Tunisia Crisis
  • Hi i'm Kirsty,, ive currently booked for Tunisia im goin to Sousse for 2 weeks at beginning of april flying from Newcastle UK, do you think anything bad will happen to me? im travelling with my mum & leaving my 2 yr old daughter at home with her grandparents. Im very worried and wondering if i should still go??? Please help!!! and also wot will the temperature/weather be like at that time?

    Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
  • kirst1234 - it is safe here. Foreigners and tourists were always safe during the revolution. Since we have our new PM and our elections in July it is now quiet and calm as before. You should definitely still come - we are ready to welcome you!! The temperature can still be cool in April but Sousse will be mild but the nights are still cool. Don't worry any more, Tunisia is beautiful and we will give you a warm welcome
  • Hello going to Sousse 24th April for a week, can you tell me the temperature to expect? In other words can I lay by the pool all day soaking up the sun!!!!!????. We have been many times to Tunisia but not at this time.
    Thank you. x
  • Pinkie - if I could predict the weather I could be rich LOL!! It will be mild to warm but the nights will still be cool. However, if you are from the UK you will probably think it is hot so you will be fine. We are having some British tourists now who are even swimming brrrrrr.
  • We are still waiting to hear if our travel company are willing to send us to Tunisia with the ongoing conflict in nearby Libya. We are due to fly the end of May to Hammamet to the same resort my parents went to last year, please can you honestly assure us that everything is safe there. The travel company say they may offer an alternative holiday if conflict continues
  • Emmy - Tunisia is safe, safe, safe and ready to welcome you. I live here and can tell you honestly that it is calm now. Yes there are still a few protests in the capitol Tunis but they are peaceful and just demands from unions and such (normal for the democratic world huh??). There are still a few tanks and soldiers around our cities but this is as much to make the citizens feel safe as anything. Hammamet is a very touristique area and is absolutely fine. There are no problems there. While Libya is our neighbour there is no problem and while we support their struggle for freedom it does not affect our society. We have many refugees now on the border with Libya but that is a long, long way from Hammamet. You will not notice anything, believe me. Life goes on and the sun is shining on us now.

    Please come and enjoy your vacation with us.
  • Hi i am going to Tunisia on the 27th we are staying at the Saadia Hotel and bit worried as i have read some reviews and they were not good anyone stayed there
  • Thank you Lesley, that is really really reassuring to hear. My mum and dad took my son to the sol azure hammamet last may and this year we've all been so excited to go together as one big family. I know when my family went last time they were very happy to stay within the hotel complex area, however I would like to venture out for a a few day trips and it was this that was concerning me. Our holiday company have gone from telling us we may be sent on an alternative to nothing for the last few weeks, it seems there's no reason for us not to be coming and I am so excited!! I have read also that you need a doctors letter if you are taking many medications as airport checks are rigorous. I do currently take about 6 perscriptions, is it really necessary to get a drs letter?
  • songest 2007 - I haven't stayed at the Saadia Hotel, exactly where is it? Please remember that our star system rating is not as in Europe. Our 5* is more like a 3-4* and also you get what you pay for as you would know. cheap means cheap here.
  • Emmy - great and we are waiting to welcome you all! I always take a doctors letter detailing the prescription medicines that I take and that's wherever I am travelling in the world. And in all the years I've been coming and going I have never once been asked!! But it certainly can save you from some severe hassle if you are ever questioned. You should keep the medication in it's original packaging as this helps identify.
  • Thanks Lesley, I have spoken to my mum today and told her I've spoken to you and we're all very much relieved and excited, I shall get a drs note just to be on the dafe side, you never know! I've never been on so mnay perscription drugs before so it hadn't crossed my mind previously. I can't wait, 7 and a half weeks to go!! Exctied to meet the people, my parents tell me the people they met are so wonderful and welcoming xx
  • Emmy - we are waiting to welcome you!
  • HI,
  • Ady - it is more than safe in PEK. It is largely populated by foreigners and has had no problems. It is safe and it will be safe. But - it is Ramadan so you need to be aware of that. I think this year Ramadan will finish on or around 11 September but we never know for sure until a few days before hand.
  • We are staying at the New First Choice Holiday Village in Hammamet on the 15th May with my partner and young daughter. I am really excited but also a little nervous with all that has been going on. To make me even more anxious is that we are now flying with a different air line as our tour operator has told us they are condensing the flights due to all the trouble, although they have assured me it's still okay to travel. We only holiday once a year and would hate to have any bad experience.
  • I am UK Citizen going for a holiday in Tunis, from the 15th of April, what is the average tempreture aroung that time of the year and is it better to buy Dinars from the UK or in Tunis?

