Libya safe for women travellers?
  • Looking for safety information for female travellers going to Libya.
    My husband is worried about the threat of terrorism, and violent and petty crimes - are these realistic concerns?
    I will be accompanying my husband on a business trip to Libya, I want to do some tours and see the country, will it be safe for me to travel alone, especially in a Muslim country?
    Am I required to wear a head scarf?
  • globetrotter_za
    Going there as a female tourist is good and you are going to enjoy you stay there in terms of crimes or terrorism Libya is calm and good no heavy crimes as you thing and bad things are not relly happening there you can put on your normal dress and live your life as you went though there are muslim country many christains are living there.

  • Hey!! Its not at all safe to go alone in Libya for a foreigner. I have been in Libya for more than a year. There have been reported cases of killing and robbery of foreigners for money. Even i faced a bad situation, in which i lost my laptop and my mobile. They threatened me knife and banged me severely. I was admitted in hospital and then I came to know by the hospital personnel, that there have been 4 similar cases in one month and a serious case in which an Indonesian was killed for money.
  • Thanks to both of you for your replies. Now it seems I'm back to square one with one person saying it's a great country and the next saying it's not. Maybe I'll get some more responses first before making up my mind.
    Global_Bush_Tours where would you recommend in Libya?
    Advisor where were you when those terrible things happened, I'm glad the hospital staff treated you well, but it sounds like a very scary situation.
  • Globetrotter - my first couple of times to Libya I went as a solo female traveller. I had a driver/guide all the time and never felt unsafe or threatened in any way. From time to time the government close areas to protect foreigners and the travel company will know about this and make alternative arrangements for you. Take all advice with a grain of salt, people have bad experiences in many other countries also. My advice is to go with it, enjoy it, Libya is truly a magnificent country. Dress very modestly and no you do not need a head scarf, unless you are Muslim then by all means. If you want more info on Libya just drop me an email and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Hi Lesley.
    My boyfriend is going to libya soon and i have planned to visit during his stay. I have been reading through some of the discussions on this site. I am just wondering is it safe for me to travel on my own until i reach him? I had planned to book flights but hadnt realised it would be better to book through a company? if i go for 10 days or 2 weeks, do i need a visa and the arabic writing on my passport?
  • Lesley, i forgot to mention i would be travelling from Ireland.
  • Hi Mer - in order for you to visit Libya you will need a visa and this can be obtained by contacting a Libyan travel company. My understanding is that you should still have the Arabic translation but it is unclear at the moment. Your best information for this will come from the Libyan embassy who will give you the correct procedure.

    You are not able to travel in Libya by yourself, you must be with a tour company and if you are by yourself then you will have a driver/guide. I do not advocate a single female travelling in Libya alone.
  • Thanks Lesley for all your help.
  • Lesley.......I have been working in Libya now for 3 years and love it.........My family comes and visits regulary and they do travel on there own (Wife and Daughter)......Have your husband arrange a driver through his work. The Local people he works for have friends that will be more than willing to transport you to the different destinations that you want to see. They are a proud people and because you are aquainted with a person your husband works with he will be willing to please and will keep you safe.

    Traveling in Libya is no different then anywhere else in the world....Repect the country and the people and they respect you.....back home in you flash your computer or cash, someone will want different then here in Libya. Wear cassual clothes and nothing to ravealing and you will be head covering required.

    As for the Aribic translation it is still required ..... I have known persons whom have not had the translation come in a tourist and be turned back.

    Have fun
  • Hi Kevin - brilliant post and thanks for that. Problem is though that our poster Mer is visiting boyfriend rather than husband. Will that make a difference? Sorry now you have me asking questions...............and you are right, I love Libya and find it a wonderful country.
  • Hi Kevin and Lesley. Thanks a million for both your comments but my concern is also that i am not married, will this be an issue? Thanks for letting me know about the translation too. Glad i know before i arrive.
  • I have just finished a one years work in Libya (Tripoli) and can honestly say I have experinced nothing bad there (other than the driving!). My wife and 13 year old son have also visited numerous times and have been out on their own. I would suggest you find a known driver to take you around, or a reputable travel/toursim company (there are many). Officially the Arabic translation of passport is not now required, but would suggest that if you can, get it done.
    Libya has fantastic potential as a tourist destination and I reckon another 10 years will see big changes in the infrastructure. Get in now, while its relatively unspoiled!
  • Thats great, Thanks John. Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to it now.
  • why do I need to book with a tour company if I have a Libyan citizen there who will act as my guide and be able to transport me as needed. can this citizen be my tour guide?
  • Cindy - if your friend will be able to gain you a visa then by all means. This person should investigate through the consulate in Tripoli and find out the rules in relation to a private visit. Tour guides are normally from licenced travel companies but in your case there maybe different rules and regulations. I suggest you both contact the embassy to find out further information

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