Sufficient travel fund scam
  • Met someone in london sent her money for a ticket to the us she is a us citizen but when she got to the airport they wouldn't let her board becase she needed sufficent travel funds is this something true or am I getting scamed for 2500 dollars
  • If she is a US citizen how can she need funds to enter the US again? That sounds very strange. Additionally UK immigration would never check sufficient funds, only on the arrivals side. Sounds like a .... scam!!
  • I am confused that what the airport authority has to do with the fund passengers were having .
  • William, so was it really a scam? My friend mentioned something very similar. He met her online and she claimed to be US citizen. Any feedbacks so I can advise him properly? Thanks!
  • well everybody has their opinion about life i met my wife jenny when she was schooling in london i sent her money for ticket and we turned out great we have two kids now and we are loving our lives together
  • i have the same situation: girl in london says shes neeeds "sufficient funds" to board. i asked american airlines internatioanl flights and theyve never heard of it. was any of the women you mention named olivia stone - nickname tawny?
  • hi everyone i like some advise here,,, have a situation i meet this girl on line,,, she lives in london uk i been talking to her for awhile now, so she say that she wants to bee together,,,and she asked me for money to fly to america so i send her the money,,, but than she say she need more because the uk emigrattion needs a proof of sufficient traveler funds, so in american money is like $4000 dollars,,,but what got me wonder is that she claim to bee a us citizen,,, so why they asking her for that crap, i never hear about STF to travel,,pls any advise of what i should do it will help,,, because she is making this relation look so real and sound's so tru that i'm confuse,,,so if any one have been scam or hear about girls doing this i like to know the names that they use cos she send me alot's of pictures of hers friends,, and the names, because what is crazy they all are to hot to bee single and lonely,,, so guys please help cos i'm so confuse,, that i was very closer to send the money,,,,help please,,,,,
  • crazycod - you are being scammed my friend. This is a classic set-up, been done thousands of times before exploiting the lonely hearts out there.
  • hey david thanks for your advise i think i was scammed i thank's god i did not send the big money,,, but was closer to do so,,,,you know i tell her that if she really wants to get together i tell her that how about if i come and get you,,, and see for my self what's with the STF crap,,, cos i never hear about it at any air port,,,, than she did not say nothing so i have not read from her now,,,,anyway a big long hitory about a guy he got scammed with more than $10 k,,, and the history it sound so real, about what they what talking just by mail,,, just like i and her,, how can bee peoples like that in this world,,, my god,, well soon or later they will pay,,, or they will mess with the wrong person,, that they will hunt for them,,, cos is easy to track an ip address,,, but thanks again david,,,
  • hello my friend jack sorry to tell you this but she is scaming you, is not such thing as STF and she is not an american cityzen, they always say that,,, do not send any more money, you want great story that happen to me just two month's ago my friend but is trut,, i have so much to say that is not room,,,and about annita bruce i have pictures that jennifer the girl scam me she send me pictures of hers friends also, and one hers name is anita if i see a picture of her i can tell you if is here,,, o boy they are good to do that they make it look so real,,, that you think is trut, but nothing of that is trut, nothing,, you can either place a photo of her here so i can see it or send it to my email,, but not more money my friend,,,,
  • US citizen do not need any proff of what you are talking about, now its your time to have fun, keep playing tue game, make fake copies of money transfer, such as wester union, and make her to believe she is getting the money, at the end of the game, tell her you decided to bring a girl from Sweden, instead...!!!best wishes and have fun
  • Hey I meet a girl on from Newark NJ. we exchange emails she tells me she is at her dads place in colorado and tryin to get things straightened out with her dads house cause he has passed away then she flys to the UK to get her inheritance from her dads lawyer and now she wants to come back to the USA and needs ((BTA)cause she cant get her money until she is married or pays for the fees to get it. what do I do? any suggestions
  • This Suffiecent Travelers Fund (STF) is a SCAM. I have sent this document to BAA (british Airport Authority) and they confirmed that this is a scam.
    WARNING not only girls try to get money this way, also MEN. I was lucky to check first.

    A counrty you leave will never asks for this. It is possible although that the counrty you ENTER will ask if but never in way like 1000 or more pound or dollars in cash.
  • Been talking with this girl in the U.K. and have sent her a ticket to come to the U.S. Now she tells me she needs $3000 for sufficient travel funds before she boards the plane. Is this correct? She has a round trip ticket.
  • Hey Ed, her name wasn't Karen was it?
  • Can anyone tell me if these STF scammers have ever used wire transfers from a bank instead of western union?
  • Are yall that lonely, dumb, nieve, and stupid.....Sorry to be so fukin blunt but did you just graduate kinder care yesterday..... or are you grown men? How dose one fall for this, do you not see the scam in your face? How do you think a hot woman is really going be on the web surfing for a web geek. I understand being lonely can suck but dose it make you the man of the short bus. After reading all these guys that sent money I have one thing to say, please don't breed!!!!
  • Hi everyone,

