Entry requirements for Syria
  • Hi, a friend and I want to visit Syria - can someone help me to understand what the entry requirements are please?

    We both hold UK passports (one has an Israeli stamp in it)

    I have been on various forums that say we will need a visa and you can buy them on arrival at the airport - other people have said that you can't or don't even need one!

    Does anyone know for sure?
  • Hi - check out visa page for Syria: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Syria/Visa You need a visa afore you go, and the Israeli stamp will in all likelihood be a problem.
  • Hello, am as tour guide in iran and syria writing that::: You ned visa in advance that should be Obtain in syrian embassy in your country, ISRAELI STAMP will refuse your visa to syria, you may check this out: http://iranguidedtours.com/?page_id=71
    Or, http://www.irtouring.com/textpage.asp?pageID=22

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