Thailand Weather in August
  • I am looking to plan a trip during the first week in August this year. I heard that the islands in Thailand have nice weather despite it being a rainy season for the mainland. I am looking at going to Koh Samui for the week. Does anyone know if the weather is still nice there during this time?? Thank you! :)
  • Hi,

    Travelling in Thailand is a great experience and from my experience of travelling during the wet season I found that it would generally rain pretty hard in the morning for an hour or so followed by the rest of the day clearing up and being quite pleasant. Some days it might rain all day but it’s pretty rare. None of the trips I took where really affected but sitting on the beach in the rain is not the ideal way to get a nice suntan.

    I found a great website which gives you advice in the type of weather you will get depending on where you are in Thailand month by month. Just hover your mouse over the place you would like to go.

    Have fun
  • Hi - we have information on Thailand climate and weather at

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