Jordan Travel Visa Question
  • Hello all,

    I have a quick question for you. My gf and I are leaving for Jordan shortly and we were wondering if there were any options to get a VISA that does not require registration at a police station. Our stay is for 20 days and ideally we were hoping to get a VISA that covers this period.

    Is this at all possible? Or are we just better off getting it at the airport upon arrival and then registering it within the first two weeks at any police station?

    Thanks very much for your help!
  • Hi Jayman - the first hotel you stay at will give your passport/visa details to the police. If you get your visa on arrival at the airport it will be issued for 30 days. Plenty of time

    Jordan is fantastic - enjoy

    See: Jordan Visa Requirements
  • I'm on US Active duty orders, can I pass thru Jordan with ID card and orders?
  • Hi,i want to visit Amman,i live in U.K.,i have Iraqi passport ,i dont know if i need visa or not,i will stay up to three weeks,thanks.
    This is my email
  • Great dialogue.

    I am planning to travel from Syria to Jordan and then finally to Egypt in November 2009. With respect to visas, I will be obtaining the Syrian visa prior to leaving Canada (since I understand that I cannot obtain one at the airport). I will be travelling overland to Jordan and Egypt, can I obtain these visas when I arrive at the border crossings? Finally, I am trying to find the visa photo requirements for the Jordan visa. Does anyone know whether they are strict with the dimensions of the face, neutral facial expression, dimensions of the photo?
  • Jocelyne - you can obtain your Jordan and Egypt visas at the border crossings. You do not need a photo for the Jordan visa. You produce your passport and they will put a stamp into it for you.
  • Daniya - As an Iraqi passport holder you do not need a visa to enter Jordan.
  • I'm a bit confused by your answers Lesley, regarding the required documents for Iraqi passport holders. I have read various articles, one says a visa is required before travel, and a Iraqi passport holder must apply in Iraq. Your saying nothing is required?? So which is it? Also, what passport series is required for an Iraqi citizen, to enter Amman, Jordan?
  • Alecia - this is taken directly from the Embassy of Jordan website:

    A Visa is required by all except the following:

    Nationals of Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, United Arab Emirates and Yemen for maximum stays of 1 month (extensions may be obtained at the nearest police station)

    I am not sure what you mean by passport series? It will need to be a valid passport with at least 6 months left before expiry.

    Please keep in mind that rules for visas and entry can change and you should always consult the Embassy for up to date information.
  • I am a Philippine pasport holder. I am working here in Dubai but i am scheduled to go to Jordan for training for a week. How and where do i obtain visa? Will there be medical restrictions or additional requirements now because of H1N1 virus?
  • Soon I will be getting job offer in Aqaba. Do I need work visa, any time frame to get the work visa. I am Canadian citizen and looking for suitable single accomodation. Any suggestion where to find better place with economy rate single occupany long duration over one year. How much I need to pay one bd apt rent per month/year

  • hi i'm a canadian citizen and would like to visit Jordan for two i require a visa and how can i get it.
  • Shawn - sorry it's taken me so long, I hadn't received a notification that you had posted. you will definitely need a work visa. the company that is offering you the job should be assisting you with this, it will take some time, so i suggest that you are in touch with the company to find out how they will assist you. Aqaba is very much a touristique area and rents are generally high in the city centre. You may find better rates out of the city but realtors will be able to help you with this, I have no experience in the rental market there.

    Good luck
  • NS - yes you need a visa. You can get a single entry visa on arrival at Amman airport. It is very, very easy........make sure you have US$ as they don't accept JD, take this with your valid passport to the Visa counter, they will stamp your passport and you are off!! Enjoy
  • I am living in the UAE with a Venezuelan passport and my friend is living in the UAE with a Swedish passport. We leave for Jordan in three weeks for 7 days- do we need a Visa?
  • Dear Lesley
    kINDLY be advised ..Iraqi passport holder required visa before enter jordan
  • My husband and I are planning to travel to Jordan in December. We are US passport holders currently living and working in Qatar. I read your response saying USD were required to pay for the visa at the airport. Will they accept Qatari Riyals or do we need to carry USD with us?
  • Hi,

    I am an Indian working in Saudi. I am planning to go with my family for a week trip to jordan for Eid vacation. Can I get on arrival visa? How much is the visa cost?
  • I'm an Egyptian, I did a cycling trip from Cairo and was heading to Amman, I arrived at Neuibaa port in Egypt. Booked a ferry to Jordan. The Jordanian officer refused to let me on the ferry and said i better for wait for the next one. I got on the next one but they kept my passport. I was interrogated by the police there and they decided to send me back to Egypt. I told them that i have asked the embassy and they said i don't need any visas or paperwork prior to traveling but i never got a response.
  • Hi, I am Filipina and holding a Philippine Passport. Currently working here in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I would like to have 2 weeks vacation in Jordan. Can you give me an idea on how to apply for a visa in Jordan or will they stamp my passport upon arrival?

