My visit to Ha Long bay, Vietnam
  • We left Hanoi on a shuttle bus with our tour guide Khoa and 10 other tourists. It took about 3 hours and a half to arrive to Ha Long. We stopped for a 20 minute short break on the way at a handicraft center. The bus journey was great even it was a long distance. Our tour guide Khoa is a nice one, he is so knowledgeable and humorous. He knows the way to connect people in the group and we shared our experiences in Vietnam, talked about our trip and of course got a lot of information about Vietnam and Ha Long Bay from Khoa. That was really great.
    We spent 2 day tour on Oriental Sails boat. It is such a nice one with very beautiful sundeck (i like it a lot) and well-equiped rooms. Besides, staff on boat was so friendly with big smiles always. Every service on this boat is excellent. After the lunch on boat, we visited Amazing Cave, a nice cave but a little touristic. Then it was a much exciting time. We visited another cave named Luon on kayak. That was the first time I did kayaking and I enjoyed it a lot. We even saw some monkeys in Luon Cave. Then it was the time for swimming in sunset on the b ay. it was the most beautiful moment on this trip. You will never forget the food once you've been to Vietnam. All the meals on Oriental Sails were fantastic especially dinner. it was exquisitely presented.
    The second day was a different experience. We visited a fishing village. You can't imagine how it is until you come there. There are about 174 households with more than 700 villagers. All of them are living in small floating houses...
    Small people with smile are still in my mind. That was my unforgettable tour to Ha Long bay...
  • Sounds like you had an amazing time!! It's great to hear how much you enjoyed your trip around Halong Bay - I'm very much looking forward to sailing around this area later this year!
  • Yeah!!! Halong Bay is most beautiful place, if you have more time to stay here, you will get more strange feelings and interesting with special islands in here...Hope you can return Vietnam more once.
  • Did you arrange the trip from the hotel? How much was it?
    I'd appreciate your tips.
  • I hope that one day I will go to Ha Long Bay.
  • @Scorpion "I hope that one day I will go to Ha Long Bay.". Halong welcome you, Vietnam welcome you! Halong bay is really beautyful. There are others besides place. such as Phan Thiet-Mui ne beach, Sapa, Nha Trang beach, Hoi An- Hue... I`m sure you'll like VietNam.
  • Halong Squid Sausage 
     I love Halong Cuisine! I don’t eat seafood frequently but during my Halongcruise trip with Paradise Cruises, I was really addicted to a dish named Halong Squid Sausage amongst colorful delicious Halong seafood heaven.

    As recommended by friends and the crews, I had Halong squid sausage, Halong’s most famous dish for my dinner. True to its name, the main ingredient is squid. However, it is said that no kind of squid can make the squid sausage as wonderful as Halong Bay’s squid. It must be fresh squid that is newly caught. The dish, hence, will get the sharp and appealing tang.

    I asked the cruise manager about how to make this lovely dish with hope that I can make it when I come back home and he said the making process requires manual dexterity and experience (not easy as I thought, actually). Squid is grinded manually and deftly, and then fried in the moderate heat till it turns crispy and golden brown. He recommends me to enjoy it with pure peppered fish sauce. The sweet fatty squish sausage married with savory sauce and really teased my taste buds.

    Definitely, I will come back to Halong Bay and stay with Paradise Cruises someday to pamper myself amongst the World Wonder and enjoy Halong Squid Sausage, my favourite dish again!

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