    Thank you for your assisstance
  • amsmi - it is calm and quiet here so that is something you do not need to worry about. There are no travel warnings from the FCO or any other country anymore which is good. You won't have any bad experiences. Hammamet is a lovely area and lots to do and see so don't worry or be nervous you are going to have a lovely vacation with us.
  • Sly - the temperatures in Tunis are now in the low teens to mid 20c. the tunisian dinar is a closed currency and you cannot buy it or exchange it outside Tunisia so you will need to buy it here in Tunis
  • a friend has told me that she is travelling to tunisia to meet up with someone she has not met before but has been communicating over the internet,i and others are trying to tell her not to go,in fear of many things.We would be happy for her to see the country with company.Is it safe for her to travel alone?
  • Hi there,
    Im looking into booking a holiday for myself and my boyfriend to tunisia in July, looking to stay at Liberty Hotel.
    Would you please be able to advise me on whether it is safe to go regarding everything that has been happening?
    Thank you =)
  • HI Cynthia,we welcome you as well as your friend,its very warm here especially these days and will hottest in the coming days till september!!here everybody enjoyed already the sea and the swimming pool!lool!sont dont be worry of anything!!i work in travel agency and im telling you that eveything is good here,safety,weather,prices sont dont hesitate !!!tunisia welcome you any time ffurther information please dont esitate to ask!!
  • Hi, I am also travelling to the liberty resort hotel in Monastir in 2 weeks. Is it ok to assume that the area will be safe and calm around this time? I understand that the elections take place in July so I hope riots don't break out or anything. Also, are there any areas that we should stay away from as we may do a little bit of travelling to nearby areas/beaches by train or other cheap public transport.

    Thank you :)
  • Colin - it will be more than safe and you won't notice anything. Our elections have now been pushed out to October although we have some protest meetings from time to time. There will be no riots. You can travel safely anywhere in Tunisia without worrying. If you want you can use the louages, these are cheap and will get you around from city to city. They are 9 seater mini-buses and we all use them. I don't advise using the trains, they are dirty, hot and crowded!!
  • Hi, we are travelling to Tunis at the beginning of August, we wi'll spend one night there before going to Algeria, Then we are going back for 1 night to catch plane to england. It is the current situation safe? please can I have your honest opinion and advice. We we'll stay on the capital. We are travelling with 2 children. thanks in advance
  • Hi There,
    We will be on a sea ports ship tour end of July.
    Since we are Israeli citizens, I would appreciate your idea if it will be safe for us to step down the ship for a tour at Tunis and Cartago?
    Thanks in advance and will appreciate your answer to mail - hjudah@orl.co.il
  • abrilsp - it is safe, safe and safer here in Tunis. Tunis, the capital is safe, the streets are safe, you will be safe and so will your children. It is much, much safer than Algeria. But Ramadan begins on 1 August approximately so you should be aware of that and it will be extremely hot - this is probably more what you should be considering.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation
  • Judah - you will have no problem travelling here on your Israeli passports. You can safely take a tour of Tunis without worrying. We have a Jewish population here and the Jewish area of the capital Tunis is very interesting. We have kosher butchers, synagogues so don't worry. However, you will need a visa before you arrive. There is a thread on this site about how to go about organising your visa and I suggest that you read that.

    Enjoy your visit
  • Hi, ive just come back from a weeks holiday in Yasmin Hammamet, and there were no problems what so ever, I was worried myself about going there because of the unrest in Libya, but we had no problems whilst we were there,the locals are very persistent in getting you to go with them to theirs/families shops for example 'I am the waiter from your hotel etc' just dont believe them and walk away some may follow you but if you cross over the road they get the message, they are not trying to intimdiate or harm you they are just desperate for money. Also a simple reply like 'get back to work then' or 'no your not were staying in an apartment' will do to get them off your back. I have to say it was the best holiday I have been on, even better than Turkey last year, we stayed at the Iberostar Chich Khan and it was FAB, best hotel ive been to, and a great place for first time travellers to Tunisia and those who just want to relax. Cant wait till next year to go back!!!!
  • My boyfriend, son and I are going to Port el kantaoui early next month for a week's holiday. In view of the unrest in Tunisia at the moment is it safe to travel there? I believe it is also Ramadan, and as we wish to remain respectful can anyone offer any advice? And finally......my son is only 2yrs old, do most restaurants cater for Children? Aprrciate any help/advice......thanks:-)
  • hi all,how is temperatue at the end of october....thx
  • Hello we are interested in going to Tunisia in the end of october and I was wondering how is weather like there in end of october.
    Also I was wondering if you need to get some immunisation to travel tu Tunisia.
  • Keel, so glad that you enjoyed your vacation and we are waiting to welcome you back!!
  • Saralou - yes, Ramadan begins on 1 August this year. First thing is for you to be patient with us all. Not eating/drinking/smoking during daylight can make us all a bit tetchy especially those who work during the day. So it is polite not to do this in public but rather in the hotel or in the restaurants but not in the street. I always advise the ladies to dress more modestly than they would at home especially when out of the hotel. Longer skirts/pants and loose cotton tops that cover your shoulders will be appropriate. You are lucky as all Tunisians love children and yours will be welcome anywhere!! Don't worry, there will be plenty for him to eat wherever you go although you may want to ask for a little less spicy (hara) than the locals eat. Ramadan nights are wonderful and you will find that after breaking the fast everyone will be out on the street to enjoy the cooler night air, meet friends take coffee so I hope you will all enjoy your visit.
  • Robbie/Majka - it will depend on where you will be in October as to the weather, we have different weather zones here, however, October is mild with cooler nights generally.

