Passport validity questions
  • i'm going back to italy this december 2009, but my passport expires on august 2010.. do i have to renew my passport?
  • Assuming you are a UK resident then no as long as you return at least 3 months before your passport expires.
  • My friend reckons that she wont be able to travel to Europe because her passport will be too NEW! She thinks it has to be valid for 3 months BEFORE she is allowed to use it. I have suggested this is incorrect - but she's incredibly stubborn and reckons she has been told this by a Travel Agent. Can you comment please? Thanks
  • starwars - your friend is delusional. If the passport is valid she can use it! There is no requirement that a passport be a certain age before it can be used.
  • "i\'m going back to italy this december 2009, but my passport expires on august 2010.. do i have to renew my passport?"

    You must RENEW your passport. There have to be 6 months between exit from the country date and passport expiration date. For us passports, you can find order in just 4 days at
  • Hi David and Expert,
    I am a Pakistani national in UK on student visa ,my passport expires in Jan 2011 while I have visa valid upto July 2012. My passport can be renewed by Pakistan embassy. Do I need to transfer my visa to the new valid passport(Is it necessary)? I am very comfortable with the idea of having two passport, with the new one as valid passport while visa the the expired certificate. Can you please clarify this case?
  • hello everyone-
    i have a question. my us passport expires in january 2011 but i have to fly to dakar, senegal at any given moment for my husband's visa interview once we are given an interview date. i have reason to suspect that it will be any day now, meaning that the interview will be in september. i don't anticipate having an issue getting into dakar, because i have dual citizenship and my ecowas passport expires in 2012. my question is, will i have a problem coming back into the states? i plan on being there no longer than 10 days.
    also, i plan on getting a one-way ticket to dakar because my husband and i want to come back together on the same flight, so we are going to get our return tickets together in dakar. would you recommend that, or should i get a round-trip ticket where i can change the dates for free or for a small fee?
    thank you so much!
  • Hi David,

    I'm in a bit of an emergency here. My 85 year old father is in serious condition at the hospital. I live in the US, he lives in France. My passport expires in February 2011. Do I need to renew my passport to go to France asap?
  • Zoomerx - your passport needs to be valid for 3 months so I think you're ok.
  • My passport expires Feb 2011 and I am traveling to Haiti Jan 2011 for 4 days from Canada. Will my passport be valid because it expires in a month from travel date?
  • Hi, im lynn im going back to oman for work within 2 years my flight this month of april 2011 but my passport well expire this coming december 2011, do i have to renew my passport before i go? Answer me please as soon as possible, thanks!
  • I am going to Turkey on 23th of May 2011 to spend my Holiday. I am going back 31th of May 2011. My passport is valid until 8th of November 2011. I am Slovakian and my flight is from UK where I live at the moment. Do I have to renew my passport? Thank you for your advice.
  • Turkey Requires 6 months validity. It means your passport must be valid for 6 more months from your exit day to turkey.
  • Hi, im lynn im going back to oman for work within 2 years my flight this month of april 2011 but my passport well expire this coming december 2011, do i have to renew my passport before i go? Answer me please as soon as possible, thanks!

    Yes, you should renew your passport if you plan to stay their at least until june.
  • Can anyone tell me the validity for a UK passport returning to the UK from Spain. I have a holiday booked for 1 week on the 3rd July to Spain returning to the UK on 10th July my passport expires on 5th Nov 2011
  • Please, could anyone help me?
    I am a Portuguese citizen, I live in Brasil and I am working at Bombardier Transport Brasil. My passaport is valid until 19/Sep/2011 (4 months).
    I will travel to Kingston, Canad
  • PANIC!! I am going to Sweden in 7 days and return 4 days later. My british Passport expires 14 days after my return to the UK. Can I use my UK passport for travel. Also I have an Australian Passport which expires in 5 years but do I need a Visa. I haven't been able to find this out and all the embassies are now closed for the weekend. Margaret
  • Hi David,
    Currently I am in US on H1 visa. My wife has Indian passport and planning to travel to US. Her passport will be expired on 12th of Dec 2011. She has valid US H4 visa valid till Sep 13, 2011. Can she allowed to enter in US after 13th of June 2011? I would appreciate if you could answer this question.

    I am planing to get renewed her passport as soon as she is in US. We are planning to extend H1 in Sep 2011.
  • My canadian passport will expire in December 2011. If I want to travel to Europe in September 2011, will my passport be valid on my return in October 2011?
  • Can I enter the UK with my UK passport which expires in 4 days?
  • Your best bet for traveling to Australia on short notice (for above posting) is to simply obtain an Electronic tourist visa (or, ETA). You do not need a passport valid beyond the 6 months of your arrival date, so long as your passport is valid with the return ticket date. However, in saying that, there must be proof shown to immigration upon entry. For more information on what is allowed, and who qualifies for a short-term electronic visa, visit Australian Visa Info, or EasyETA. In short, Australian ETA visas are a lot cheaper, especially for those of you interested in mostly tourist activities. On a side note, Nana, you MAY enter the UK with your expiring passport, so keep in mind the time change and don't arrive late otherwise you may have to explain the situation and wait in a waiting room until you can prove you are a citizen. Hope this clears some things up.
  • hello, we are travelling to turkey in august 2011, & my daughters passport runs out march 2012, will it be ok to travel?
  • My daughter is going on a school trip to France in July 2011 and her UK passport expires on 7 October 2011. Does it need to be renewed prior to her travelling?
  • @Sheri, @June, @ kritters:

    If you are travelling on a UK / EU passport you can visit any other EU country if the passort is valid, no need for 6 months' validity. Other nationalities will in most instances need 6 months on the passport to gain entry to Turkey.
  • I am a Canadian citizen. I am travelling to Ibiza in two days, staying three nights. My passport expires in September. There will NOT be three months left on my passport. It will be three months, LESS two days.

