Safe for a woman alone in Croatia?
  • Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in Croatia? I don't know a lot about eastern european culture, but can someone enlighten my borat-addled mind? Will I be hassled a lot by men if I go to Croatia on my own, or is it not safe? Do i need to find a travel partner?
  • Absolutely safe and Croatia has very little crime in the country. I've lived here for many years as a foreigner and we have clients asking the same thing. I've never had an issue personally, or any clients coming by themselves, or with groups or friends. You can feel safe travelling alone, but obviously use the general caution you would anywhere else in the world for personal safety.

    Hope that helps.
  • It is safe in Croatia, you would be suprised of it's easy going life-style. Percentage of criminal is much less than in UK, Spain,Italy, Chech or other tourist destinations.

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