Need visa to enter Mexico?
  • I am from Belguim I would to know it I need any kind the visa to visit Mexico, because I arrive to California with my Belguim Passport, and desire to visit Mex.
  • Hi Gladys.
    European citizens are not required a visa to travel to Mexico, no matter where you come from.
    Welcome yo Mexico and if in need of planning or a personalized tour, please let me know.
    English and French.
  • we are 2 british citizens living in the us and 1 us citizen who will be on a cruise that ends in Ensenada,will be leaving that day.
    what travel documents do we need.
    do we need a tourist card if we are less than one day and where do we get it from ?
  • I am a student planning my gao year at the moment, I am hoping to volunteer in mexico for 2 months and i am holding a chinese passport, which visa would be suitable for me?
  • You need a passport and an entry visa if you are entering Mexico from any country other then the US. I think student visa would be suitable for you.
  • I am a South African going to visit my sister in Cacada. She booked us an all inclusive holiday in Mexico. I know I need a visum - what documents do I need for my visum application?
  • I am a South African currently on vacation in the US. Will it be possible for me to go on a cruise that will call at Cozumel? Will I need to get a visa, and if so can I get one in the US?
  • My husband has dual citizenship in Ireland and US. He just realized his US passport is expired! Irish passport is still valid. Can he enter Mexico from US with Irish passport? We are traveling to Mexico tomorrow.
  • 2 south africans on j1 visa in usa... do we need a visa for a 4day trip to mexico
  • hi i am from Pakistan and i want to go to Mexico for tour so i want to know that do i require visa if i want to go to visit new york from Mexico?
  • I am travelling to Mexico with a British Citizen Passport via Boston, what documents do I require entering and exiting USA?
  • Holding Indian Passport - Do we need a toursit visa for a day trip to Mexico ?
  • i am an irish citizen on holiday in america do i need a visa to visit mexico?? what are the entry requirements and how do i apply ?? do i just do it at the border crossing??we will be driving down if we decided to visit.
  • hi i am from pakistan i want to vist mexico but i have no ideia how to get mexico visa help me thanks alot.
  • Hey, Gyzz y u posting ur problems here, there's not even a single solution... Good Luck ya ol!!
  • @ don baba - you need a visa to enter Mexico, so either contact the New Delhi (India) consulate or use a global visa agency to get your visa - try
  • @ vikas - Indian passport holders do need a visa to enter Mexico - even for one day!
  • If you hold a US visa and entering from US to mexico, You do not need visa for 1 week or so.
    I had some of my Indian friends drive across to mexico without any problem.
  • If you are flying into Mexico, Yes you need a visa, but to stay in the border town (Tijuana) in my case, you do not need.
    You can drive across the border to mexico.
  • Am a Nigerian with a Valid US visa, will i need a visa to visit Mexico ?
  • hi am from usa we are doying program for african who want to come to usa we provide invitation and bank statement and help you to get visa just three week only those from ghana nigerian , south africa and ivery coast call our agent in usa embassy ni ghana 00233249805817
  • I have a f1 usa visa but i was out status.If i get a new i-20 i need to travel outside the country and come back to get my status back.If I want to go to mexico and come back to usa, what are my options?Do I need a mexico visa?
  • I want to do an unpaid internship and a medical clinic in Yijuana before I apply for medical student. I am currently not a student, so I don't know if a student visa would work for me (but I might enroll in a course in san diego). I'm still debating whether to live in Tijuana or live in San Diego and commute everyday. Oh the internship would last probably 1yr. I need to know which visa FMM, FM3 or some other visa would work best.
  • To see the requirements to enter Mexico for your specific country, use this interactive link:

    Most European and US travelers can visit Mexico as a tourist for 180 day. it used to be, if you were flying in, you filled out the form on the airplane.
  • can anyone tell me if it is difficult to get a visiting visa for my chinese wife. she currently has a job and 8000 canadian dollars. and she also has an invitation letter from my brother and mother in canada to attend my brothers wedding in mexico. my mom would be paying for all the expenses
  • I am an Indian citizen living in India. I need to go to Mexico to study under someone as a mentee for 6 Months. What kind of visa would I need? What other documents will I be needing? I have heard that the Consulate gives tourist visa only for 1 month. By the way, the website - does not have any student visa clause. I am a little confused. Please help
  • Indian Passport holder currently in US with a B1 I need a Mexican visa to visit for 3-4 days?
  • I'm from India - What the plan exactly is my Client from Canada inviting/sponsoring me a trip to Mexico. They are directly coming to Cancun, Mexico and asked me to directly reach in Cancun from India but I really confused on this and don't know what to do exactly.

    Mexico Tourist Visa is pretty difficult to get in India, so please let me know how can I handle this? Can I go to Canada with Business visa (I can get this easily coz I can get inviting /sponsor letter from my client, they are ready to provide any documents to me) and from there can I go to Mexico without Visa?

    This is my first abroad trip, so your help is much appreciated.

    Thank You Guys!
  • does my gril friend need visa to go to mexico from ghana?
  • I am traveling to USA (flying to San Diego via Hawaii, from Sydney Australia), early Sept 2012 and will be entering Mexico at Mexicali to stay with friends at San Felipe. I will be there approx 6 weeks. During this time I will be traveling with my friends, who are residents Ameriacn and Australianm of San Felipe, back and forth to the USA to tourist sites.
    I will be returing to Australia approx mid October.
    What Visas do I require? I have both an Austrealia and EU (UK) Passport British Sublect resident of Australia.
    Is it safe for me to arrive at the Mexican Border at Mexicali and cross without any problems?
    Thank you.
  • Hi i am entering Mexico in april and volunteering on a community project, not earning any money, staying 30 days, with UK passport, coming in via usa. Do i need a visa or will tourist visa surfice?

    many thanks
  • Indian Passport holder currently in US with a B1 I need a Mexican visa to visit for 1 day?
  • I have a friend visiting me from Australia sometime next summer and I wanted to take him to meet some of my relatives in Mexico for the day. Would he need a visa even if it's just a day or would his passport be enough? In fact it's been a while since I've been there myself. Would I need anything other than my passport. I'm from the US.
  • Hi Olivia,

    You and your friend will both need your passports, but you don't need visas to enter Mexico for a day trip. Here's a link to info on visas for Mexico.
  • Hi, I am from India. I have a valid Mexico Business visa , but since there is no direct flight from India to mexico , I need to take flights Via US. Will i need any specific transit visa for such a senario? if yes, whats the process and timelines for such a visa?
  • We are Swiss and German and will enter Mexico from the US in Dec 2013.
    Do we need a flight out of Mexico in order to enter?

    Thanks so much!
  • See GLADYS, I have been to Mexico many times even I always need to carry my European visa while being in European countries but I have some friends in Europe and they told me they don't need visa while visiting in Mexico, they European visa works there. So you can move ahead, have a lovely trip ahead.
  • Hi I have EEA Residence Permit in Uk (married to polish) I know that I don't need a visa to EU country when I'm traveling with my wife but this time I'm traveling to Cunun Mexico and I would like to ask if I need visa as I'm planing to go this march with my wife
  • As Mexico is not part of the European Union, yes you will need to apply for a visa in advance.
  • Sofianetako, you do need a Schengen visa if you travel to other EU countries. Even though you have an EEA residence permit this does not grant you right of entry you still need a visa.

    I suggest you look at the CanCun official site to find out how you apply for your Mexican visa

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