Visa for India
  • Can anyone tell me how I can go about getting a Visa to travel to India without having to go to the Indian Embassy in Brussels? I live in Luxembourg and travelling to Belgium would be extremely difficult given my work schedule. Any advice is appreciated.
  • NO othere way around except going to Indian embassy

    Rahul Sood
  • As I understand it you can get a visa if you go through a travel agent and forward along with your passport a copy of your marriage certificate if you have one or other proof of identity. The travel agent will be able to assist. I have even gotten a visa to India from Thailand although I am an Australian passport holder and this is the way I do it. Hope this helps.
  • There are only two way to get indian Visa.

    One, from Indian Embassy

    You need to spend a little time and less money

    Two, from Travel Agent

    You do not need to spent a time but be ready to spend a money.

    have a nice day
  • To all who gave advice - thank you! You were all quite correct! I contacted the Indian Embassy in Brussels and they told me how to contact the Indian Consulate here in Luxembourg. They made is easy and were helpful and efficient. I now have my visa and am good to go! Happy travels to you! TLight

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