Passport Requirements
  • I am going to Crete for two weeks (7-21 September 2010) and have a valid UK passport until 11 March 2011. Do I need to ensure that my passport has 6 months for entry into Crete and for re-entry into the UK or will the present passport suffice?
  • your present passport should be ok .......
    As far as I am aware the 6 month rule applies to non EU countries...
  • Thank you for putting my mind at ease on this.
  • Did you know that you have to give your passport details to your carrier before you fly?

    Although the above link is to TC there are bits on there where you can find the links to your airline...

    you might also find this link usefull.....
  • This has been very helpful and has completely clarified the situation. Thank you for all your help.
  • you are welcome xx.......I was once in your shoes which is why I run the forum on Kefalos so that people can help others out..
    hope you have a nice holiday...... xx

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