    Thanks a lot...
  • Hi I'll be leaving this Month in Jordan due for work,My question is My bf work in Dubai he planning to visit me in Jordan,Is he need a Jordan Visa for that right? and how much that would be?

    MY email
  • Madel - it will depend on what passport your b/f travels, many nationalities are able to purchase their passport on arrival. He can check with the embassy in Dubai and they will advise him.
  • Hi Lesley,
    This is Madel again,End of this month Im coming there in Jordan, My bf had only Dubai Visa, If im coming fly to Dubai visit with him Do i need visa for that, What dyou think...

    And Also , While Im there In working In Jordan Im a filipina citizen, Do I possible going migrate in Jordan, What is the requirements for that and How much would be the Payment...Thanks les
  • Hi,
    Im planning this year to go in Jordan, I would like to know Is it expenisve to buy some electronic device such as Laptop, pod there?
    And also I would like to know the weather in February? Can you recommend me a Sim i can call in Asia.

    Many thanks ;-)
  • Dear Karl,
    The electronic is expensive something, about the weather, its is cold, but it’s nice, the degrees approximately 12-20 .
    And we can arrange you everything, accommodation, transportation's.....etc
    You can contact us via
    Info Department
  • Madel - ok I think I understand that you will be working in Jordan and then you will want to go back to Dubai to visit your b/f. I am not sure if you need a visa for Dubai or not. You would be best to look at the immigration site of the UAE for exact and correct information.

    To immigrate to Jordan is possible, however, I do not know the terms and conditions of this. You are best to contact the Embassy of Jordan or to search on the internet for all the information you need, such as time/forms/costs etc.

    Good luck
  • Karl, some of the electronics can be quite expensive in Jordan. Depending on where you are coming from you may like to get such things duty free or in other Aisa countries where you can get a good deal.

    There are a number of mobile telephone companies operating in Jordan - I have used Zain and Orange and have good results with both of them.
  • Hi! lesley im a filipina and im here in dubai for a planning to go to jordan for a visit i need to get a visa?Thanks in advance.
  • Itsmeeh009 - yes you require a pre-arrival visa. You need to complete application forms and provide the documentation they require. Contact the Embassy of Jordan in Dubai for assistance with this
  • hi m indian citizen at present in india planning to visit jordan for 1 month on a visit visa to search a job and do a market research can u please tell me what is the procedure to get the visit visa or if visa not required what is the procedure i have to go through when i enter jordan and how is easy is to get a job in jordon
  • hi m indian citizen at present in india planning to visit jordan for 1 month on a visit visa to search a job and do a market research can u please tell me what is the procedure to get the visit visa or if visa not required what is the procedure i have to go through when i enter jordan and how is easy is to get a job in jordon this is my email- adress-=== plz help me
  • Saqlain,

    I can't answer your question in relation to how easy it is to get a job in Jordan. You will need to research and find out perhaps with the Jordan embassy. Unless the visa rules have changed, Indian nationals need to have a pre-approved visa to visit Jordan. You must apply in person (I think) at the embassy of Jordan in New Delhi.
  • I am a USA citizen with a valid US passport. I am traveliing to Amman Jordan for a 4 day tour with Insight Vacatiions and arriving via Royal Jordanian airlines. Do I need to get my Jordanian visa in advance or may I get it upon arrival at AMM? If so, what is the cost and in which currency must I purchase it?
  • To Dayne,
    its easy for Visa just you can pay $20 ,you can get frm Airport, if you need any thing and draw your program contact us via
    thanks alot
  • For the Information of Indian National..........
    Indian national do not require to obtain prior visa before entry to Jordan. Jordan govt. has lifted the prior visa requirement for Indian national in Nov. 2009 and now Indian can get visa on arrival at Jordan entry port. This is FYI please.

    16 November 2009
    Jordan has lifted visa restrictions on individual Indian nationals visiting the Kingdom as tourists.

    Interior Minister Nayef al-Qadi said the decision comes as move to promote tourism to Jordan and to support economic growth. He said individual Indian tourists would be given a 2-week entry visa with a “not allowed to work in Jordan” stamp.