    No vaccinations are required for your vacation in Tunisia
  • We are planing to go to Hammamet location.Is it going to be sunny and what about temperature?
  • We are planing to go to Hammamet location.Is it going to be sunny and what about temperature?
  • robbie/majka - it depends on what time of the year you will be in Hammamet. Summer months yes it is very very hot, sunny, sometimes very humid, sometimes windy
  • we are due to go hammamet on 26th oct,will it be safe to travel with my husband and 2 sons?
  • Jo - yes it is safe for you and your family in Hammamet.
  • We are booked to go to hammamet on sept 7th for 1 week, is it safe or should I cancel??

  • I don't know how many times or ways to say this..........yes Tunisia is safe. It is calm, peaceful and we welcome everyone back
  • Lesley, you are so good reasuring everyone to come to Tunisia :-) I am travelling with my family to Hammamet the day after tomorrow, so I am looking forward to the second visit this year. I really hope to enjoy our stay as much as last January just days before the whole unrest started and the weather seems to be so much better!
  • Viorica - welcome back!! I am sure you will enjoy your stay and it is still quite warm so you will even get to swim in the Med this time around.

    Enjoy beautiful Hammamet!!
  • oh I feel a bit jealous of all of you going to Tunisia soon. I love the country and if I could I would go there tommorrow again :) and although I don't live in Tunisia, I can say what Lesley says all the time, that Tunisia is a safe country. I was 3 times in Tunisia over last 20 months, also shortly before the revolution, and I always felt safe there. We drove from Tunis to Tatouine (well, not in one go), Dougga, El Jem, and everywhere was safe and people are nice. I always recommend Tunisia to everyone here in UK :)
    Maybe I should invest and buy a property and in 30 years, when I retire, move to a beautiful Tunisia :)
  • Just came back last night from the sunny and lovely Tunisia! Everything was just great :-) The whole week we had brilliant weather, delicious food and met nice people, so can't complain! And yes it is safe to go there!!! Will defenitely be back!
  • MissBebeti and Viorica - thank you for your feedback and news for others from my Tunisie!! I am so glad that you enjoyed your vacations here and that you want to come back, that's great news and we are waiting with our usual warm welcome for you all.
  • Hi Lesley, Been reading your comments on the fact that Tunisia is now a safe place to visit. We are planning a trip at end of October. Do your recommend any particular resort area that would have better weather this time of year? Not been to Tunisia before but I have been worked door in Libya - but that is another story. Looking forward to making new friends. Regards. Chris.
  • Hi Chris - well a neighbour, welcome to Tunisia! The weather in the Sahel is normally quite nice in October, not hot but not cold either, but the nights tend to get chilly. These are my top spots:

    Nabeul - bit laid back, easy to get around, within easy reach of Tunis and with great restaurants and lovely beach.

    Mahdia - very beautiful old city. Can be a little boring for those who want to club/drink etc!! But the beach is lovely and quite isolated and the medina is worthy of more than one visit

    Hammamet/Sousse - bit towns with lots to do and see

    Djerba is always quite warm but you need a car to get around and back over to the mainland.

    It depends what you want to do on your holiday, if you want more suggestions then I'll be happy to help.

    And you will be interested to know that the population of Tunisia has risen by 10% due to the influx of Libyans LOOOL - you'll feel right at home

    Hope you enjoy your vacation here.
  • Hi there,
    I am planning on going toTunisia and stay for about 10 days in january coming from Barcelona. I will be travelling solo.
    I got a couple of questions:
    1 - I thougth about going another time as i keep seeing that going to the beach is fundamental part of vacation in Tunisia. What´s the winter like in Tunisia in january? Is really worth going to Tunisa in january?
    2 - I am not considering driving. Is it easy (as it is in Marrakech for instance) to find a group tour in Tunis to visit places that are not reachable in day trips? In that case would you suggest any travel agency?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks a lot
  • Hi Brazilian traveller - the weather here in January is cold! It's a little milder on the coastal resorts but it is not beach weather, although I have seen some English trying to sunbake in the wintry sun LOL!! It depends if you want beaches or not, I don't think the beach is a major part of a visit to Tunisia - there is so much more to see and do and whilst our beaches are lovely I can't imagine sitting there day after day.

    You can see many tourist organisations for Tunisia on the internet, I can recommend the following company: info@tunisiadiscoveries.com and they will be able to arrange a very good guided tour for you.

    For the best weather in Tunisia March - June (July/Aug too hot) Sept - November. I hope you will come and enjoy your visit with us
  • Hi Lesley. Thanks for your advice. By the way I am English.I just worked in Libya a few years back. I will let you know how the trip goes.
    Thanks again. Chris.

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