Is Macau safe?
  • How safe is Macau? I'm a female traveller travelling on my own and I'll only be arriving in Macau quite late at night, is it a safe city at night and is it easy to find a hotel on the day or will I need to book in advance? If anyone has information on whether or not Macau is safe I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Also are there any tourist scams, I know the rest of China has some scams and sometimes it's difficult to go places unless you're part of a tour group - is this true for Macau as well?
  • If you are arriving late at night it would be better to be booked in. The city is safe enough but can be a little confusing.

    The main attractions for many visitors are the casinos. The other sites are mostly related to the Portuguese period of occupation and are easily visited on foot.
  • Thanks so much, that's great advice.
  • the rest of China has scams? you got things backwards. Macau is a city thats based on casinos. do you know the connection between gangs, and gambling?

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