were two. After we started talking, he sent me two additional photos of himself. He sent me a dozen long stem roses after a few days of our meeting. He was very smooth.

    He would email me, call me and txt me regularly. The first week was a whirlwind and I fell pretty fast into his trap. He gave me a story (won't bore you with the details) and I sent him a Macbook Pro laptop ($1400 with shipping). He said he would pay me back when he returned to the states. The day after he got it, he gave me another story (again won't bore you with details) and asked me for $7000. I told him he was out of his mind. (I knew at that moment I had been scammed) I went to and sure enough his profile was gone. I too reported him although I don't expect them to do anything. A day went by and I didn't hear from him. I figured it was over. He then contacted me and we started talking again. This time I was smarter and definitely wouldn't fall for any of his lies again. I figured it was a chance for me to play with him a little. He very conveniently got his $7000 issue resolved but now said that the reason I hadn't heard from him was because he was in the hospital. He was in a car accident. He needed $850 to pay the hospital. Of course the hospital won't take anything but cash. I couldn't locate the hospital anywhere or verify anything. I led him to believe that I was going to try to get the money. He thought I was applying for a loan. He did give me the doctors cell # although I didn't call. Amazingly the doctor called me.... The doctor sounded a lot like Michael (and btw Michael did NOT sound like he was from Italy). I started questioning the doctor on things and he got irratated with me. I even caught him in a lie. For days Michael has been trying to get me to send him $850 for the hospital. He even booked a ticket on Delta airlines (he sent me the itinerary and it is legit). The ticket cost $2500 USD and according to ticket agent it is bought and paid for. I can only imagine that some poor other lady is paying for that ticket on her CRC. I believe it's a Discover card ending 5316. I questioned him about that (how he could pay for a ticket if he couldn't pay for hospital) and he has an answer for everything. (Of course I don't believe him although he thinks I do). He is desparate to get home to me he says. Of course he loves me, he wants to marry me blah, blah blah!! I am a Christian woman (he may have picked that up from and through our talks he referenced God alot. The man makes me sick!!! I'd be surprised if its all the same man and I just wish there was something we ALL could do to make these men pay.

