Paua Shells.
  • Hi, does anyone know if we are able to take CLEAN Paua shells overseas?? If so do i need to declare them or get some sort of paper for them. it's the first time i've tried to take them and that last thing i want is for them to be thrown away at the airport. Please help. Many thanks
  • We didn't try to bring back just the plain shells, but we certainly brought back jewelry made with them with no problem. Hope that helps!
  • There should be no issue in taking them out of the country... they're not protected in anyway, as far as I am aware. Taking them into *your* country (whichever that is) will be a different matter!
  • Can I bring empty paua shells into Australia - these are over 12 months old and cleaned thoroughly? Thanks
  • i would take them and declare them ,they will soon let you know if you cant take them ,a friend took them back to UK no problem

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