    Here's a link to our guide on how to spot Online Scams and how to avoid them.
  • I was chatting with a woman named Jenny Brown for 6 months and she lives in London. Had duel UK/US citizenship and worked as a nurse. She sent me pics of her, her friends, her at friend’s wedding and her at church. She says she is Catholic, used trust me and have faith in me allot. Her dad left her mom in the US and mom died of an illness in London. She said she did not have a phone and would not give me her address at first. She has called me once from a phone booth and eventually gave me here address to send money WU. I Google mapped her address and it's a home in London. I sent here 300 to only get a copy of a fake AA ticket and the $1000 STF scam in an email. I told her that I am not working and have little money so I can't send any more money. I also told her that I would check with the airline and LHR about it. She says I need to talk with UK immigration about the STF? I believe she may keep trying or I will never here from her again after that.
  • I have just gone through a divorce and some friends and family talked me into trying this online dating thing. The first girl I met wanted my e-mail address to start talking back and forth. Then she wanted me to get a yahoo messenger so we could chat. After just 5 days of correspondence, she sends me an e-mail telling me she is falling in love with me and then proceeds to send me an e-mail telling me that her grandmother who she lives with is about to be kicked out of her apartment if she does not come up with the past due rent money. She claims I am the only person she can turn to and that she will pay me back the money as soon as her grandmother's retirement check comes next week. She has sent me many photos of not only her, but her with her grandmother and her friends. She is asking for a large sum of money from someone she has only known for a week. I told her I would like her to call me so I could at least hear her voice, (so I could confirm it was indeed a woman I was speaking to), this annoyed her a bit but she then went to a payphone and called me with a calling card, which unfortunately came up as a private number. What makes me even more leary, several e-mails back she told me she had a british accent, because her father was British, but the girl who called me on the phone had no such accent, and almost sounded Jamaican. Such as, "I'm sowwy I had to call you from the phone boot, my grandmas phone been has turn off". Would I be completely out of my mind to send this girl money? It sucks because I was really beginning to like what I was hearing from her in her e-mails, perhaps she was just trying to tell me what I wanted to hear. :(
  • I have very funny story about girl friend Scam....
    We chat ..she is Amarican British. DR Julie White.
    7 days long chat from dating site..she syas she comming back to UK and short of money its acually today she ask money from me 850 pound through the Western Union. lol...
    what do you think?
  • I've been communicating with a very lovely, younger lady from London for a long time. We've exchanged pictures and she wanted for us to meet. She first suggested that I come over to London, but because of work and timing, I couldn't make it. So i suggested she meet me in DC in September. FIne. I've talked to her on the phone and definitely sounds British and I've sent a small amount to her, using her address, to get shots.

    She doesn't make much and I agreed to pay for her ticket. But she hit me with this BAA STF which she has to pay, but which the person gets back once they land in the U.S. It was $3000. Against my better judgement, even though I could not find out anything about it, I sent it to her. Then, just today, she shows me a formal looking document stating the STF has gone up $2000 more. Yikes. The document is signed by Capper Aston, Dir of Immigration on BAA letterhead. I've googled his name and can't find him anywhere. AND, what would immigration have to do with someone going to ghe U.S.?

    Have I been scammed?

  • I think a lot of these woman are looking for rich boyfriends to carry on long-term relationships as long as you give them something every now and then. One even suggested that I pay her an allowance. And she's in London. I get the feeling I'm paying for a woman who lives off of men's generousity for a rump in the hay every couple of months. It would be one thing to keep a mistress/girlfriend who happens to live in the same state, but overseas??

  • To BT:

    Most women ONLY want western union transfers. And Moneygram won't send to the U.K. unless it's a few hundred. Tried to set up PayPay for the woman and she totally refused. Interesting.
  • To William Bennett

    Read my story above. Same thing about that damn STF, but I can't find anything on any British site that mentions it.
  • Smells like a SCAM
  • Well i gues it is insufficient fund in the pocket that is conflicting with the so called STF. i meet my wife kate in a dating site, i sent her STF and honestly she came we are expecting our second child. I hope it would be a female this time.
  • Watch out for this scam and someone named keisha Smith. She is a s amnesty and uses a porn stars pictures
  • does it really need a proof of sufficient fund before i could travel UK
  • I believe I have been scammed By a Brooke Bush living in UK dance teacher I sent dollars for a ticket to come here Very convincing , She enjoys tennis. She came back for money for STF said she could not board till she had 1500 pounds now it is 3000 pounds. I have been putting things off till I verified this. Please hand me the full truth Thanks.
  • @yabbay