    I definitely realize I was a fool to do what I did however these men play on the hearts and kindness of others. I did what I did out of the goodness of my heart. My intentions were always pure. These men (and woman) are evil and I do not doubt for a second that they will get what they deserve one way or another. It's Kharma!! I only wish I had read these blogs before I lost $1400. It is a valuable lesson to learn for sure. I think my pride and ego are hurt more than my pocket book. I consider myself a very intelligent woman and can't believe I fell for something like this. I'm still going to play with him at least as long as I can. Turn around is fair play. I'm sure I won't be able to get anything of value from him and definitely not my $1400 back but if I can mess with him in any way I will. Who knows maybe I'll all of a sudden need money for oh let's car broke down..... lol jk
  • - Lincoln Kellerman says he is from New Mexico, but is working in Lagos. I met him on His profile was off when we started emailing. He asked me to get on IM yahoo messenger. Has a son Keon, 6 yrs old. His wife died in a car accident and has to take his son with him to Africa because he has no relatives to keep him. He loves me and want to be with me forever, etc etc etc. I got out before he asked me for money. Watch out for Mr. Lincoln.
  • Well ladies ..
    I was contacted on Match,com by a David Kowis.... unusualknight.... mrniceguy01c... gmail and yahoo im..... picture on match is very handsome man with short brown wavy hair... standing on boat, arms crossed, this guy obviously works out , massive arms and chest(would like to meet the real him!) was visiting in Akron ohio, but from Sante Fe Texas.... leaving that morning for antique buying trip to Lagos Nigeria for 2 weeks. immediately turned his profile off(because he felt I was the one) and proceeded to send me emails and yahoo Ims of his search for the love of his life, and I may be her, he wants me to be her, and all of the extremely romantic talk you can imagine... later, stating that I was the one and he wanted to grow old with me and chase me in wheel chairs when we are to old to walk.... on and on and on, in the middle of the night, day all in between his buying trips other villiages . Oh , and sex talk and how much he wanted to be with me and missing me. The whole time his Im's would be a little more scattered and words mixed up, broken english, almost like Jamaican ... He used a lot of s at the end of words..... born in Colorado, sent to boarding school at 17 to Denmark and then working in UK as Interior design.... this guy stated he was divorced and ex had had 2 miscarriages so no children.... Just on and on and on about he knew I was the love of his life, and god/christ sent me to him... called me Baby , Sweetheart , and baby boo.....My daughter had told me about this site when I mentioned this joker to her.... If it's too good to be true , it is!!!! I have played along and was just waiting for the bomb to drop about him needing money. But today I had had enough and dropped the bomb saying I didn't want anything to do with a nigerian and I was on to him... he acted indignant and of course tried to push it back on me saying I was leading him on. I told him to prove he was Davis Kowis from Texas, give me the name of his shop , of land phone # address, the name of his supposed friend in Akron.... of cource he gave me a phone # in tx that didn't work, and when I told him , he said of course it's not goingto work because he was not home.... lol.... he just continued to be pissed and said I had been lying to him about my feelings, and that i should have asked him these questions a long time ago.... then he started saying that I was just bitching.... and it was over... then he gave me his cell # and wanted me to call him and talk to him.... to make a really long scam short he got pissed and said it was over between us, lol.... what idiot! ........ scam foiled in Cleveland !!!
  • how can you allow yourslf to be fooled like dis..its better to stay away from contacts dat ask money from u..nigerian or not...most scammers in nigeria are looking for other biznesses cos d government is seriously fighting scammers thru d EFCC..a lot of people in other places pose as nigerians to scam careful!
  • Thank you Birdy for telling your story. I met him on too. I was shocked to see your story. My experience was almost exactly what you experienced. He wants to fly into Cleveland to meet me and "be a part of my family". This guy is a sicko. Something told me to google him and this website came up. Thank you soo much for sharing your experience. I wonder what his game is? Money,rape, serial killer? Only God knows and I am glad you enlightened me. I would have been a victim if it wasnt for your story. I cant thank you enough.
  • I aplogize if I offended the Nigerian people as a whole. There are dishonest people in every country, and all walks of life.... This guy has contacted me again and is begging me to take off the information I have supplied..I'm not sure if he is threatening me or not...
  • I want to thank "Birdy" and "Fooled in Cleveland" for posting their experiences. I too was contacted by David Kowas through and he said the exact same things to me. I saw your comments and decided to play it how to see how far he would go before he asked for money. By the way, based on the different writing styles, I don't think this is just one person. It seemed to be at least 2 people and I suspect they're part of a Nigerian Romance scam that is getting more and more popular through dating web sites (as posted on and Eventually he said he was coming home and wanted to stop in Cleveland to meet me. I asked if he was going to stay with his friend in Akron and he stated that he wanted to but his friend was away in Malaysia at a seminar (another country often referenced in romance scams). When it came time for him to tell me his flight information apparently he ran into some trouble in Nigeria. He claimed that he had been scammed by men exchanging his money for Nigerian currency and that the money he received was counterfeit. He said he didn't know it was counterfeit until he tried to use it to pay the shipping company that was sending home all the "artifacts" he supposedly found for his antique shop. He said that the shipping company called the police and he was arrested. He also said that he had a hard time convincing the police that he had been scammed and that they couldn't find the men that scammed him and that the office was closed. He stayed off line for about a day and then contacted me again telling me how much he missed me and how home sick he was. I asked when he was coming back and he said as soon as he had money for a ticket. He said his lawyer was working on getting him money from his mothers Wealth account in Asia. Ya right! I suggested that he just charge his ticket to a credit card which he immediately said he didn't have any since his divorce. That's when he asked if I would help him out financially. I said no and then I never heard from him again. Ladies, and men, please be aware that this type of scam is getting more and more popular. The pictures they post as themselves are actually pictures they have gotten from people like us or hijacked from dating sites. I find it extremely upsetting that this man/men/whoever have my picture now and could be using it to scam someone else. Its sad that we have to share the world with people like these. Everyone please be on your guard!
  • Be on your guard everyone - David Kowas - also known as 1Unusualknight,, and has opened up his profile on again. I hope no one gets sucked into his scam!
  • I am so glad that others are reading and investigating this dating scam. I questioned myself to place all the detail that I did, and I'm so glad I did.... I received several phone calls from Davis Kowis or whoever he is several days after my last message. His voice was like it was being masked and he wanted to know why I did what I did to expose him...I received one last email stating good hunting to me and take care, he had closed his account and when his subscription had eded it was ALL over..... Itold him not to contact me again and so far so good. But i think you are right, I often felt like I was talking to at least 2 different people at times.... I have closed my profile on Match but check on searches every once in a while. I see other profiles now that fit the same at David Kowis .... Long profiles looking for long lasting love.... generic information... around 47 to 52 yrs of age, looking for women 45 -60...... Ladies they are out there.... I found another one today and sent a message asking him if he's from Nigeria, just to let him know someone out there is on to him.... I have met many women in the Cleveland area who are using Match, Singlesnet, Cupid, and others that I'm sure these pigs are using... go on the interenet and read and educate yourself and then tell others.... ;)
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am now in touch with 1unusualknight. I am getting ready to have some fun with him... Anyway he is back here in the Houston area. Just wanted you to know, he is now going by the name of Gabriel Smith. Also, if you are doing the online dating thing as I am a MUST HAVE WEBSITE for you to peruse regularly is called r o m a n c e s c a m .com. There you will find my posts as well as the other great people out there every day trying to rid the world of romance scammers. Anyway, you really need this website... I am getting ready to post the link of all your info on him on that site, as well as his photos. So if you have any emails, photos or phone numbers, go to that site, join and you will have a lot of help in keeping the wolves at bay.

