Entering from America To Canada with German Passport possible
  • Please advice for travelling from America to canada with a german citizen urgent responce required .
    Thank you
  • There should be no problem.Assuming that German citizens can enter Canada without a visa (for tourism)...you shouldn't have any problem entering Canada from the US.
  • An Irish citizen, with temporary work visa in the US, wishing to visit Canada, requires only valid Irish passport to visit canada for short stay - is this correct?
  • Every German citizen is granted VISA on arrival anywhere in Canada. So there is no need to worry about obtaining a VISA. In the case of the Irish citizen only the Irish passport is required to visit Canada for a short stay. It is immaterial whether you are having a temporary work VISA or a permanent VISA in the United States. What matters most is whether the passport is valid or not. If you have got a valid Irish passport then you will be provided VISA on arrival anywhere in Canada.
  • I am Argentinean and normally argentineans need a visa to enter Canada, but I also have a german passport (in which says i was born in Argentina but have german nationality). Do i need something else to enter to Canada from the USA where i am currently working with a working visa? Is to visit my uncle who lives in Toronto.
  • All travelers will need a passport valid for at least 90 days following your departure date. However, it strongly recommend traveling with 6 months validity on your passport at all times.
  • Does a German tourist visiting Canada from the US require any add'l paperwork besides their passport (e.g. US multiple entry visa or Canadian visa)? (Want to make sure they can get back into US). From above comments it seems not, but I wanted to ask more specifically... thanks for your help!
  • I am a German citizen and i entered Canada on 4th April 2012. The entry stamp in my passport does not give any date or number of days as in regard to how long i can stay in Canada.
    So, my question is: How long can i stay in Canada?
  • No there is no issue, I also stayed lots of time in US and Canada with my australian passport. But it is possible if you have visa for that country.
  • We have planned to file for sponsorship after all, however, my spouse has her German passport and here for a working/holiday Visa til this June 2014. My question is...can she just go over to the US border to void this visa then come back to canada with just her passport but of course surrendering her SIN and temp work permit they issue for her there? Bec it says she has to leave the country by the end date!!! Or should we go ahead and apply for a visitor visa? We r still hoping we can find a work for her that has LMO and will give her a job offer letter so she can continue to work here while we wait for her sponsorship to be approved but that can be for a year or so as they said if filing outside canada!

    Please let me know any suggestions what we can do ... Any employment that has LMO for a very educated German person who speaks fluent English and Turkish as well!!! TKS A MILLION for any info :)))
  • Why dont you simply apply for an in country spouse visa.

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