Weather in Seoul in November
  • I will be going to seoul in November the twenty forth and I would like to know the temperature there.
  • Hey lollipop, Seoul is very cold at that time of year: expect lows of O degrees Centrigrade (that's 32 Fahrenheit), and highs of 10 degrees. Dress warm!
  • I am going to South korea from 12/12/08 till 19/12/08.. just want to know is it the winter time overthere?? any snow fall during this time of year??
  • Guy and lollipop - check out the Word Travels guide to south korea. It has weather and climate info and lots more too!
  • if you go to seoul in january
    there will be much cooler
    guy ~ in december there will be a lot of snow fall and under 0 degree
    p/s if you were there remember to enjoy their Korean style steamboat (quite
    similar with chinese steamboat)
    it will be very comfortable for having steamboat in korea winter
  • since you all advise... korea at the moment is winter time.... and Beebee advise to try the korean steamboat...

    i heard Dongdaemun Market... lots of things to shop . and any advise for foods that i can try within that area?? how about others places such as Nami Island, Everland.....
  • Can anyone provide with the Korea Map that comes with the name of each city and places of interest ? Thank you.
  • We are going to Korea for the first two weeks of October ... what can we expect for weather? Also wondering if anyone knows of any orphanages that we can visit and give a gift in kind donation?
  • i am going to korea on September 24-27, what weather can i expect at this time of year.
  • i am going to korea on january 1/2010, what weather can i expect at this time of year
  • Am planning of going to korea end of november this year..anyone could inform me what the weather like? thank you
  • Am planning of going to seoul end of november this year..anyone could inform me what the weather like? thank you
  • I am going to visit Seoul towards the end of November for the first time.

    I have read that:-

    Avg. Temperature
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    28 32 42 55 64 72 78 79 70 59 45 33

    Avg. Max Temperature
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    35 40 51 65 73 81 85 86 79 68 53 40

    Avg. Min Temperature
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    20 24 33 46 55 64 72 72 62 49 36 25

    Avg. Rain Days
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    2 1 4 4 7 8 9 9 6 4 5 2

    Avg. Snow Days
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    5 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2

    More snow is expected in January with more rain is expected from April to October.

    I presumed that the weather in South Korea or North Korea would be more or less the same.

    You may want to visit for more details

    Thank you.