    My posts come under my nickname listed and you can see where I have already been. Good luck, don't forget RUN, get educated and help others.
  • hi, (keep in mind everytime i sent money i did it western union to her aunt and one time to her cousin's bf because her cousin couldnt pick it up due to work.)
    just wanted to let u ladies know this happens to men as well it sounds like your stories but for some reason, i dont know why, but im not sure if im being scammed even though it feels like it. heres my story can u help me decide?... so i met this girl on yahoo messenger from new zealand..(she even speaks with a new zealand/aussie accent) im from hawaii. because both of us are pacific islanders i feel kind of like she wouldnt scam me because we have some very similar island traditions and attitudes... so after a couple months of us talking/dating online she asks for my number and tells me she has found a job in las vegas( where i live now) at st rose dominican hospital.she says that they are providing housing and an advance on her first check. its a real hospital i checked it out before i sent any money.she tells me she wants to start something with me up here, and that she will be flying here and has a stopoff in hawaii and that she'll keep in touch.she gives me a date and times shes going to be in hawaii and when she arrives in vegas. she says her aunt works for the airlines and can get a good price and she only needs 250 more.she says she can pay me back with her advance when she gets here. me being an idiot paid it.

    day of arrival in hawaii...... several hours after she is sposed to call me, she does saying that theyre going to deport her back to new zealand because of unpaid fines or something. and that she doesnt understand why theyre doing it because she had been paying off the fines in installments... she sounds distressed and is crying and tells me her aunt has paid for most of the fines which were in the thousands and she only needs another couple hundred and that she cant leave the room to access her money so if i could pay for it. her "aunt" then txts me saying how lucky amy is to find a guy like me and that she told amy to not let me go. she calls me again and is crying saying how she doesnt want to miss out on her "new life with her new job etc." i pay again... she seems to know the time difference and is telling me when she is going to arrive in vegas. she says its going to take a couple days and she will stay with her cousin and her cousins bf. she then calls me later telling me shes a rape victim and the guys there were making her uncomfortable and if i could send 85$ because thats the difference in flight rates. she again is crying and saying she is losing it. i figured what the heck its 80$? i paid it. she sounds so happy and says she'll be in vegas tomorrow because her aunty got her a late flight.

    she "gets to vegas". she calls me on time this time. says she has to go to the housing facilities they have there for international staff and they have a car for her also. i then dont hear from her the rest of the day. the next day shes in prison because she didnt have a "permit/license to drive in the usa" and she needs to pay for an exemption. she says she used her money to pay for it etc and if i could cover the balance... again in the couple hundreds...

    the story is way longer but im going to cut it short. lets just say she did this a couple more times and im a sucker. and i fell for it. im down 2 grand. however i have found out she was scamming me. i have all her info down. i figured out that she and her "aunt" is the same person... i have alot of our messeges saved on my phone and computer because about halfway through i started thhinking she might be scamming me... i dont even thhink she left new zealand. however she gave me her address, phone numbers, and i have both her "aunts" email and hers. and the passwords to both because she had to tell me them for me to buy her stuff. is there anything i can do to get my money back? or am i just screwwed
  • What if he choses to use some other pictures ?
  • well i knew it was a scam from strat So i told them i would rather get on a plane and come get the pup this is what they wrote me thHello
    Thank you for contacting me about my Yorkie puppies
    that i am giving out for adoption , first i will like to tell you how
    happy i am that there is someone out there that is interested in
    providing a home for them . The puppies are 12 weeks old today and i
    have had them for 8 weeks ( 2months ), they are 3.1 and 3 ibs
    and they will make a very good companion to you , they are Registered
    and vaccinated and will come along side all these documents , also they
    have a 1 year health warranty and guarantee . Pure breed puppies the
    Male named Eddie And the female Haily , have separate parents . They
    will be coming with their crates their feeding booklet.The puppies are
    Nudged , not house broken , home trained , They are Micro Chipped
    ,Hand Fed ,DNA tested and USDA
    Standard and on date with all shots and health papers needed . So all
    you will pay to have them home is the fee for their papers works and
    the adoption papers , along with ownership transfer . so for one you
    will pay $100 and both will be $200 and thats all .

