Weather - Climate in Johannesburg winter
  • Staying in Johannesburg Mar 27-Apr 6. What can we expect for weather? Cool for sweaters? Coats? Warm? Rainy?
    Thank you.
  • Here is a link for the weather in Johannesburg
  • Sue - weather at that time is still very pleasant, nice and warm with afternoon thundershowers. No coats necessary, but a light fleece or sweater will be good for evenings.
  • to add to the previous posts, you can always take a look at the rough guide online for a bit more general background:
  • What month is good to travel to Durban, South Africa where it is not soo hot in the day time, or is it always hot all year round?
  • Are mosquitos a problem when sitting outside in the evenings in Cape Town?
  • @Johno - mosquitos are not a big problem unless you live next to a pond or lake. Also, there is no malaria in the Cape, so the bites if you get them are an annoyance rather than anything serious.
  • Red - Durban is warm all year round, but its uber-hot and sticky in summer (December - Feb).

    Johno - Davidf has it bang on, there are mossies but they don't tend to cause too much of a hassle. Just cover up in the evenings or spray on some 50% deet spray if you want to be very careful. but really its not necessary, most places you wont even notice them.
  • Red - Very hot and humid in the summer so bring that sunscreen and get in the ocean! ;) And make sure you get some accommodation in Durban that has air conditioning!
  • What is the weather like in August in South Africa? Which part of South Africa is not cold during this period?
  • Jay, Durban is your best bet in August - very pleasant weather, and sea water is still plenty warm enough to swim.
  • This is a good time to be in Jhb. Not too hot or cold. Average daytime about 24C, maybe down to 10C at might. If it rains it will generally be in the afternoon thunder showers which should be lessening off a bit now. Check and select Johannesburg as your town of choice at the top of the page. This is the best weather forecast site for South Africa. Enjoy your trip!

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