Is it safe to travel to Mexico?
  • My son and his finance are to be married on July 25th and travel to Puerto Vallarta to the Grand Mayan for 7 days. Is is safe? I am worried sick about them.
  • The crisis is by and large over. I believe that it is safe to travel to Mexico. Please search for other posts on this board that provide more information.
  • Anyone else been to the Cancun area recently? How did you find it? Our family is going the beginning of July.
  • Bunter - start a separate post with this question and you may get a better response...
  • Hey - just register quickly (10 seconds) and start a new post under Mexico. Your question will be more prominent then.
  • Me and my fiance have booked our trip to cancun since february. My parents say we shouldn't go, but then other people say it's perfectly fine.But it's too expensive to go anywhere else at the moment...unless you know somewhere equally as expensive as cancun. I would like to know...should we cancel or just go?
  • It's safe to trvel to Mexico. Drug issues are a major worry in some areas since it envolves violence (guns) ins publica places, but it mostly relates to 'inner mafia' vendettas.
    Mexico is a great place to spend vacation.
    If in need of travel suggestions and personlized guidance, please contact me.
    Based in Mexico City but available for the whole country.
  • This is the first time in 11 years that we haven't traveled to Cancun .... we hope the situation is under control by July 2010 so we may return to our timeshare villa.
  • If in doubt of traveling into Mexico because of safety concerns, make sure that before you leave you register with the State Department and make sure where your closest U.S. embassy is located.
  • I intend to travel to the us around sept oct and want to tour Mexico from Atlanta in Oct. Can you please let me know if it is safe to travel to Mexico with the H1N1 scare. I am keen to see Chichin Itza and the Mayan history
  • Hi!!! My husband and I are traveling to Central America in November,but we have to change planes in Mexico first, we were just wondering how safe is to be in the airport for about 2 hours? just inside the airport!!!
  • omg people of course mexico is really extremely safe to travell to its like the us just dont go into alleys like in the morning! u could get robbed or dont go thrghu dark streets but from that everything is safe u wont get kidnapped the mafia doesnt care about the tourist they wont do anything to u they just really hate the mexican army or who interfiers with them. just dont cause any trouble like at a bar cause u dont really know any one so they could like start hating u for being a tourist. and let's say ur driving and a convoy of surburvans or trucks with black windows are movinng towards ur path just move to the side let them pass thats the mafia u dont move they will shoot u!. or if ur speeding and the cops or army tell u to stop ?. STOP IMMEDIATELY!! they will shoot u with the .50 cal machine guns mounted on their humbes. but yea mexico is extremely safe i live in mexico im always like partying till like 5 am but yea just stay out of trouble. and have a good time !!
  • Hi,
    I am planning a trip from San Antonio to Guadalajara via the border town of Laredo. I am planning to take the tole roads to get there. Is there anything I need to be aware of and is there any sightseeing recommendations you know of? I am really nervous driving through Mexico because of the violence and the threat of my car being stolen. Does anyone recommend a particular Mexican insurance company? I am going in 3 weeks. please respond soon.

  • I am thinking of booking to go to Los Cabos in the 2nd. week of December, 2009. Is that a safe place and a best time to go there for a vaction ? Would appreciate your advise.
  • I am a Mexican national but I have been living out of Mexico for the past ten years. Due to my work I have lived in many different countries in all continents so I have been exposed to the news about Mexico from many different sources.

    Please note ALL my family lives in Mexico (Guadalajara) and I visit the country AT LEAST FOUR TIMES every year. I hope this information help the readers understand that I am pretty much aware of what is happening from a "local" standpoint while I can analyze this information from a foreigner perspective.

    I hope I do not offend any of my fellow Mexican brothers and sisters but I believe is extremely important to provide an honest description of what I believe if the current situation in Mexico.

    For years the drug cartels have been infiltrating and bribing all police agencies in Mexico. We all knew this was happening but did not care much about it. As many mention in this forum, the general belief was that if you do not belong or mix with the drug cartels you were safe.

    Many years of this infiltration and open bribery led to have a extremely corrupt law enforcement agencies. It came to the point where these agencies are completely broken and non-operational. The policy agencies, local, state and federal are truly non-operant by now. I can confidently say that over 95% of the law enforcement employees do not care at all about the safety of the general population. Their main objective now is to stay alive and protect the cartel that provides his or her income.

    I hope is clear to all that if you visit Mexico you are in fact visiting a country with no law enforcement capabilities.