    Will I be turned away in Ibiza???

    Quick response required please!!!
  • @Carlsberg - the official requirements are you need a minimum of 3 months. However, in practice, the chances of you being deported are very slim if you plead ignorance. It's a tough decision on your part I'm afraid.
  • Cheers for quick response! I think I will jump hoops to get emergency passport. Wish me luck!
  • I am travelling to portugal from Ireland on 15th July 2011 on a family holiday.My Irish passport expires end of November 2011,do I need a new passport?Help!
  • My family are going to Egypt July 2011 & my daughters who is 10 years of age, has oly 10 months on her passport, runs April 2012, are we still able to use her passport or do I need to get a renewal.
    We have heard that as long as 6 mnths are on passport after our exit day from Egypt then her passport is still ok to use, just want to double check that this information is correct.
  • My son age 19 is planning to go to Greece on 1st Aug for 1 week he is a UK citizen & resident his passport expire 7.9.11 Can he travel on it or not ?

  • Hi we are planning to go to Thailand for a holiday in October 2011. We have New Zealand passport. My daughters passport expires in April 2012. Does she need a new passport or can she still travel on her existing one?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hi, we are traveling to tunisia in august,my daughter is 11 & her passport runs out in jan 12,will we have to get her another passport as its not got 6 months date,also do you think i will get her passport back in time or woukd you sugggest doing the fast track,were flying on 16th aug 11,many thanks sarah
  • On August 5, 2011 my family of four are leaving the US (we have US passports)for London to vacation for a few weeks. During our stay we will be taking the Chunnel to Paris. Two or our four passports will expire on 08/21/2011 within days of our returning to the US. Will the upcoming expiration dates cause us problems? Thank you. Judith
  • Hi,

    I am a Danish Citizen living in the Philippines. My passport will expire April 29. Dose I need the 3 month validity or can I go to Denmark first week in April to renew my passport?

    Will I have any problems going back to the Philippines using my new passport?
    I have permanent residency in the Philippines.

  • I go to france on the 9th september 2011 return in 19th septembermy passport exspires october 14 2011 can I still use my passport or do I need to renew it
  • Hello Experts

    Need Urgent Guide

    I have a pakistan passport which expires on 12th Dec 2011. I plan to fly back to Pakistan on 12th Nov 2011. Only one month left before my Passport expires. I am just wondering would there be any problem or am i allowed to go back to home country where i can get my passport renewed?

    I called Pakistan High Commission in Australia and they said you will be alright to fly as long as i have valid visa which i have...But still wondering if someone could shed some more light on it.
  • Hey,

    I go to turkey on the 25th of june for 2 weeks and return on the 9th july. However, my passport expires on 16th July, do I need to renew it?

    Thanks Codie
  • HI, I leave to thailand on 26 June 2012 and my indian passport expire 25 Dec 2012.. is it valid?
  • I leave for tenerife on 13th july, 2012 i return on 20th july 2012 my passport expires august 6th 2012 i have a nasty feeling it may not be valid.
    please reply asap
  • Hello there

    We were planning a trip to Paris, France on 21st July for 5 days. However, we have only just noticed our daughter's UK Passport expires on 1st August 2012.

    Can we still travel?
  • hi there i want to know,my passport is expiring on 30th december while i m at student visa in uk recent visa will be expired by 30th May,i think one must have six months valid passport to apply for visa extension i will apply in mid of April,can you tell me ,am i right about validity and how much it will cost me to transfer my visa in future to new passport?
  • hello dear.
    i want to ask that my cousin is in Oman on a working visa he has a pakistani passport and his passport has expired in the month of march now he wants to renew it so what is the easiest way for renewing it while living in Oman
  • Hi there my visa is post study work which will expire im September, less than six months.i want to visit my sister in norway in june,will i still be eligible to visit her if i have invitation? And another question, if ill be able to return back here in uk with my visa..
  • Hi,

    I am Canadian and about to apply for a Youth Scheme Mobility visa for the UK. My passport would expire shortly after the 2 year visa allowance (2-3 months after). I've been doing some research and I think I should be okay and not get rejected when I apply as long as my passport is valid for the duration of my visa. Can someone please confirm this for me?

    Thank you!
  • Hi i live in the uk I go to Spain on the 5 July and my passport runs out on the 10th October will o b ok to travel with it.
  • Plz any one can helf to me.I'm her in Dubai and I'm going back to Philippes on this February 16 2014and my passport will be expired on may 20 2014 I can exit to Dubai and go back to Philippes with out any problema in imegration her in dubai.thank
  • Hi again, I replied to your other post, but I see you have been clearer about the dates here: you should be absolutely fine getting out of Dubai. If they let you in on that passport they will let you out.
  • Thank miss Ella Johnson for clearing my doubts to my mine
  • I've just been granted a subclass 651 visa to visit family in Australia, it asked for my current address which is different to the address I was at when I got my passport, my mother still lives at that address but I don't. Does this affect my visa? Will I still gain entrance to Australia with my visa been one address and passport been another address. All passport details I.e passport number, names, issue number all the same as visa.
  • Your address is irrelevant and has no bearing on your visa. Do you really think immigration officers will check your address history , of course not they have better things to do

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