Travelling in Vietnam safety information
  • I'm going to Vietnam and was wondering if anyone has any information about scams and safety information in the country. Is travelling in Vietnam safe? I've heard many stories about pickpockets in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi as well as lots of scams in the Mekong Delta, Da Lat Highlands and Sapa and Ha Long Bay, does anyone have any advice on how best to avoid travel scams in Vietnam?
  • Fact: your biggest danger as a tourist in Vietnam is getting knocked over by a car while crossing a road. As for crimes targeted at tourists: look out for motorbike muggers snatching bags and cameras.
  • I've heard the roads a really insane and difficult to cross. Any tips on the pest way to cross a road in Vietnam?
  • No sudden movements. Breath deeply. Walk calmly. Let the traffic flow around you.
  • Thanks David, it sounds quite daunting but I'll give it a try.
  • the information provided here seems to be very realistic as well as useful for me too... i was looking for the same information and now i got this one..thanks alot for this
  • i'm a tourist in hanoi right now. there's no difficulty in cross a street in hanoi. you just walk across and the vehicles will avoid you. as for scams. the only thing is the taxi drivers. use only mai-linh group taxi when you get around. they are the safer-est taxi group in hanoi.

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