Visa requirements for Us permanent resident going to Wales
  • I am a US permanent resident living in NY with a green card, and am wanting to travel to the country of Wales. Does anyone know the Visa requirements for such a trip and do I need a Visa at all? I wasn't quite sure because I know that those with a US passport can travel to the UK without a Visa. I'm originally from Brazil and I couldn't find any immediate information from online at the moment.

    Thank You!
  • Hi Surfely - the key question is what passport do you hold? If its a Brazil passport then you do need a visa for stays up to 6 months.
  • My 16 yr old daughter is US parmanent resident holding travel document with re-entry permit is traveling to london with her school's fellow students for one week program and i m wondering wether she needs a UK visa. Please help
  • Wales is not really a country, it does not have real borders or immigration requirements. No visa or passport is needed to enter. She will only need a passport to enter the UK.
  • I am a US citizen travelling to the UK for two weeks. Do I need a Visa?
  • Wales IS A COUNTRY!
    Just because it's part of the UK doesn't mean we don't have our own borders and our own language.
    We speak Welsh (well a lot of us do) and English is not our only official language.
    In terms of passports/visas getting into the UK will get you into Wales but we have our own government and laws so we are definitely another country!
  • The point is that Wales does not have any border posts and therefore does not require any visa for entry. A visa for Great Britain, check at the airport of arrival, is all one needs.

    If Wales is really a country, does it have a seat on the United Nations? An army? A passport?
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  • Dev - it is a scam, part of large fake job scam running in the UK. There is no such company from what i can see. Their website is fake too. Do not get involved!!!
  • For any US permanent resident making an application for a tourist visa to UK, I advise you to think 3 times before doing so. If you are from the wrong country,they may refuse your visa for whatever made up reason they want. There is no "fair" in visa processing. In any case, do not trust Worldbridge or the UK-in-US Embassy sites to tell you what documents they would like you to send (e.g., *apparently* the original permanent resident card, bank statements, etc.) to supplement all the information requested on the form. Most other countries will tell you but not UK. Biometrics are required -- you must travel to a USCIS office to do these. A lot of work for a refusal. Much different than the rosy statistics they put on their website. And, they may mark your passport with a Refusal which will plague you for all future visa applications. See also
  • hi,
    i am a US permanent resident and i hold a Tanzanian not aware of any issues btwn Tanzania and the are u guys saying that a Visa is required or is it based on what passport u hold? please bear with me am abit slow
  • hi... my mum is a US permanent resident and she plans a visit here in london. will she need to apply for a visa? please help.,
  • Indeed I am also a co-passanger like you wherein they had given me the appointment letter

    After processing the Agreement etc. now they are asking GBP 1650/- for visa & work permit which in usual course of business can be justified.

    But the hitch is the remittance details wherin they had given Bank details of “NATWEST BANK, AINTREE, LIVERPOOL, L9 OEG, U.K., ACCOUNT NAME: VICTORIA FLOWERS, ACCOUNT NO. 74663577 SORT CODE: 537021 ,
    IBAN: GB21NWBK53702174663577, BIC: NWBKGB2L.

    Please note : the controller details, including the name i.e. Mr. Terry Horman can not be verified onsite. Same is the case of the company wherein no contacts can be made.
    Furthermore once you confirm your ready & willingness, there will be frequent calls for remittances of money.

    To sum –up advisable to lodge the compliant so to save others as well as to open the Pandora box.
  • UGB: this looks like a scam. Be very careful and do not send money unless you can confirm the authenticity of thet company and their offer. This is a recognised modus operandi for scammers so my call is report them to the UK police.
  • Help! I am from California, U.S. and traveling to Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany for 3 weeks. I am a US citizen and hold a passport. My fiance however is a permanent resident and has a travel document. Do we need any visas to enter these European countries? THANKS!
  • Hi, I am US permanent resident (Green Card holder), do I need Visa for buisness visit? I'm citizen of Uzbekistan, I work for US company.
  • I hold Indian passport. I am permant resident of US. Do I require work permit to work in europe, UK, UAE and Asia-pacific region?
  • EUROPA:,as u said u are u.s citizen right?so u dont have to have visa to travel any of those country u just mention,but your fiance have to have visa,because he is not a US CITIZEN,as simple as that,even he got travel document,it is all depends on his passport..deffinitely he needs visa to travel to those country ,EU VISA..EUROPEN UNION..
  • i am a us permanent resident do i need a visa for a week visit to Italy?
  • Guys, it's simple: your passport determines your visa requirements, not your residency or work status. So if you have a US passport you dont need a visa for Italy; for other nationalities possibly. Visit or call the Italian embassy in the US or use a visa service. See here for more details on Italy visa requirements.
  • I have Indian passport and US permanent resident. I plan to stay 2 days in London. Can anyone tell if I really need a visa to stay in London. The UK embassy website doesnt clearly say whether I need. It is really confusing it say if my nationality is India I do need but it doesnt clealry say whethe US permananent resident irrespective of the nationality require a Visa or not. Appreciate any help here.
  • Folks, can any of provide the information for the question I have asked earlier? Any help would be appreciated.
  • gsk - yes, you need a visa to enter the UK no matter how long your trip. The residency status you hold does not effect the visa requirements.
  • Foreign national always need a visa to enter any of the EU countries (Schengen visa can be used to travel within all Schengen countries) or Great Britain. Green card is only relevant and can be used for entry in some countries who are either neighbours or ties historically with the United States. EU and Great Britain simply do not recognize US green card, just like the US does not recognize other countries' domestic residence card. At the end of the day, Green card is just a US domestic residence card, not a world travel document.