    As many mention the touristic areas tend to be safer. There is a lot of money also in the tourism industry and therefore the people who benefit from it play their role trying to counter balance this situation by having private security and "paying" local police to help them keep those little oasis of safety. Be aware that this has been increasingly difficult and violence is leaking into the touristic cities. A good example to mention is Cancun. I have dear friends living in Cancun who have been telling me for some time now that there is a war going on between Central American drug and people-trafficking cartels and Mexican cartels. Violence has reached many of the “Safe Heavens” including resorts. These incidents do not make is to the news because powerful people linked to the tourist industry manage to block them to avoid “bad publicity”.
    Why do Mexicans living in Mexico would not tell you things so straightforward?
    They are not lying, they simply cannot see it. It is well known as the Frog Effect. They have been living in the country and have seen the situation progressively get worse so they cannot see how far it has gotten to be. They truly believe is safe because they have learned to live with the situation. I have seeing this happen with all my family. A friend was recently kidnapped and killed and they did not see the seriousness of the situation: People you know is being kidnapped and killed from places you regularly visit and by organizations protected by police.
    I could go on and on giving examples of real situations that happened and never made it to the news but this post is already too long for anyone to read…

    In a few words, if you are going to Mexico for vacations I would recommend going somewhere else, somewhere safer. Why put yourself and your family at risk when there is no need?
  • Thank you Alex for your honesty. Me and a friend were planning on going to Morelia in February for a conference instead of Las Vegas in March. Then we were thinking about drving to Cancun to visit a friend. I am so glad you for people like you who are willing to "tell it like it is"
    We were going to purchase our tickets next week, but now we will go to Las Vegas even though it is not one of our favorite places.
  • I'm concerned with our trip to Mexico as this will be the first time traveling to Mexico after 20 yrs. We'll be crossing at Laredo and heading to Michoacan then to Puerto Vallarta.
    If any one has any recent information we can use during our trip, i'd appreciated.
  • I can only speak from personal experience but I returned to the UK today after more than 10 weeks travelling allover Mexico, including places with a dodgy reputation like Mexico City, Michoacan, and Chiapas as well as Copper Canyon, Mazatlan, Yucatan, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Queretaro, Puebla and many more places. I found everywhere very safe and very friendly and would not have the slightest hesistation in recommending Mexico to anybody.
  • I've never been to Mexico, but a dear friend of mine was recently kidnapped (while on vacation), and held for ransom. His poor family had to fly to mexico, and after one month, my friend was returned back to his family after the ransom had been paid in full. Fortunately, my friend's family is wealthy, and they were able to pay the ransom. The messed up part is that the mexican federals refused to get involved, nor did they even acknowledge there was an issue. Alex is so right. Travel elsewhere!!
  • Mexico is not safe right now. My friend and her husband was both killed in juarez last january in front of their children in their home. Because they were american and thought they had money. My husband family also lives im jalisco and things are just not safe. Dont risk your safety or your familys.
  • My husband & I with our child are planning to drive across Mexico to Belize and would like to ask what is the SAFEST border crossing into Mexico? We plan to travel 'safe' and will do our best to stay out of harms way. We love Mexico and don't want to eliminate it from our travels. Any suggestions? Thx
  • AJPBrown, I'm an American citizen who lived in Mexico from 1997-2009. I met and married my wife there, and our three children were born there. All was well until 2008, when terrorism arrived and there were violent gun battles in the streets of Leon, 45 minutes from where we lived. Over the next few months, my business partner's family was threatened to the point that she did not allow her kids to leave home for any reason other than to go to and from school. A university professor was kidnapped, and his wife forced to pay ransom. There was an outbreak of extortion attempts/threats through the use of phone calls. Everyone in the city knew about it. Police chiefs in the surrounding cities would be assassinated--there heads would be found in the parking lots of the police station.

    These things are all true, and they happened on a regular basis. My wife and I began to talk about the possibility of moving to the US. It would be complicated because she wasn't a citizen. We put it off until there was a military raid on a neighborhood where a powerful dug ring was housed. Our close friend's daughter, a university student in Celaya, said she could hear helicopters, machine guns and bomb blasts all night long. Less than a week later, she was attacked and robbed. Her friend resisted and was stabbed. We decided to leave the country over the Easter holiday last year.

    The very night before we left, the state militia was on our street. They had raided a drug safehouse and were escorting their captives down our street into police vehicles.

