What currency should I bring to India?
  • What is better to take to India for exchange, travellers cheques or cash?
  • A bit of everything - hedge your bets - including credit cards. Depends where you're going, though: 5* hotel or backpackers' hostels.
  • Hi Leigh, Mark is right, I would advise a bit of everything. Travellers cheques are handy as they are the safest option but not always possible to exchange when banks are closed for religious holidays for example. You could also take some Sterling or UD Dollars and a card is always handy as there are ATM's everywhere in the big towns and cities and many shops take them as well. Have a good trip!
  • Credit cards and some cash are good option before traveling to india.
  • Never used Travelers cheques. But credit cards and some cash is best while traveling. The small villages and remote areas don't have ATM's or banks so you need cash there. But the main cities and towns have plenty of banks and ATMs so you can easily use credit cards there.

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