    There is no such thing as a 'sufficient funds' requirement. No airline will require you to hold any amount of cash in order to board the plane. She's scamming you... don't pay!
  • Anyone hear of a girl who goes by the name of Melinda Wayne claiming to be an American citizen living in the UK with the same MO as above? Avoid her. She has a great line and all the answers but is a scammer of the first order. She claims to be broke all the time and in love with you from the first. What a crock. Avoid this kind of crap. She claims to need the immegration funds. Wants 3000 but never mentions what currency or why that amount.
  • my boyfreind has been corresponding with a girl living in the uk that claimss she is from seattle...this was before we met..she had the story her mom died and she had an inheritance of 14 million coming to her but needed to get married and make my boyfreind the benificiary. he had sent her a substancial amount of money ,some off which was to be an stf to come visit him...she was a no show at the airport.....she also professed her undying love to him as well....please please people do NOT fall for these scams...we r still dealing with this today......her name is PAMELA WOODS....SUPPOSEDLY FROM OLDHAM UK....
  • Has anyone heard of a Kate Brown. She claims to be British and has sent about 8 or 9 photos. She has sent me some voice memos with a strong British accent. I had wired her 100 dollars to keep her internet service going. She claims to have $36,000 in USA but can't get to it in Nigeria! When I asked if myself or government official can access it she said no. Her parents Wayne and April died in a car accident visiting UK in the 2000's.

    She also lost a son Daniel to skin cancer. She has one friend Katherine Sanusi that is currently helping with the Ebola virus in Ghana. Katherine is the one with the smart phone to take pics and such. Kate messages me everyday for a month and claims to love me and wants to visit in March. Our plan is for her to save 150 a month while I save 100 until we each 1300 in March for her to come visit for weekend.

    We have cyber once a week and are really into each other but I cannot prove she is real. The weird thing is sometimes I get emails from her while we are chatting in messanger like there is a group. Like there is A)

    the girl in the pictures (with British accent) then B) someone else texting me! When I challenged her she freaked and I got the WTFs you don't trust me well I'll have to prove it. After paying 20 borrowed dollars for a wrong number call. She said is this Jack, he said yes. Then when texting she said how good it was hearing my voice and I told her it was not me. She then borrowed more money and walked to a pay phone

    and called me and I heard her voice live for the first time. Now I know pay phones around the world may be

    crappy signal but she didn't sound British but like a local. I keep that in mind as I either try to get the scammer to get caught in lie or bring home my new love in March.

    Help! Jack

  • Jack again!


    I forgot to mention she works or says she works for Liason to US Embassey in Ogun State Nigeria. When I wired her the 100 I had to send to Katherine Sanusi her mentor because Kate has no mail her card expired or something. I am in love with Kate or Katherine?  I want the girl in the pictures with the British accent not the strange accent girl on phone??? How can get proof of her? Something to ask or verify. She claims she was born in USA to British parents both deceased has living GrandMother in Bournemouth England.

  • Obviously you cannot see that Katherine does not exist and that you are being groomed for a scam.
    A British woman who lives in Nigeria and claims to work for US Embassy is utter nonsense. How can you love someone you have never met or even seen , that's nonsense too.
    Your being scammed and played for a fool and your the only one who cant see it.

  • I have a lady named Nancy Johnson who is using the STF thingy. I went to ecuador for a paperwork from her dad estates thenon to london to meet her and she went to hospital for her momma. no show now she says she has to have STF at airport before she can alight to here in the USA MichiganI think I was scammed all the way around although she had a financier named Robert who paid all flights of mine plus hotels and food Dont know waht to think of her at this point other than she keeps wanting more money. She says she has 28 coming to her ????
  • There is no such thing as STF . Its an excuse made by scammers when they don't show up. How do you know if this person (it could be a man) has even set foot outside the internet cafe?
    You have been travelling to Ecuador and London all paid for by a complete stranger? Are you crazy? That is how drug mules are set up for example.
    Now this woman is asking for more and more money, you have been well and truly scammed and may have been used for something illegal.

    She doesn't have 28 million buttons!!  You need to wise up and get away from this scammer as fast as you can
  • Hello there  was a scammed by internet emails to someone, so the person called "Geovan resse" saying he is military, sargeant major.. from Usa, and he has a daughter 19 years old, studying at Campus University in USA law, and he appears that he is wealthy and rich... and after emails withsomeone he said he got a retire paquet (Diamonds parcel) and the that he will send it to me, for me to buy a house, and car, and then he will retire in Dec 2014, so, someone contacted me by email and phone, saying he is Daniel Feldman, diplomatic of US for pakistan and Siria government... He asked me that should pay the taxes in Holland to release the parcel...and then, again to pay the taxes in London. And money was sent by Western Union... Anyway, the person lost 20000 Eu, and after that there was another person "Eddy Belfort" contacting again a person... etc...
    We need to stop this kind of Crime, especially in Europe.. They are in many countries, as the person sent first money to Hollande, and then after two days money to ENgland... So, we all need to be aware that his kind of persons are well educated and guess they have a degree in Sycologyst or whatever.... It is very sad history.. The person had paid and lost a lot of money...
  • Hi Marica. I hope you didn't pay anything! You seem to have realised this is a scam, so I assume you are just posting this to warn other people. This is a common sort of scam.
  • Hi Ella!... IT was paid unfortunately, as the person was feeling alone and suddenly this person appeared to be the right man for her... So, there are still many people around the world very innocent about scam and especially we do need to teach this to the children.... We have to create more information or videos, or whatever to make sure the people, children, teeneager, old people, etc.. knows about this kind of crime... Do you have any idea how to claim this kind of crime? thank you

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