    PLEASE do not think I'm exaggerating. Living in the US, I realize now that nobody has the slightest idea of how bad things are in Mexico, of how bad the crime is, of how it goes unchecked. Do not DRIVE into Mexico under any circumstances. We have friends here in the states now who are Mexicans, and who traditionally make trips to Mexico for Christmas. None of them went this year, for fear of what might happen to them on the highways with their American plates.

    The only way I would enter Mexico would be by plane, and even then I would stay alert at all times. But you would honestly be better off not going at all. Find another destination.
  • How would things be if i were to just go to a small ranch where i have family?
    I went last summer and it was great i absolutly loved it and really want to go back, my cousin also wants me to return...would it be safe it would be a small ranch near chuihuahua.
  • HEaded to Acapulco on Friday with our 3 children. How is the safety there? SHould we stay in the resort. Wanted to got see the cliff divers and swim with dolphins
  • I heard Swine flu is originated from Mexico, any comment? Is it safe to go to Mexico if Swine (H1N1) flu is spreading in Mexico.
  • For the love of god dont be so ignorant!, you are not going to Iraq!, dont believe everything you see in the news. I live in mexico city, 25 years i've lived here, i havent been robbed not once. The drug cartel issues are basically between drug cartels and the goverment, not the citizens, mostly in the border and not in the tourist areas. You are totally insane if you think that by getting here you will instantly be the target of the narcs, i mean sorry to tell you this, but who the hell you think you are for the narcs to turn their attention to you?

    For the love of god ppl i expect a little bit more common sense than this, that type of attitude is just plain lame....
  • BTW the swine flu didnt originate in Mexico, but in the states, its just that here its were it got bigger...
  • Hello! This is going to be my first time traveling to mexico. I believe we are going to be in Ensenada or near there. Is that a safe place to be? We are also going to be staying at a resort and driving across the border with a group of people. We have 10-12 ppl going. Is it safe in that area? Any tips for a first time traveler there?
  • Hi,

    My family and I are planning to make a trip to Reynosa, Taumalipas soon and I was wondering if its safe to go and if its safe to go by car?

    Thank you
  • We have a group of 12 going to Mexico for the first time in Nov 2010...staying in Playa del Carmen, but some are questioning if we are going to be safe. Anybody have any comments about this? Good or bad?
  • I have booked a week vacation at a resort at Cozumel, Mexico in April but now I'm getting nervous with all the news I heard. Is it stil safe to go?
  • Hi guys, my husband, daughter and I are going to Los Cabos in April. My family keeps on telling me that it's not safe but I'm reading the news and they mostly say that tourist areas are fine. And I've been reading all the previous reviews before mine but nothing about Los Cabos. Can someone tell me if it is safe to travel there? Please?
  • Going to Playa Del Carmen area on friday for spring break...if we stay on the resort will be we ok? I'm really worried and it is all I can think about.
  • The violence is between cops and drug bandits - tourists and tourist areas are not involved. I would have no hesitation in going to Acapulco or Playa del Carmen.
  • Yes, of course it's safe. The violence is located in the boarder towns, Mexico is a big country. Being afraid of going to Cancun or Cozumel is like being afraid to go to California because of the crime in Detroit. I promise it is safer than where any of us live.
  • Spent a couple of months in mazatlan in 2010. i suggest strongly if u want to really know what is going on to go to the local spanish newspapers for the places u want to visit and then run thru google translator to the right of google search area -

    Noreoste the local news around Mazat was reporting regular killings of drug guys and police in and around Maz. ive been going there many many years and am reviewing situation seriously for winter of 2011.
  • It's hard to ignore the news sometimes, but (as so many people have previously pointed out) the vast majority of the violence is not directed at tourists.

    I spent a month travelling central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Beliza) and the Yucatan peninsula was definitely one of the places I felt safest. Obviously a huge part of the industry in the area is based around tourism, so the Mexican law enforcement are more inclined to protect it.

    I wouldn't let security worries like that stop you visiting a place, because almost everywhere in the world has its problems.
  • I am from the state of Sinaloa but i have been living in the States all my life. I travel to Chihuahua and Sinaloa most often, i visit Sinaloa about four times a year and i spend about 6 months out of the year there, and i will be honest, these two states at least, are not very safe. Things have changed a lot over the past year, it is not only more violent but the violence has changed, last year you could say the violence was focused on other Drug Cartel members however that is no longer the case.

    There are fake police checkpoints where people are robbed of their vehicle and then killed, this doesn't only happen in these fake checkpoints but everywhere else, they want money. A lot of the cartels are now just killing for the hell of it, to make a point to the federal government. Mow a lot more innocent people are dying just for the car they drive or just because, no particular reason at all. Not too long ago a tourist exiting Mazatlan was shot dead just because he overtook some armed gunmen, he was traveling with his family.

