Entrance requirements for Dominican citizen
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    We are a group of 10 that have booked a cruise out of Santo Domingo going to St. Maarten, Dominica, venezuela & Aruba. We leave in 11 days. We are all Canadian/US Citizens and another friend of ours is thinking about going, but his girlfriend is Dominican. I have searched for the entrance requirements for her - and I keep coming up with conflicting information. Some places say a visa is needed, and other places say that a passport will do. From what I could find (unless of course my information is wrong) is that St. Maarten will be the sticking point. Dominica, Venezuela & Aruba are all "visa fee" for Dominicans.

    Could someone please help me out here? I know that since we are leaving in 11 days.....her getting a visa to anywhere isn't going to happen. Our friend wants to surprise her with the cruise...but he certainly doesn't want to say "Surprise....I tried...but you can't go!!" ;)

    Thanks a bunch,
  • hi,

    I'm Alejandro from Turinter a ground handler in the Dominican Republic, if you are going to take the Vision from Royal Caribbean you can take your friend , all she needs is to be in the same cabin as someone else that has a visa or a US Citizen.
  • Excellent! Thank you for the quick reply!

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