    So for delivery i am located in Victoria Bay(Cameroon) and that's
    where i will ship them from and that takes
    approximately 8 hours then you have them home , so i am giving them out
    over there because of my working condition and i do not have time to
    look [p to then . so all the money you are paying for this transaction
    will be
    the money for their paper works as i earlier told you because i already
    got their shipping tickets . And that is going to be $200 to have
    them both home because that's the fee for the papers .so i will only
    like to give both to the same home because they love each others
    company . so for the preparations and the shipping i will like to know
    this of you .
    1:full names

    2:home address



    5:phone number

    6:zip code

    7:nearest airport to your location

    with all the required information i will be able make all
    documents and send the puppies over to your location as soon as
    ey never contacted me again
  • Hi,
    This is about my nephew. He met Sandra James on Facebook. She contacted him, saying she is from Albuquerque and is very interested in meeting my nephew but oh boo hoo, she was in a car accident in Lagos, Nigeria, where she has been helping her parents in their Christian ministry and broke her leg. She was scheduled to come home (to Albuquerque) but she can't leave the country until her hospital bill have been paid. My nephew (who isn't very bright) told her he didn't have any money, but he would do everything he can do to help her get home. She has been talking to him on the phone and now says she is sure he is the man she wants to marry and can't wait to move in with him. Now she's told him she has a friend in Texas who will deposit money in my nephew's account and then my nephew will be able to send the money to her account in Lagos. I've tried and tried to tell him this is a scam, but he doesn't believe me and is sure "true love" will prevail. I'm worried about this maybe being a way to get money to terrorists. I'm have dreams of the FBI knocking on my door and seizing everything we own. Has anyone heard of her and is this just a stupid scam that could get my nephew arrested or could we possible lose everything we own? I'd appreciate any help I can get at this point.
  • TELL YOUR NEPHEW TO RUN!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Let him read the profiles from this site and check out
    and if he won't listen then I suggest if you have a joint bank acct, to get your money out immediately.. I have been studying all of these sites since my incident with the Nigerian Scammers and they are everywhere...., Singlesnet.. facebook,, Plenty of fish... and the list goes on and on... I have friends who are in the police and FBI and there's not much that can be done to these scammers in Nigeria... Anything to do with Nigeria(Russian) and asking for money is almost 100% scams, that is the info I have been given per police in the Cleveland area...
  • The only trouble your nephew will be in is, out of money !!! and his heart broken....
  • The scam for Lewis Ficher continues!! I got the same story that gods child got only thing is I never spoke with him on the phone. Things just seemed so weird so I did some digging. I feel totally violated. I wish it was a way to get these people caught and put in jail. I hate that I gave him my phone number. I hope that loser never calls. Here is the email address he is going by now. Look out for this one. He is still using a kid named Craig as his child that lives in Alaska with his mother and going on and on about the exwife that cheated on him with his friend Johnny. I wonder if he cuts and pastes his stories to see who will bite? It just sounded so crazy so anyway I was on match and he blocked my account after initial contact and all of a sudden later he wanted to become my friend on facebook. Do you believe this loser made up an account. I think facebook should be warned. He currently only has 9 friends but he is about to be minus one!!!

    From: Lewis Ficher <> this is the latest email address that he is using. Oh yeah supposedly right now he is in Africa doing business and he will be there for two weeks. I told him via email to not ever contact me again!!!

    - Show quoted text -
  • MICHAEL WILSON is on the prowl again. I met him on about a week ago. He had me email him outside of website and shortly after pulled his profile. I see now that it's a bunch of copying and pasting that this guy is doing in his emails. Over the top emotional bullcrap without answering any questions. Same thing as Bubbagirl - same background story. Exact same story.

    I told him to get lost, but I'm sure he'll be emailing me again from what I'm hearing on the blogs. I reported him to Match, but that doesn't seem to make them change any policies there. At least I tried.

    Beware of this guy.
  • "I don't know how anyone can be so bad and wicked." Is but a joke of a statement, to which I can revert by saying that I dont know how anyone can be so gullible and desperate.

    I'm more saddened that you only catch a wake up call after you had basically "sold your souls to the devil" by giving them your personal contact details; and in some cases funds to inject their lazy lifestyles.

    If your so-called online soulmate is too good to be true, he/she is exactly that. if he/she was such a charmer, why make use of online facilities rather than going about it the old-fashioned way.

    Now stop making reference to Africans or Nigerians as scammers; as the disgraceful race here is the one being fooled.
  • Has anyone met someone from the African region that was real. I have been chatting and the person doesn't ask for money, will not travel to where I am. Offered to meet there. Uses the webcam frequently. Seems genuinely nice. Been chatting for a month now. Meets online at the dedicated times and appears to do their daily activities correctly to the time differences. Is it possible that this could be a nice person just in a bad area that is over populated with the scams? Let me know what you all think.

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