Which visa do I need for Italy working as a nanny?
  • I'm travelling to Italy, Europe in 2011 to stay with a family for a year. I will be working as a nanny looking after their children and they will be paying me.
    Which visa do I need as I will be living with the family and will be paid only 'pocket money'.
  • Dear Marcie

    You do not mention what nationality you are which is extremely relevant. If you are EU and in the Schengen area you do not need anything. If you are non-EU you will require a work permit which is not so easy and it will require some support from your employer.
  • Hi Brian, I am Australian. I think I need a 'holiday visa' but this visa doesnt allow me to work in the same place for one year. Should I put down that I am not working? All I am recieving is pocket money. Thanks for your help :)
  • Hi Marcie, You would be better off without the formal working permit application process however to get a year's visa for Schengen is not so easy. You will have to prove that you will have enough funds to support your stay as well as medical insurance etc. I would suggest that you contact the local Italian consulate to get the absolute truth as to what you are required to have for the application. It may be easier to apply for a shorter medium term and then reapply for a refresh while you are here.
  • Hi Brian, Can i ask you something?

    I'm vietnamese with vietnamese nationalitypassport, i got Schengen visa and i was in italy in November. i just came back my country last week as my visa expired. I want to go back Italy again for longer time. i plan to study italian there because i think it would be easier to get study visa, but im not sure ,this is one of the things i want to ask you. I did some searching on internet and found something interesting is RE-ENTRY visa. I dont really understand this. Can i apply this type of visa to go back Italy or i should apply study visa, or is there any easier way for me to go back there?? When i was in italy in November, I stayed in my boyfriend's family, he made the hospitality declaration for me, and when i was there we went to the Police station to present to The police. They gave me some kind of paper which i think it is residence permit, with the stay from 30th October to 30th November. What i would like to ask is which is the easiest way for me to go back in Italy, and is there any way for me to stay there longer than one month??
    Thanks so much for your help Brian, it's so meaningful for me.
  • Which visa do I need for Italy working as a nanny? I am from Mexico. Thanks
  • Hi Brain:
    You seem you to know your away around the the visa area.
    I with my wife could like to live In Italy. Thought would be live there 8 weeks and return home every 5 weeks (USA) each quarter. How would I arange to do this???
    We have a dog, how would we deal with the dog issue? He is a big guy but sweet. He can learn Italian fast.
    Looking for furnished apartments to rent to 2 month stays.
    My parents were born in Italy, can I arrange for Italian citizenship?
    I was born in the USA.
  • which visa do i need to working as a nanny? i'm from philippines thanks
  • which visa do i need to working as a nanny? i'm from philippines thanks
  • hey Im a Canadian girl that will be working in italy as a nanny looking after a young boy in june for a year this is
    my first time doing something like this and i was wondering what type of visa do i need how do i apply for it and will ??
  • i am canadian/american

    I held a work/holiday visa last summer when i nanyied in italy i went to the embassy to apply for another work visa for the year to nanny in italy and they said i cant apply again so im better off applying for a study visa. is it possible to go as a visitor for the 90 grace period and then apply for a visa. i guess what im trying to ask is can you add the 90 visitor time frame onto your visa time?
  • dO I need a visa working as a nanny in ITALY i am Mexicann
  • It is at times like this I am very thankful for the EU, and living within it!!

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