    The Jordanian government had lifted visa restrictions last February on tourists carrying the Chinese and Romanian nationalities, who no more needed prior approval before traveling to Jordan. It also lifted similar restrictions on Indian tourists traveling to Jordan in groups and through a Jordanian travel agent, as well as Indian businessmen and investors living in non-restricted countries. However, individual visitors were excluded in the decision and had to obtain prior approval from the Ministry of the Interior. Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) Managing Director Nayef al-Fayez praised the decision as an important support for tourism from one of the biggest and most important Asian markets, and one of the least affected by the global economic crisis.

    Mr. al-Fayez said “JTB has recently opened a representative office in India to tap into the great potential of this promising market.” He said the move represents a central part of the Board’s strategy of exploring new and important markets such as China and South American countries. The JTB board of directors had decided to move towards promising markets such as China which accounts for 35 million tourists each year, and India which accounts for 12 million.
    The decision by the Ministry of the Interior is in line with a series of efforts to stimulate and boost the competitiveness of the tourism sector in light of the current global economic crisis. Such efforts include the reduction of the sales tax on hotel rooms and plans to reduce electricity tariffs on hotels.
    --Sanjay Jain
  • Hi, I'm a Canadian in the UAE with a residence visa. My pakistani wife is here in Dubai on a Business visa. I was going to go to Jordan on business and wanted my wife to accompany me. Would she be able to get here visit visa from the Jordanian consulate in Dubai or will she have to go back to Pakistan to get the visa?

  • hi Buck,
    you can get the visa from jordanian consulate in Dubai.
    Golden Escort For Tourism
  • hi i wanna go to jordan maybe at 1st of november coz rent there is low down at winter.. i mean amman.. i am from iraq and wanna stay there for a month or less, this is the first time to me there but i wanna spend more time in amman although they told me there r no lots of fun there.. i will go alone, the reason that i broke up with my gf that she live there, i feel that we can back to each others when i saw her.. so i would be happy if somebody wanna go in this peroid and join me, dont worry i dont wanna complaining lol i just try to answer why i am alone
  • hi Sami,
    what you want exactly?
    Golden Escort for Tourism
  • thx yahia, i ment
    if someone go to jordan alone and need a friend to hang out i'll be happy, at least i will got someone take pics :D thats all..
    i need friends although i cant be with them the whole time coz the mission i wanna go for it which is mend my relationship with my gf who live in amman 1 month ago
  • ok send me Email
  • How the weather like in Amman end of Nov? Is it still ok to enjoy the hotel pool?
  • dear Crisz;
    it will be cool and some hotel have warm pool
    Golden Escort Tourism
  • Hi,

    I will travel to Jordan in December with a Thai passport. Can I obtain a multiple entry visa at the airport since I will travel to Syria by bus and return to Jordan?
  • Hi Friends,

    I am working in Jubail, I am here from last 3 months my visa was extended 3 times during this period. I am currently on Visit Visa. Now while going to India I want to visit Jordon may be for 2 or 3 days?

    But when I enquired about Visa I came to know that Jordon Embassy is in Riyadh and Jeddah, which are very far from Jubail. I just want to know how can I get visa for Jordon?
  • Hi, I am a Filipina, I just want to ask what are the Requirements by applying tourist visa in Jordan just for 2 weeks vacation? I am currently living in UAE.

    here below my email address:
  • HI,



    Alpesh kadam
  • Hi,

    I have entered Jordan on 6th March 2011 on a 3 month multi-entry visa valid till april 19th 2011. My return ticket is on 7th of April 2011. Now since it is more than one month after entry will the immigration ask for police registration. Because one of my colleague had applied for police registration and it took 1 month for him to get it done. And I don't have that much time left. Will the immigration allow me to pass through or should i reschedule my ticket?

  • Hi Arun,
    I have to confess that I want to ask you a question with regard to the process of entering Jordan, and that I don't have an answer for your own question. I am planning a visit in a couple of days, and I was wondering if as an Indian citizen you needed to get Security Approval before entering Jordan, even though we are eligible to get visas at the airport? I read on the IATA website, that even though a visa on arrival system is available, Indian citizens need Security Approval prior to entry. Can you confirm if this is necessary?

  • Hi Ranjit,

    There is no need to get any permission as far as I could see. You get visa on arrival in Jordan. But of course convincing the immigration authorities in india that it is visa on arrival is a completely different thing :)
  • I have Iraqi passport do I need visa transit to Jordan to go to USA.

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