    In Mazatlan a couple of months ago about 20 people where out in the street just listening to music in their cars in the Golden Zone when a bunch of trucks with gunmen arrived and took them to the outskirts of the city where they were blind folded and stranded there once the gumen were able to take all of their cars, these people were lucky.

    There have also been stories of little kids killed put in suitcases and left in fields, a lot of kidnapping and then on top of this you have to worry about your everyday thief. If you must come to Mexico do so by plane, it is much safer.
  • I am looking to book a vacation to Zihuatenajo or Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen) but some of the comments on this forum have me concerned. Has anyone been to either of these locations within the past few months? If so, is it as safe as it ever was, or is there a noticeable difference or increased concern over safety? If it is at all more dangerous than, say, an island in the Caribbean, I would rather go somewhere else. Thanks!
  • As a Yucatan specialist tour operator we send people to the Riviera Maya all the time. And since I've worked here (2 years) we have not had one problem with our clients safety. The worst we have had is rental car companies over-charging clients when they return from their trips, but as anyone who's done a bit of travelling over the world knows, this happens everywhere!

    I'd say you're just as safe on the Yucatan peninsula as you are on many of the Caribbean Islands, and you have the bonus of a lot more to see (Mayan ruins, stunning diving, colourful towns and markets, beaches and jungle).
  • HOLY MOSES..changed my mind about coming to Mexico..even worse than I thought. Always been a gamble going there with the crazy mexicans who will do anything for money but I didn't think they could get any worse..what a surprise..THEY CAN!!!
  • A group of 9 of us from texas just got back yesterday from Puerto Morelos (in between Cancun and Playa) and had absolutely ZERO problems. We have been to Cancun last year right in the peak of swine flu and had zero problems then too. The year before last we all went to playa, we spent nights in downtown playa at the clubs and did our excursions out in remote jungles all without any problem what so ever during the days. As many have said, the dwar is between the cartels and the government trying to clean up the trafficing of drugs. If you are calling off a trip based on what a lot of people claim is going on hopefully you will take my view into consideration as someone who has been 3 years in a row without any problems at all. Puerto Morelos is a beautiful quiet fishing town that we spent half a day just walking around to even the residential side where there weren't any shops just to view the way of life. No problem at all, the locals were really friendly, we watched the kids get out of school and play in the center of town. Then we get home and talk to our neighbor who has a family member thinking about cancelling their destination wedding to playa because of people misinterpretting and spreading false stories about news other people claim to have read. I hope my rushed typing still conveys my thoughts properly. I hate how misinformed talk is ruining the travel to mexico for some people, especially when going to the cancun to playa area.
  • I am considering going to Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico. I have some business involving the recent death of my father over there so it would not be just for a vacation. Do you think I should still avoid going? Is Saltillo far enough away from the border?
  • We are considering a vacation to Puerto Vallarta in Dec., 2010. We have had a lot of unsolicited warnings from family and friends about the dangers of Mexico this year. I'm not too concerned,but would like someone who knows PV to give us feedback regarding the safety of the area.
    I honestly think it is as safe to vacation there as anywhere and don't want to let rumors or fear turn us away from a great experience.
  • I used to work in Central America as a tour leader and took groups of up to 18 passengers around using public transport and we NEVER encountered any safety related problems. The biggest deal was a broken down bus or theft of a camera which someone had left unattended in full view! Infact I always found that Mexico, especailly the Yucactan was always my favourite place to be! However, like anywhere else in the world you do hear of incidents, but I think it's important not to be paranoid, just use common sense and keep your wits about you. I now work for Mexican specialist tour operator and we send people to Mexico all the time, we specialise in Southern Mexico from Mexico City down, particularly the Yucatan peninsula and our clients have never reported any safety issues to us. Stick to main well travelled areas, main roads, go with tour operators off the beaten track and dont take risks and be careful and your holiday should be problem free.
  • Have Winter home in Nayarit. Want to drive down in December 2010. Will crossover the border at Laredo. Has anyone made this trip to that area recently? Is the drive as scary as the Media is putting out. Will be driving a pick up pulling a 14' cargo trailer.
  • I am planning on renting a villa about 30 miles north of Puerto Vallarta for my wedding. Our guest will stay at a resort about 15 minutes from the villa. Some of our family and friends have a expressed serious concern on safety. I know the resorts and private communities are completely safe. Should we have to worry about traveling between resorts?
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