    Hope this helps!!
  • One more point, if your country of origin has a special agreement with other countries, such as US agreement with the EU and Great Britain - Visa Waiver Program, where US nationals and EU and British nationals do not need visa for a 90 days staying respectively. Otherwise, the basic visa requirement always applies to any national to enter into any EU countries and Great Britain.
  • I am Indian passport holder with US citizen child. I am applying for my UK VISA would i need a VISA for my child if he has US passsport. I added him in my application but thought that they will charge me for his VISA fees as well though he does not need a VISA. Does he have to take biometric he is under 4 yrs of age
  • I am holding US green card and going from US to Iran via London.During 12hrs stay at Heathrow airport ,I like to meet my daughter (who lives there ) at the airport and we are going to stay at the airport.
    Do I have to obtain a "visitor in transit" visa? If so, please tell me how.
  • I'm a U.S permanent resident with a valid re-entry permit, however, I do NOT have and can't obtain a national passport. I know I have to apply for a Schengen visa to visti Italy. My question is does Italy accept the re-entry permit as a substition for the national passport?
  • guys its very simple, if the country is part of the EU they dont need a VISA to enter UK, if you hold a passport for the U.S. or CANADA you dont need a VISA either. However, the question that everyone is asking, if you are a permanent resident of the U.S.,you will need a VISA, because its all about the passport...... the satisfy everyones mind here goes...... check this website out.............just put in what country's passport you hold, then put in your destination, example UK, and then the country you are a permanent resident of and it will show up if you will need a visa or not..... let me know how this info work for you!!!!! peace out guys!!!!
  • hi, if any one wants to go any country for any specific purpose we all required to the two things Passport and Visa Card.For More info you can visit -
  • I have a U.S. green card, but a Russian citizen. Can I visit London for 3 days?
  • I work for a U.S. based company with a local office in the Netherlands. My company has posted an internal job posting to work anywhere from 3-5 years at their Netherlands' office. This position is open to only the employees of the U.S.. based office, here in California. I am keen in applying for this job opening however, I am U.S. permanent resident holding an Indian passport. The company stated that it will secure job visas for U.S. citizens. I am eligible for US citizenship but didn't see the need to and also just couldn't be bothered applying for it.

    What are my options if any? anyone?
  • Hi, it seems that quite a lot of people have questions regarding travel from the US to Europe. If you are visiting, please check out this site. It's full of great information. I've used it when traveling to other parts of the world. And if you have specific questions you're not sure of, you can also call the Washington Embassy. The information is all listed on this site. You can also call other European Embassies located in the US to get specific questions answer as well.

    Hope this helps. Here's the link:

    P.s. If you hold a US passport and want to travel to the UK, you do not need a visa to travel there.

    1. Always check the official immigration website of the country you are planning to travel to first.
    2. Read all updates or changes in visa requirements carefully.
    3. Do not rely on this website (worldtravels) or any website for information you found unless it is an official website of any particular country. You are foolish if you do so.
    4. If you live in US, write a letter to USCIS asking the same questions you are asking in this forum. Yes you can write an inquiry letter without affecting your status. You will have to deal with USCIS or US customs if you return back to US, so why not ask them first.
    5. Once you get a response from USCIS, keep this letter as a proof if you travelled abroad in case any questions arise upon return.

    You will be safe if you do it this way.

    If you rely on your friend's advice or suggestion or from any website, you are taking a risk of not being able to re-enter the country you assumed you would.

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