  • hye,,, I am going to seoul 27 jan - 5 feb 2010... just want to know,, can i expect any snow fall during my time there,, tq
  • just came from seoul korea from December 27-january 1 2010. The weather was really very cold. Very much different from the US. Quite windy in Seoul that"s why the weather was very cold . The temperature when I was there was something -21 degrees C. Be prepared to keep your self warm.I stayed at Holiday Inn Seongbuk for the 2nd time around because people at the front desk are very helpful to assist you.Try checking accuweather seoul korea or seoul korea to know if it is going to snow or rain showers. My kids had fun. There was a snow shower last Dec 27. We also went skiing at yongpyong. We might go back this December 2010 but this time skiing at yongpyong.
  • heh tq chinggay for ur helpful info,, i might be going earlier on 25th.. by travel agency, may i know which ski resort is nearer to seoul city.. tq
  • To lamak, Yongpyong ski resort is the most popular ski resort because of the korean telenovela Winter Sonata. However, according to our Korean tour guide Yang Ji Resort is much nicer and the slopes are quite bigger and longer. It is a little bit farther from YongPyong.Maybe will try it this december 2010. My family is already planning to stay at any ski resort for 5 days and 4 nights. However, expect that things in Korea are expensive.Try googling yongpong or Yang ji or Phoenix Ski Resort seoul korea or even Jisan resort. If i remember it right Yongpyong has 31 slopes. In a way these infos may help you alot.If you have time try checking this website: look for the ski tour.As for the weather try checking every now and then accuweather or seoul korea.
  • thank you chinggay... 4 d info.. lots of usefull info i got from this forum,,, cant wait to be in seoul this 25th...
  • chinggay..yobuseyo!I'm planning to visit south korea this yearand this would be my first time, i don't know the exact document needed in my travel would you mind helping me by sending me the papers needed?does korea really cold?does korea is an expensive place?thanks..
  • chinggay..its me again!does English is widely spoken there?do i have to be interviewed by the Korean consulate?is it hard going there?does Korean people are friendly?
  • Dear Cielo,
    Are you from the Philippines? If you are, these are the documents needed : Application form which you can download it at their website.1 pc passport size colored picture (recent),Passport original(if you still have your old passports with all your past travels, submit it when you applied. This is very important.,Photo Copy of passport First page,Photocopy of US,New Zealand,Canada, Japan or countries that requires visa,Employment certificate (Photocopy),Bank certificate (Original),ITR (Income tax return (Photocopy). Once accomplished, you may go to Korean Embassy at 18th flr The Pacific Star Bldg 1226 Makati Ave. Makati City. Tel 632-811-6139.When you apply, you have to be there early bec, they just accept application from 9-11 am only. The processing takes 3 days and it is gratis.No interviews,just give your application together with the documents mentioned. Korea is an expensive place. The food is expensive, the taxi is expensive, shoppings quite expensive. In other words, everything is expensive.If you've been to Japan, Korea is less expensive than Japan, and more expensive than Singapore.But the place especially Seoul is very nice to visit. The best season is Spring time.That is April. Because the weather is just right. Not too warm nor too cold.Very few speak English. You have to play by your ears if you are already lost.You can tell a korean if he knows how to speak English. Just by the looks.
    I hope ,these things will be able to help you.
  • I guess, i will be having a hard time in seoul, not many people speak english huh,, i think it will be hard to bargain in the market,,,
  • seoul has 4 season .
    spring summer fall and winter
    3-5month is spring.
    6-8month is summer.
    9-11month is fall.
    12-2month is winter.
    but now late spring and early summer
    so today is warm and shiny weather
    if you go to seoul you must bring your t-shirts and umbrella
    and 11month little cold so you must bring your coat and thick clothes
  • Hi, I'm going to korea on 15 November. I just wanted to know the weather there cuz its the first time im going there ><
  • i am going to korea this 19 Nov. want to know whether is still autumn or turning winter..and can i still see autumn this time of the year.
  • Hi all, i will be going to Korea this November 22 2010, hv doubts what kind of clothes to bring there, must I bring a down jacket there? Anyone, can advise?
  • hey yumi, jj, juvieo do you guy go Korea with tour guide?
  • May i ask is there any probability of snowing on 28th Nov and the subsequent days in Seoul?
  • mmm... that depend oh...
    do you like to go ski?
  • ya... never try be4...
  • must be fun^^
    are you going with friends?
    do you want go ski in seoul area?
  • ya if my budget permit me to do so...^^
  • Hi 3r1cl33

    If you take a look at the weather forecast on sites such as you will be able to find out about the specific weather forecast for this time of year. I think it has already snowed once in Seoul already this month and so you should definitely be prepared for cold weather when you go there. There are lots of activities that you can do in Seoul and some parts of the city, like Gangnam, sometimes have snow machines that create snow on the sidewalks. There is also a great ice-skating rink close to Seoul Station. Seoul is a great place to visit during the winter as the city really gets into the winter spirit.

    Have fun!
  • Hi Sally_za

    May i ask which transport accomodation sud i use to travel to Seoul from Incheon International Airport?
  • hi all
    I wish to travel to Seoul on 3 November 2011
    whats the weather there and what types of clothes i need to wear
  • hi!we are planning to visit seoul &amp; nami island this coming autumn.may we know the best month for autumn season where we could see the leaves changin its colors.thanks!
  • Would you please tell me how to take a subway from Lotte Hotel to Dongdaemun? I haven't used a subway before but would like to give it a try this time. Thank you!
  • hi i wana travel to busan with the help of any tour operator. can u suggest me any ? i wana travel in october last week.
  • hI, Im planning to go skiing in Seoul in November. do u think it's a good time and where should i stay for a week holiday there? thanks

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