Visiting Korea
  • Hi, Can anyone tell me if you have been deported from Japan for overstaying your visa. Are you allowed to enter Korea? My friend was deported from Japan in 2006 for overstay. She now wants to visit me in Seoul. She has got a new passport because her old one expired. There are no details of her been deported in her new passport. I am wondering if the immigration officials will know of her past. Anyway, i will appreciate it if you can add your comments.
  • Questuk, why not just get your friend to apply for a tourist visa at the South Korean embassy ahead of her visit...that way she'll know whether or not they'll allow her in.
    I don't think she'll have a problem though, especially as it's not South Korea's immigration laws that she's broken. Also as long as she has a return ticket booked. But to be safe she should apply for a visa before arrival.

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