Travelling through Andorra
  • We will be driving back to Spain from England in June, and would like to visit Andorra on the way. We will be bringing a few things back from England with us and we have been told that anything we take through the principality , we would have to pay a duty on. Does anyone know if this is tru, or just a bit of scaremongering? I would be very grateful for any information.
  • No it's not true, but make sure that you keep receipts for any large or expensive purchases in case you are asked. You can not take more than your duty free allowance out of Andorra ie. goods purchased within the Principality itself. Hope that helps.
  • Note also that it might be legal to take e.g. 10 cartons of cigarrettes out of Andorra, it may not be legal to bring them into your home country. I got some booze confiscated once because I over shopped in the cheap duty free stores of Andorra!
  • hi im a filipino, holding a philippine passport... do i need to get a tourist visa to travel going andorra?

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