How do I change the name on my passport after marriage
  • Hi - I have a UK passport and would like to change my name on the passport after marriage. I assume I cannot do it in time for our honeymoon. Please can you advise me how to change the name on my passport - I live in London but would ideally do this via post rather than sitting in a queue. Is there a website where I can print off passport forms etc? What are the timings, how long does it take to get the new passport. I am also concerned about visas etc. I have a visa for the US - will this be wiped out on the new passport? Any advice? Thanks! L.
  • You are able to change your passport name before the honeymoon but the passport only becomes valid on the wedding day.

    This page will help explain it

    Passports can be applied for online here:

    I am honestly not sure about the visa for the US - is it an ESTA?

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  • ok, that's great. many thanks. I am not sure what an ESTA is - but I will research and find out. I am sure the visa is transferrable to a new passport.
  • UK passport holders don't need a visa for the USA. They do need an ESTA form which you can download from the US imigration site. It just means you need to re-register your visitor so they can check you're not a terrorist before you arrive.

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