Which Greek Island?
  • My girlfriend and i are planning a week long trip to a greek island, but which? We're in our mid thirties and single, we have disposable income and are looking for sandy quieter beaches by day, great food and cool funky atmospheric bars by night. Something a bit more sophisticated but still a bit of a laugh. Any ideas I'm baffled. x
  • Hi - check out this related post on the best Greek Island holiday destination - got some great ideas in there.
  • Crete has Rethymnon and Chania, both of which fit the bill. Both cities have great restaurants and nightlife. Rethymnon has a long sandy beach to the east of the city and Chania has good beaches to the west of the city.

  • Santorini Island !!!!!!!!!!!!
    check some photos....:www.poema.com.gr
  • Hi I run a forum about Kefalos which is a nice quiet resort in the Island of Kos...

    We tell you what you want to know, many of us have visited there twice a year for many years.........why not check us out , you never know you might be bitten by the Kefaos bug too


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