Safety in South Korea
  • I'd like to know more about safety in South Korea. There is a lot on the news about the tension between the North and South. Is South Korea still a safe country to travel to. Do the military drills and tensions affect everyday life in South Korea. Will the tensions affect people who wish to travel to South Korea for tourism? I know that trips to the DMZ are best avoided at this time, but what other areas should tourists to South Korea avoid for the time being?
  • I wouldn't be worried. It's understandable for a tourist who wishes to visit the country to raise such concerns, but the reality is, the likelihood for war breaking out on the Korean Peninsula is very low. Tensions between the North and South have existed since the end of the Korean conflict over fifty years ago. You can safely visit any part of the country. As for seeing the DMZ, you can only go as part of an escorted tour, anyway. And they wouldn't go if there were issues.
  • Good to know, thanks Miles. Have you been on a DMZ tour, is it worth booking or is it something that can be skipped on a trip to South Korea?
  • hi sally im a korean who lives in the US, if u wanna go to DMZ no problem about it, theres no like dangerous tension to foreigners. if u wanna see how north koreans and south koreans are opposing, u might wanna go there, and i hope u enjoy korea.
  • No worries. South Korea is one of the most safest countries in the world, despite of North Korea tensions. It doesn't affect people's everyday life at all. Restaurants, shops and other places are working at night. There is light everywhere, u can walk at night, there will be always some people even at 4am. I didn't go to DMZ tour, but I've heard there is nothing special there. People just go there to have unique memory they have seen ''North & South Korea border''. And my own opinion, I think there are a lot more interesting places than DMZ tour.
  • Hii everyone here .....can u please tell me whether South korea is a safe place for an Indian? and i heard that Koreans like white people ! Does it mean that they dont like Indian who are not white ??? Please reply
  • I'm an Indian ...I would like to know what do koreans feel about India and Indians? ..Please reply to my comment .
  • Do they like Indians ??
  • I'm very much addicted to korean dramas and i like the actors like lee min ho , park shin hye.. and only because of it i started liking korea and the people living there and i'm very much interested to learn korean language.... please give me your opinion on this.
  • Anisha:) I am Korean. One Korean movie relaesed in 2010 was taken in India. After seeing the movie, many Koreans get interested in India. They including me want to travel India. However, I am sorry to say that few Korean sometimes don't like Indian because of the smell like curry..
  • In addition, Korea is safe for everyone including Indian.

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