Passport renewal while in India
  • Hi
    my sister is came from South Africa to India and his husband is in America the main reason is that my sister and her son not get the US Visa so she is living in India but after 4 months her son passport is going to be expired and her son was born in South Africa so his passport made there only, so is there any possibility to renew his passport in India ?
    Please let me know.
  • For this kind of advice you really need to speak to someone in authority. I would get the son to speak to the South Africa consulate or Embassy in India for official advice. There is one in Delhi....good luck with that
  • Hi, my passport is expiring US can i use my "Learners Permit" as proof of residence to renew the passport?
  • The best thing is you should immediately contact the south africa embassy. They will guide you better.

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